Best Items to Deal More Damage in 7.32e

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Best Items to Deal More Damage in 7.32e

You can use these items in Dota 2 matches to deal more damage to enemy heroes in the 7.32e update.

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The latest release of the 7.32e patch for Dota 2 has brought several changes to the gameplay mechanics that have made certain items better. You can purchase a wide range of items in the online game to increase your attack damage in Dota 2 games. 

Take a look at the best items you can buy in the 7.32e patch for the strategy game to deal more damage during battles.


Alchemist strikes enemies with critical hits

Many people buy Crystalys in their games to deal bonus damage to their foes with their physical attacks. You can purchase a Crystalys for 1950 gold in the game. The item grants a 30% chance to deal 160% of their attack damage per hit. People can buy a Crystalys before the first 15 minutes of a match to increase their kill counts in the 7.32e update for Dota 2. 

Alchemist can use a Crystalys to earn more gold in his lane. The Strength hero can buy Crystalys to get last shots easily on enemy creeps. Alchemist can level up Greevil’s Greed to earn a bonus of 24 gold per kill. The passive ability, Greevil’s Greed, helps people farm their core items faster while playing Alchemist. Purchasing a Crystalys early in your matches can turn Alchemist into a feared carry hero. 

You can stun enemy heroes with Unstable Concoction to disable your opponents with Alchemist for up to 4 seconds. Alchemist can slash through stunned enemies with a Crystalys in his inventory. His ulti, Chemical Rage, increases Alchemist’s health regeneration rate by 100 and reduces his base attack time to deal more damage in team fights. 

Players can purchase a Crystalys for Ember Spirit to mitigate enemy creeps within seconds. Ember Spirit can use Sleight of Fist to deal 150 bonus damage to enemy heroes in a radius of 550, giving him a higher chance to deal critical damage using Crystalys. Sleight of Fist has a cooldown of 6 seconds and requires 50 mana, letting Ember Spirit nuke enemy heroes with his ability for quick kills. He can use Searing Chains to hold enemy heroes in place for up to 3 seconds at a time, allowing Ember Spirit to attack rooted enemies with the item. Ember Spirit can root up to 3 enemies at once using Searing Chains by reaching level 20 in his matches. 

Nature’s Prophet is a suitable hero to wield Crystalys in battles. The carry hero can teleport to any location on the map to assist in taking down enemy heroes. Crystalys will grant bonus attack damage to Nature’s Prophet, dealing increased damage from each of his attacks. Teleportation has a low cooldown of 20 seconds, letting Nature’s Prophet move freely between lanes to push towers. The critical damage granted by Crystalys will help Nature’s Prophet destroy waves of creeps while enemy heroes are distracted. 

You can cast Sprout with Nature’s Prophet to prevent enemy heroes from escaping battles. Sprout will block the path of his opponents for up to 6 seconds and has a cast range of 850. You’ll definitely land a few critical hits on enemies targeted by Sprout after buying a Crystalys for Nature’s Prophet in the 7.32e patch. 


Treant Protector uses Nullifier on Sven

The Nullifier has received quite a few changes in the new update for Dota 2. The cost of a Nullifer has been reduced from 4725 to 4375 in 7.32e. People can increase their attack damage by 75 after purchasing a Nullifier in the game. Nullifier grants 10 armor and 6 health regeneration to heroes to help them recover their health after encountering enemy heroes. The item also lets people cast a dispel on their allies for 5 seconds. 

Strength heroes like Treant Protector and Underlord can purchase a Nullifier to deal loads of damage in battles. Treant Protector has a high base attack damage of 87 – 95 at the start of the game. Nullifier can drastically increase Treant Protector’s damage output in matches to decimate enemy heroes in lanes. He can create vines throughout the map using Nature’s Grasp to deal 60 DPS. These vines can last for 12 seconds and decreases the movement speed of enemy heroes it touches by 35%. Treant Protector can use Leech Seed on his enemies to further decrease their movement by 26% for 5 seconds. 

You can purchase an Echo Sabre for Treant Protector along with a Nullifier to gain bonus attack speed. Both of these items can be used to drain the health of enemy heroes rooted by Treant Protector. The melee hero can cast his ulti, Overgrowth, to root enemies for 5 seconds. Nullifier will also provide an increased health regeneration rate to help Treant Protector attack his opponents without dying in battles. 

Underlord can annihilate enemy heroes in team fights using a Nullifier. The Strength hero can use Pit of Malice to root multiple enemy heroes for 1.8 seconds. Underlord can nuke enemy heroes using Firestorm to deal 90 damage per wave and an additional 3% of their max health as burn damage for 2 seconds. He gains bonus damage from fallen enemy creeps and heroes from his ability, Atrophy Aura. The attack damage provided by Atrophy Aura can deal massive amounts of damage to enemy heroes by purchasing a Nullifier for the Strength hero.  

Abyssal Blade

Abaddon stuns an enemy using an Abyssal Blade

Abyssal Blade is a terrifying item in the online game. The attack damage granted by Abyssal Blade has been increased from 25 to 30 in the 7.32e update. Abyssal Blade also provides 30 attack damage, 250 health, 10 health regeneration, and 10 Strength to heroes in Dota 2 matches. You can buy an Abyssal Blade for 6250 gold in the game. People can cast Overwhelm using Abyssal Blade to stun enemy units for 2 seconds.

Melee heroes have a 25% chance to bash enemy heroes with their physical attacks to stun them for 1.5 seconds. Ranged heroes have a 10% chance to stun enemies with their attacks. Bashed enemies take up to 120 damage. 

You can purchase an Abyssal Blade for Abaddon to turn him into a mighty carry hero. Abaddon can stun enemies with the item to destroy them in battles. His passive ability, Curse of Avernus, can be used to silence enemies after they’ve been bashed by Abaddon. Curse of Avernus provides up to 100 attack speed bonus to Abaddon, increasing his chances of bashing enemy heroes with his attacks. You can cast Aphotic Shield on Abaddon to absorb 200 damage from enemy attacks and spells in team fights. His ulti, Borrowed Time, will let Abaddon withstand tons of damage during enemy encounters, preventing him from dying for 6 seconds. 

Troll Warlord can use Abyssal Blade in a variety of ways to deal more damage to his opponents. The Agility hero can switch between melee attacks and ranged attacks using Berserker’s Rage to bash enemies using the item. His ability, Fervor, provides 30 attack speed per stack and can be stacked up to a maximum of 12 times, significantly increasing Troll Warlord’s chances of landing a bash from his physical strikes. His ulti, Battle Trance, increases Troll Warlord’s attack speed by 200 and grants 80% Lifesteal for 6.5 seconds. People can get numerous kills in battles by equipping Troll Warlord with an Abyssal Blade in 7.32e. 


Outworld Destroyer silences his enemies using Bloodthorn

Bloodthorn is an excellent item for carry heroes in the new update for Dota 2. It can be bought for 6800 gold in the game. Bloodthorn provides 60 attack speed, 50 attack damage, 25% magic resistance, 20 Intelligence, and 5 mana regeneration. People can use the ability, Soul Rend, using Bloodthorn to silence enemy heroes for 5 seconds. Enemy heroes affected by Soul Rend take up to 30% more damage from incoming attacks. 

Carry heroes like Outworld Destroyer can buy a Bloodthorn to deal more damage in battles. Outworld Destroyer can deal Pure damage to enemy heroes using Arcane Orb to annihilate his opponents with his attacks. You can also cast Sanity’s Eclipse on enemy heroes in a radius of 600 to deal bonus damage after purchasing a Bloodthorn for Outworld Destroyer. 

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