Top Support Heroes to Silence Your Enemies in 7.32e

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Top Support Heroes to Silence Your Enemies in 7.32e

These are the top support heroes in Dota 2 that you can choose to silence your enemies in the 7.32e update.

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People can choose support heroes to help their team prevent enemy heroes from using their abilities. You can pick heroes who can silence your opponents throughout the matches to gain an advantage in battles. These support heroes can cast their spells to silence multiple enemy heroes at once and boost the chances of winning Dota 2 matches in the recent 7.32e patch. 

Take a look at the top support heroes you can play in the massively multiplayer game to silence your foes. 


Silencer uses Global Silence in battles

Silencer is a highly tactile hero in Dota 2. People can pick Silencer in their matches to drain the mana of enemy heroes and prevent all of your opponents on the map from using their spells. He can deal bonus damage to his enemies based on his Intelligence attributes and gets stronger with each kill Silencer takes. 

You can level up Last Word to silence enemy heroes in your lanes while playing the Intelligence hero. Silencer can cast Last Word to deal a base damage of 240 to them. Enemy units affected by Last Word will be silenced if they use an ability during the duration of the spell. Last Word can silence enemy heroes for up to 6 seconds in matches, making Silencer a mighty support hero to rely on in team fights. 

Players can cast Arcane Curse on enemy heroes in a radius of 400. Arcane Curse slows the movement speed of enemy heroes by 25%. All enemy heroes who have been inflicted by Arcane Curse take an initial damage of 100 and an additional 40 damage per second (DPS) for 6 seconds. The duration of the Arcane Curse is extended each time an enemy hero casts a spell. 

His ulti, Global Silence, can be used to silence your opponents for up to 6 seconds. Global Silence affects all enemy heroes and units on the entire map, letting Silencer impact the outcomes of battle from any lane in Dota 2 matches. 

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You can max out Glaives of Wisdom to deal Pure damage to your enemies with Silencer. Attacks from Silencer deal 75% of his Intelligence as bonus damage to enemy heroes. Glaives of Wisdom grants a permanent Intelligence gain of 2 for kills that he can perform in battles. Each attack from Silencer with Glaives of Wisdom enabled can cost 15 mana. 

People can purchase a Witch Blade for Silencer to increase his attack damage and attack speed. Witch Blade costs 2600 gold in the game. Silencer gains 35 attack speed, 12 Intelligence, 6 armor, and 300 projectile speed by purchasing a Witch Blade in Dota 2 games. Witch Blade grants a passive ability that lets Silencer deal additional damage to enemy heroes and applies a poison that slows their movement speed for 4 seconds in battles. 

Silencer can upgrade his ability, Last Word, after buying an Aghanim’s Scepter. You can turn Last Word into a spell that affects enemy units in a radius of 500 for 4200 gold. Last Word can also mute enemy heroes by reaching level 25 with Silencer in matches, preventing enemy heroes from using their items for the duration of the spell.   

Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit uses Geomagnetic Grip on Warlock to silence him

Earth Spirit is one of the fastest heroes in the online game. The Strength hero can severely disable enemy heroes in team fights with his abilities. Earth Spirit can summon Stone Remnants at will that can be displaced in battles to deal damage to enemy heroes. 

You can pull a Stone Remnant towards an enemy hero to silence them for up to 3.5 seconds using Geomagnetic Grip. These Stone Remnants can be pulled at an extremely fast pace to surprise enemy heroes in team fights. Enemy units silenced by Geomagnetic Grip can take up to 200 damage. You can increase the duration of silence inflicted by the spell by 3 seconds at level 20 through the Talent Tree. 

The melee hero can roll into opponents at a speed of 1000 using Rolling Boulder. Earth Spirit can move in any direction for a distance of 750 with the ability. Enemy units hit by Rolling Boulder are stunned for a second, making it harder for the enemy team to coordinate attacks. You can push Stone Remnants for a distance of 800 to deal 300 damage to enemy heroes in front of Earth Spirit in battles. 

People can purchase an Urn of Shadows for Earth Spirit to increase his damage output in Dota 2. You can use Soul Release using Urn of Shadows to deal 25 DPS to enemy heroes for 8 seconds. Urn of Shadows gains a charge for Soul Release every time an enemy hero is killed around Earth Spirit in a radius of 1400. The item costs 880 gold in the game. Earth Spirit gains 2 armor, 2 Strength, 2 Agility, 2 Intelligence and a 1.4 mana regeneration rate by purchasing an Urn of Shadows, letting the support hero cast more spells during his matches. 

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Veil of Discord can amplify the damage dealt by Earth Spirit in battles. You can purchase a Veil of Discord for 1525 gold in the game. Earth Spirit can increase the damage from his spells by 18% for 16 seconds using Veil of Discord. The item grants 5 Strength, 5 Agility, and 5 Intelligence to the support hero. You can increase the mana pool of Earth Spirit by 300 and gain 2.5 mana regeneration rate after buying an Aether Lens. The melee hero can also extend the cast range of his spells and items by 225 by purchasing an Aether Lens for Earth Spirit. 

Death Prophet

Death Prophet uses Silence on Wraith King

Death Prophet is a support hero in Dota 2. She can push lanes and punish enemy heroes with her skills. Death Prophet has helped people defeat their enemies a number of times in various international competitions. The Intelligence hero is among the top picks in 7.32e update to silence enemy heroes in team fights. 

She can cast Silence on enemy units in a radius of 425. Silenced enemy heroes will be unable to cast spells for 6 seconds. It has a cooldown of 12 seconds and requires 110 mana to be cast. Death Prophet can nuke enemy heroes in lanes by casting several instances of Crypt Swarm. Enemy units hit by a Crypt Swarm can take up to 310 damage per cast. The low cooldown of Crypt Swarm makes it easier for Death Prophet to drain the health of her enemies in Dota 2 matches. 

Exorcism can deal massive amounts of damage to enemy units in the strategy game. Death Prophet can summon up to 24 spirits using her ulti that deal 61 damage per hit. These spirits can last for 35 seconds and can be used to destroy enemy towers within seconds. People can purchase a Shadow Blade to turn Death Prophet invisible for 14 seconds. Death Prophet gains 20% movement speed while invisible and deals an additional 175 damage to enemy units after breaking her invisibility. Shadow Blade provides 35 attack speed and 20 attack damage to Death Prophet. She can push lanes without dying and silence enemy heroes undetected by purchasing a Shadow Blade in her matches. 

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