Valorant’s Newest Map Fracture: Everything You Need To Know

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Valorant’s Newest Map Fracture: Everything You Need To Know

ESTNN provides an in-depth guide about the Fracture map in Valorant.

Riot Games has been teasing some huge new developments about the latest map in Valorant and it is finally here. Fracture is the seventh map to be added in Valorant and it is pretty different from what we have seen in terms of the map design from the developers.

It features an H-shaped structure with a spacious middle ground which is the Defender spawn of the map. The mid separates two additional biomes, which is something very unique to this map as Lead Artist Brian Yam explains it:

“A -Site is distinguished by its arid desert environment with its abandoned facilities deteriorating. B-Site is contrasted by lush, overgrown foliage left to take over the science facility.”

A screenshot from the new Valorant map Fracture, showing an energy generator in a dark room.
There are two ziplines similar to the ones in Icebox. They connect routes underneath the middle point to make for some seamless movement and gunplay.

While it might confuse many about how this map will function, will it be hard to navigate around the map? And most importantly, does the dual biome affect the shot-calling of the players? Lead Environment Artist George Sokol clarified that by stating:

“Having two sides to attack/defend each site from was challenging in early playtests. This led to us giving each quadrant of the map a distinct visual identity so that players can get a better sense of direction and aid with clear callouts.”

What to expect from Fracture

Fracture should make for exciting gameplay and encourage players to form new ways to approach attacking and defending on the maps. With the inclusion of ziplines, players could rush a site directly. Or they can take an indirect approach by splitting and taking their time to plant the spike. With this inclusion, players might see a rise in various off-meta agents and weapons similar to the rise of long-range weapons like Guadian on Breeze.

Not only that, as the Attackers can approach the bomb sites from various angles, Defenders being in the center of the map do have options to either hold the ground or take an attacking stance on the upcoming planters. Either way, it should be a treat to watch this incredible design in its final form when it arrives in-game.

When is Fracture releasing in Valorant?

A screenshot from the new Valorant map Fracture, showing a courtyard in a military facility overgrown with greenery.

Fracture will be released with patch 3.05 in Episode 3 Act 2. In addition, there might be a separate queue for the map, just as we saw for the map Breeze. This way, Riot Games could help players prepare for the map before it makes its way to competitive play. This would also let players choose if they want to play on the new map or play on the existing maps.

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