New CS2 Bug Causes Players to Crouch In an Interesting Way

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New CS2 Bug Causes Players to Crouch In an Interesting Way

A new CS2 bug has been spotted that causes players to crouch awkwardly

It has not even been a complete month since CS2’s initial global release, but the players have seen no shortage of bugs and issues with the game. Despite tons of teasers and hype built by Valve, developers for the Counter-Strike franchise, many players were disappointed at the game due to how unfinished the end products seemed. These have let down many veteran players as they were looking forward to seeing their favorite game get a sequel. This also puts Valve at a disadvantage amongst all the other competitive FPS games. Even though Valve has rushed patches to fix many issues it seems as fix the bugs just keep on coming. From broken hit-boxes to the “Michael Jackson” peeks, there have been numerous problems reported by players

The latest addition to the long list of bugs in the game is the awkward-looking crouch pose by the player's character. This seems to contort the body of the character and the shape of the legs. In this position, the character seems to have no legs and appears to be floating in midair.

With CS:GO esports transferring to CS2 during the IEM Sydney, bugs such as this are not a good sign for the game’s future.

Origins of the CS2 Bug

The CS2 bug was originally reported by a user on X/Twitter. In the clip, he showed that boosting a player to the end of one's hitbox on a railing, if the player holds crouch, he will be left floating in the air even when the player below slides out. The floating character will have hideously contorted legs and will be floating in the air.

How Does the Bug Work

Even though the legs are there and working, the character model seems completely ruined and broken. The also varies from time to time having different results. Some have both legs raised above the air and some have only one while the other is on the railing like normal.

New Counter-Strike 2 Bug Causes Players to Crouch In an Interesting Way

Credits: Reddit

Effects of the Bug

Many have named this bug the Human Turret or the Drone Peek. After the bugs like the Michael Jackson peek and the Shakira shake, this is a hilarious new addition to the game. Although this has no effects and is by no means game-breaking like the others, it is still very silly to look at. Many are using this as a way to distract a player peeking and winning the gunfight.

Reports from Valve

There have been no official reports from Valve regarding this but we expect a fix for this soon enough. As this is not causing any major issues to the game, a patch for this may take some time to be released. Regardless, players will certainly make the most of it while it is here.

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New CS2 Bug Causes Players to Crouch In an Interesting Way
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