Top Tank Heroes in 7.32e

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Top Tank Heroes in 7.32e

People can choose these tank heroes in Dota 2 matches to withstand damage from enemy attacks in the 7.32e update.

Millions of Dota 2 fans are tuning in to watch the DPC Spring Tour with their friends. Top teams from the esports industry are putting in their best efforts to win the international tournament that is being held between March 12 – April 26, 2023. The DPC Spring Tour has a combined total of $500,000 up for grabs in this season of Dota 2 championships. TSM is ahead of their competition with 7 wins in the North American region of the DPC Spring Tour. Shopify Rebellion is moving toward the lead with 6 wins in the competition. 

Tank heroes have played a vital role in helping esports teams hone their skills in international tournaments. People like to play tank heroes to protect their carry heroes in battles and push lanes to destroy enemy towers in the online game. Heroes like Huskar and Tidehunter can trample their opponents in battle and drain their health with their attacks to assist their allies in getting more kills in Dota 2 games. 

Have a look at the top tank heroes you can choose in the recent 7.32e patch for Dota 2. 

Primal Beast

Primal Beast stuns multiple enemies in his lane

Primal Beast has risen among the Dota 2 roster to become a top-tier tank hero in 7.32e. He can take down the most dangerous heroes in combat to stun them. His abilities can be used to interrupt channeling spells and disable nearby enemy units for a few seconds, giving his team a chance to strike back during battles. 

He has a base health of 720 and has a base mana pool of 267. Primal Beast gains a massive 4.3 Strength per level, letting him tank a considerable amount of damage from enemy heroes in team fights. He also has a movement speed of 310 at the start of the game, letting Primal Beast catch enemy heroes before they can make their escape. 

People can tackle support heroes by rushing into them with Onslaught. Primal Beast can cover a distance of 2000 at an incredible speed by using Onslaught to chase his opponents in lanes. Onslaught can deal 380 damage to enemy units that Primal Beast comes into contact with and stuns them for 1.6 seconds. He can get across trees and ledges easily with Onslaught to land the final hit. Onslaught has a cooldown of 16 seconds and needs 120 mana to be used per cast. You can increase the damage dealt by Primal Beast using Onslaught at level 10, making the ability lethal to enemy heroes. 

You can deal critical damage to your opponents while playing Primal Beast by casting Trample on them. Primal Beast pounds the ground to deal 60 base damage and an additional 35% of his attack damage to enemy units in a radius of 230 using Trample. He can cast Trample to smash enemies for 5.5 seconds. Trample has a low mana cost of 75, letting Primal Beast nuke enemy heroes with the ability in his lane. 

Damage dealt to the Primal Beast can be stacked by leveling up Uproar. Attacks from enemy heroes that deal 50 damage or more can be used to stack Uproar up to 5 times. You can release the stacks of Uproar gained throughout the match to deal bonus damage to enemy heroes and slow them for 3 seconds. Primal Beast gains 4 armor for every stack of Uproar he has gathered in his matches. 

You can purchase a Crimson Guard for Primal Beast to gain 250 health, 12 health regeneration, and 8 armor. Crimson Guard can help Primal Beast block up to 75 damage from incoming attacks. He can use the item to protect his team during battles by letting them absorb 75 damage from enemies for 12 seconds. Crimson Guard costs 3600 gold in the game. 

Primal Beast can buy a Black King Bar to gain 24 attack damage and 10 Strength. He can activate a Black King Bar to become immune to spells for 9 seconds. Primal Beast can unleash his ult, Pulverize, to flatten enemy heroes and stun surrounding enemy units in a radius of 600. You can use Black King Bar before using Pulverize to deal more damage to enemy units without getting hit by magical spells from enemy heroes in battles. Pulverize also works on enemy heroes who are immune to magical spells after reaching level 25 through the Talent Tree. 


Alchemist stuns Necrophos using Unstable Concoction

Alchemist can be a worthy hero for playing the tank role for his team. He can earn more gold per minute (GPM) compared to other heroes in his team and can use his abilities to baffle enemy heroes in Dota 2 matches. Alchemist has a base health of 660 and a base armor of 2.7 that lets him take several hits from enemy heroes in lanes without dying. You can buy items like a Buckler at the beginning of a match to boost the armor of Alchemist during battles. 

You can take the safe lane with Alchemist to earn bonus gold. Alchemist can spill potent liquids in his lane using Acid Spray to deal 35 DPS for 16 seconds. Acid Spray affects a large radius of 625 and lets the Alchemist get more last hits for bonus gold. Enemy units affected by Acid Spray have their armor reduced by 7 for the duration of the spell. 

People can buy an Arcane Boots for Alchemist to cast Acid Spray multiple times in his lane. Alchemist can also use Arcane Boots while farming in the jungle for bonus gold. Arcane Boots costs 1300 gold in the game. Alchemist gains 250 mana and 45 movement speed by purchasing an Arcane Boots. The item will also let Alchemist replenish up to 175 mana to nearby allies in a radius of 1200. Arcane Boots has a cooldown of 55 seconds. 

Alchemist can max out Greevil’s Greed to drastically increase his GPM in his matches. Enemy units killed by Alchemist provide up to 24 bonus gold at level 4 of Greevil’s Greed. You can purchase a Maelstrom to amplify the creep kill count in games while playing Alchemist. Maelstrom increases attack damage of Alchemist and grants him a 30% chance to produce an electric current that deals 135 damage to his enemies. The item can let Alchemist become a tycoon in Dota 2 games, allowing the Strength hero to purchase various items to tank more damage in the 7.32e update.

You can stun multiple enemy units using Unstable Concoction. Enemy heroes affected by Unstable Concoction can be stunned for up to 4 seconds and take 360 damage from the Alchemist. You can increase the damage dealt using Unstable Concoction by 400 at level 20 through the Talent Tree.  

Silver Edge is an item that can be bought for 5450 gold in the game. Alchemist can turn invisible for 14 seconds after using Silver Edge in battles. A lot of people use Silver Edge to close in on enemy heroes with Unstable Concoction to deal maximum damage to them with the spell. Silver Edge can also be used to disable passive abilities of enemy heroes for 4 seconds, making it a useful spell to counter other tank heroes. Alchemist gains 52 attack damage and 35 attack speed by equipping a Silver Edge in team fights. 

His ulti, Chemical Rage, can be used to increase the health regeneration rate of Alchemist by 100 for 30 seconds. Chemical Rage reduces the base attack time of Alchemist to 1, letting him hit enemy heroes and enemy structures faster. Alchemist can demolish enemy towers after activating his ulti to gain bonus gold for his team, making him a valuable player in Dota 2 matches. You can use Chemical Rage while hitting Ancient neutral creeps in the jungle for bonus gold without losing a significant amount of health. You can unlock a number of upgrades for Alchemist from the Talent Tree to make him a stronger tank hero in your games. 

You can increase the durability of Alchemist by purchasing an Armlet of Mordiggian. The item provides 25 attack speed, 15 attack damage, 6 armor, and 5 health regeneration to the Alchemist. You can activate Unholy Strength using an Armlet of Mordiggian to gain 25 bonus Strength, 4 armor, and 35 attack damage as a bonus. The increased health of Alchemist will allow him to tank additional damage from enemy heroes during battles. 

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