Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battle Pass: New Cosmetics, Price, Release Date Revealed

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Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battle Pass: New Cosmetics, Price, Release Date Revealed

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass is packed with new pleasant surprises!

With the introduction of an act, there is always a new battle pass in Valorant. It provides an affordable way to get cosmetics in the game and unlock new exclusive goodies. Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass will be the first to have the likes of the Phantom, Vandal, and Operator skins too.

Just like every time, the battle pass will be host a ton of player cards, sprays and weapon cosmetics and a melee weapon relating to the theme of the act. Here is an in-depth dive into all the new items coming to Valorant with patch v3.05.

When is the Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass releasing?

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass releases on September 8 with patch 3.05, which should be taking players to the next act. Moreover, it should cost 1,000 VP, which is the standard price for the Battlepass these days in the game.

What’s coming in the Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass?

We will divide the upcoming content in the battle pass into three parts. First, we’ll go over the weapons cosmetics, then moving on to the gun buddies and lastly the sprays.

A variety of weapons from Valorant appear on a tan background, each with a unique skin.

Talking about the weapon skins in the newest battle pass, it is the only battle pass to feature Vandal, Phantom and Operator which are very popular among the players. Artisan and Varnish have a premium glass feel to them. Meanwhile, Nitro falls under the high contrast graphic cosmetics in the game. “Artisan and Varnish should feel like they’re made of luxury high-end materials, while Nitro is very graphic and flashy,” expressed Sean Marino, the Art Lead for Valorant.

The Artisan Foil melee follows the pattern of the recent battle passes and goes on the line of the mythical swords, while this one falls under the fantasy theme, and just like the weapon cosmetics, it is very fancy to look at. The free weapon cosmetic in this battle pass is the Artisan Ghost Weapon Skin with all its variants.

Gun buddies and sprays

Four gun buddy charms from Valorant appear on a tan background for the Episode 3 Act 2 battle pass.

The gun buddies continue to serve as memorabilia in the forms of memes and key maps, which are adorable. Players will have the Time’s Up Gun Buddy and Artisan Gun Buddy for free as level-up rewards in the battle pass for this act.

A variety of sprays from Valorant's Episode 3 Act 2 battle pass appear on a tan background.

The developers continued on making sprays on community memes with Butterfly Knife, Sage Revive me memes, and more. Talking about the same, Sean Marino, the Art Lead for Valorant said, “For the accessories, we tried to incorporate a lot more jokes and memes into this battle pass, especially since players really seemed to enjoy some of the more meme stuff we’d put into others.” These should make for some very funny clips and highlight reels to make Valorant a fun experience for players.

Players will be able to get their hands on the Nice Try! Spray for free in this battle pass.

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