Top Invisible Heroes in 7.32e

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Top Invisible Heroes in 7.32e

You can play these invisible heroes to win more Dota 2 matches in the 7.32e update. 

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The recent release of the 7.32e patch for Dota 2 has lured millions of people to party with their friends in online games to improve their teamwork. Invisible heroes have silently risen among the Dota 2 roster to become frequent picks in the strategy game. 

These are the top invisible heroes you can play with your team to level up faster in the 7.32e version of Dota 2. 

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter strikes his foes to break his invisibility

Bounty Hunter is an Agility hero with abilities that can fetch you loads of gold. He can steal gold from enemy heroes with his attacks to prevent his opponents from farming their core items early in the game. The melee hero has a base movement speed of 325, letting Bounty Hunter chase enemies in lanes from the start of his matches. He can turn invisible between battles to make his way out of dire situations to avoid getting killed. Bounty Hunter has a high base armor of 8.5, reducing the damage taken from enemy attacks while farming for gold in his lane. 

The 7.32e patch for the massively multiplayer game has improved Shadow Walk. The movement speed slow and attack speed slow inflicted by Bounty Hunter using Shadow Walk has been increased in the new update. Bounty Hunter can remain invisible for up to 35 seconds using the ability. Enemy units attacked by Bounty Hunter after breaking his invisibility have their movement speed and attack speed reduced for 4 seconds. Shadow Walk has a cooldown of 15 seconds and needs 65 mana to be used per cast. 

People can nuke enemy heroes in lanes with Bounty Hunter using Shuriken Toss. The Agility hero can deal 200 damage to his foes using Shuriken Toss in battles to drain their health. You can hit multiple opponents with Shuriken Toss while playing Bounty Hunter by using Track on nearby enemies. Shuriken Toss has a low cooldown of 5 seconds and requires 80 mana to be used in the game. You can purchase a Magic Wand to replenish mana to Bounty Hunter after using Shuriken Toss several times to weaken enemy heroes. 

Take the off lane with Bounty Hunter to farm more gold with the melee hero. He can take plenty of last hits without getting ambushed by the enemy team in the off lane. Bounty Hunter can also pick up items like Perseverance from the Secret Shop to increase his health regeneration rate and mana regeneration rate. You can complete a Battle Fury after buying a Quelling Blade and a Perseverance to gain bonus attack damage during battles. Bounty Hunter can max out Jinada to deal 180 bonus damage with his physical attacks. Battle Fury will let Bounty Hunter mitigate multiple enemy units at once by leveling up Jinada. It has a cooldown of 3 seconds. The carry hero can also use Jinada to steal up to 36 gold from enemy heroes with every hit. 

Bounty Hunter can cast Track on enemy heroes to gain vision of his opponents for 30 seconds. Enemy units affected by Track take up to 200% more damage from Bounty Hunter. He can also collect up to 320 gold from Tracked enemy heroes killed in team fights. Allies around Bounty Hunter receive 120 gold while being around him. Track has a reduced cooldown of 4 seconds and consumes 60 mana per cast. Bounty Hunter can also cast Track without breaking his invisibility, making him suitable for initiating battles in the 7.32e update. 

You can buy items like Crystalys and Skull Basher to increase the attack damage of Bounty Hunter. Crystalys provides 32 attack damage to Bounty Hunter and grants him a 30% chance to deal 160% bonus damage as critical strike. You can buy a Crystalys for 1950 gold in the game. Skull Basher can be bought for 2875 gold. Bounty Hunter gains 25 attack damage and 10 Strength by equipping a Skull Basher in Dota 2 matches. Physical attacks from Bounty Hunter have a 25% chance to stun enemy units for 1.5 seconds and deal bonus damage of 100 per hit. 


Weaver uses Shukuchi to escape his enemies

Weaver is an evasive carry hero in the online game. He can escape from the clutches of death by increasing his movement speed and turning invisible between battles. The ranged hero gains a massive 3.1 Agility per level. His physical attacks have a maximum range of 425, allowing Weaver to hit enemy units from a safe distance during his matches. You can purchase a Dragon Lance for Weaver to increase his attack range by 150. The item can be bought for 1900 gold in the game. Weaver also gains 15 Agility and 12 Strength by purchasing a Dragon Lance, making it integral to his survival before the first 15 minutes of the game. 

You can choose Weaver to become a killing machine in Dota 2. People can unleash The Swarm on enemy heroes to latch units onto them that slowly eat away at their health. Enemy units affected The Swarm take 24 damage per attack from the creatures and have their armor reduced by 1 with every hit. The Swarm lasts for up to 16 seconds and can take up to 8 attacks from enemy heroes to destroy them. Weaver can purchase a Desolator to increase his attack damage by 50. Physical attacks from Weaver can reduce the armor of his opponents by an additional 6 for 7 seconds after buying a Desolator for the carry hero.

People can max out Shukuchi early in their matches while playing Weaver to evade enemy heroes. Weaver can dodge most targeted spells and enemy attacks by using Shukuchi. Weaver gains max speed for 4 seconds by using Shukuchi and can remain invisible during the duration of the spell. Shukuchi has a cooldown of 6 seconds and needs 60 mana to be used per cast. Enemy units that come into contact with Weaver while invisible can take up to 175 damage. You can increase the damage dealt by Shukuchi at level 10 through the Talent Tree. Weaver gains an additional charge for Shukuchi at level 25, making him one of the fastest heroes in the new 7.32e patch. 

The Agility hero can strike enemy units twice with each hit using Germinate Attack. It has a cooldown of 3 seconds and deals bonus damage of 60 per hit. Germinate Attack can be vital to destroy enemy heroes with Weaver in Dota 2 matches. You can buy items like Nullifier for Weaver to gain more attack damage in battles. 

His ulti, Time Lapse, can be used to quickly regain health and mana after being attacked by the enemy team. Weaver can retract his steps from the last 5 seconds of battle using Time Lapse to last longer in team fights. Time Lapse applies a strong dispel on Weaver, preventing him from getting stunned. Linken’s Sphere can significantly increase the survivability of Weaver in 7.32e. The item grants 16 Strength, 16 Agility, 16 Intelligence, 7 health regeneration, and 5 mana regeneration to the carry hero. Weaver can block most targeted spells using Linken’s Sphere once every 14 seconds. 

You can purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter for Weaver to be able to cast Time Lapse on your allies to save them from being decimated by enemy heroes. An Aghanim’s Scepter costs 4200 gold in the game. The item will let Weaver cast his ulti from a distance of 500 in battles to protect his allies during team fights. 

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