CS2 Hitboxes – What you need to know

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CS2 Hitboxes – What you need to know

Let’s learn more details about the CS2 hitbox and everything that makes it so interesting in the game.

Counter-Strike 2 has been out for several days and a lot of people are enjoying it. However, there is no arguing that some things could be improved in order for us to have a better experience. One of them is the CS2 hitbox because a lot of players have been complaining about it online. In fact, some of them even say that it is broken. 

What’s the CS2 hitboxes problem?

In a video released on Reddit a few days ago, we can see that a player is showing off the CS2 hitbox problem when he tries to shoot at a player’s head while crouching. By the looks of it, the shots hit the unit’s body, not the head. This means it is much harder to land a headshot and kill a target.

If you take a look at the video, you can see that Joleksu is firing directly at the given target’s head on Nuke, but he is not landing a headshot. Thanks to using some console commands, we can see where his shots are going, and it’s definitely not where they should go. 

Due to the CS2 hitbox problem, the game is not registering the shots, even though they appear to be directly on the target’s head. 

Other CS2 hitbox issues

In several videos regarding the CS2 hitboxes, it also became clear that this is an issue when the enemy unit stands up and looks down. Needless to say, this is an incredibly annoying bug that can cause a lot of problems. Some players even reported that there are CS2 hitboxes issues regarding hands and the players’ legs. There are also issues when players are moving.

Besides the fact that casual Counter-Strike 2 players are not having fun with the CS2 hitbox bug, we need to remember that IEM Sydney is just a few weeks away. This will be the first pro tournament in CS2, and it will be important for all pro teams. Valve has to try to fix the problems by then because every world-class player will abuse these CS2 hitboxes.

Final Thoughts

An important thing to remember is that there were also hitbox problems in CSGO around 2015. Back then, players landed hits that were impossible, which made killing a target much easier. That said, Valve took action fast and removed the bug quickly after it was discovered. Consequently, we expect the same to happen with this CS2 hitbox issue.

CS2 Hitboxes – What you need to know
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