Valorant Episode 3 Act 2: Will There Be A New Valorant Agent?

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Valorant Episode 3 Act 2: Will There Be A New Valorant Agent?

A new agent to pair with the new map?

Recently, Riot Games confirmed the arrival of a new Valorant map, called Fracture, for the upcoming Episode 3 Act 2 with a teaser trailer. The information comes as a shocking piece of news to many Valorant fans who were expecting a new agent in place of a map for the next season. Now, the main question that arises in everyone's mind is will the next season feature a new agent alongside the new map? Officials at Riot Games are the only people who can only provide an answer to the burning question. However, there have been numerous leaks about a new Valorant character for the next season. Here is a detailed look at all the leaks and rumors that have garnered over the past few months about the new upcoming Valorant Agent 17.

Valorant Agent 17 – Deadeye

According to the prominent Valorant data miner & leaker Mike, the codename of the next agent is Deadeye and appeared secretly in the one-year anthem. He also adds that the new agent will have a lore story linked with Sova. And, with this, will probably have abilities similar to him.

Seeing the pattern of character releases from the developers, Deadeye may be a duelist type agent. His addition will mark him as the new sixth duelist type agent in the game. Finally, Mike also revealed the codename of the 18th Valorant agent following Deadeye, named Sprinter.

Valorant Agent 17 -Deadeye Lore Connection with Sova

A drawing of potential Valorant agent Deadeye is pictured next to a picture of Sova.

As mentioned earlier, the new character is expected to have a lore connection with Sova. The still-image from the year one trailer further confirms his existence. The image shows Deadeye holding a sniper/shotgun-type rifle and a graffiti-like tattoo covering his right eye. The most important aspect of this image is the bright tattoo on his right eye that may indicate some form of bond with Sova, who has an artificially enhanced right eye.

Valorant Agent 17-Deadeye Abilities

The face of potential Valorant agent 17 Deadeye is depicted in purple, green and red colors.

Currently, there are no solid details that have been revealed about Deadeye's potential abilities. Based on the lore connection, he may have some recon abilities similar to Sova with a duelist style kit. These are mere speculations and rumors about the character and may completely change with an official announcement.

In the end, the upcoming Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 may or may not feature Deadeye. But the season is going to be quite exciting with a new map, a fancy battle pass collection, and some new lore stories. Stay tuned to ESTNN for further Updates on the new Valorant Episode 3 Act 2.

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