Fastest Heroes in 7.32e

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Fastest Heroes in 7.32e

These are the fastest heroes you can choose to get more kills in the 7.32e update for Dota 2. 

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The recent release of 7.32e update for the massively multiplayer game has given people plenty of reasons to play different heroes in their matches. You can pick heroes with an increased movement speed to be able to attack your enemies and defeat your opponents in battles. These heroes can make it exciting to chase enemy heroes and ambush them on the map to gain bonus gold and experience. 

Take a look at the fastest heroes in the 7.32e patch for the strategy game. 


Razor steals attack damage from Sniper

Razor is an electrifying hero with passive abilities that increase his movement speed over time. The Agility hero has been a preferred choice for people playing the carry role for their team. Razor can shock enemy heroes with his abilities and pierce through their armor to deal bonus damage with his attacks. 

He can counter carry heroes with a high attack damage during battles to make them deal significantly less damage to his allies. Razor can steal the attack damage of his enemies while chasing them down using Static Link. Players can max out Storm Surge for Razor to get up to 24% bonus speed on the map. 

You can buy an Aghanim’s Shard for Razor in the 7.32e update to make him stronger. Storm Surge releases a bolt of lightning at enemy heroes every time they cast their spells on Razor after purchasing an Aghanim’s Shard. The item costs 1400 gold in the game. The fork of lightning launched from Storm Surge will slow the movement speed of your enemies by 50% for 1.5 seconds and has a strike interval of a second. 

Make sure you activate his ulti, Eye of the Storm, to attack weakened enemies in a radius of 500. The lightning cloud created by Eye of the Storm lasts for up to 30 seconds and deals 90 damage to his opponents per strike. You can use a Force Staff in battles to move closer to enemy heroes in team fights. Force Staff also provides 175 health and 10 Intelligence to Razor in Dota 2. 


Luna uses Lucent Beam on Viper

Luna is a fierce Agility hero who can own her enemies with her skills. She can cast Lucent Beam to instantly deal 320 damage to enemy heroes. Players can take the mid lane with Luna to level up faster during their matches. The mid lane gives access to multiple Bounty runes that can be collected by Luna for bonus gold. 

She has a base movement speed of 325, making her one of the fastest heroes in the 7.32 update. You can purchase an Arcane Boots for Luna to increase her movement speed by 45 and gain 250 mana. You can use the increased mana pool to cast several Lucent Beams on enemy heroes without running out of mana. Each instance of Lucent Beam can consume 120 mana to be cast in matches. Her ulti, Eclipse, needs 250 mana to be used. You can wipe out an entire team of enemy heroes using Eclipse in battles while playing Luna. 

People can purchase a Refresher Orb for Luna to cast 2 instances of Eclipse, dealing massive amounts of damage during team fights. Allies can let Luna enter battles quickly on her mount to bewilder her opponents and banish them from sight with her ulti. You can equip Luna with a Silver Edge to turn her invisible at will, letting Luna escape battles and strike enemies fleeing the fight in Dota 2 matches. 

You can level up Moon Glaives to hit multiple enemy heroes at once with Luna. She can attack over 5 enemy units with her weapon from a range of 330. You can get a Dragon Lance for Luna to increase her attack range, allowing the carry hero to get plenty of kills with her abilities. Most people with adequate experience playing Luna in tournaments buy a Manta Style to increase her movement speed in battles. Luna can summon up to 2 images of herself using Manta Style to strike her enemies for faster kills. 


Anti-Mage enters a battle using Blink

Anti-Mage can be hard to evade during team fights in Dota 2. He can blink in and out of battles using Blink to find enemy heroes roaming around the map. Blink lets Anti-Mage teleport up to a maximum distance of 1200 per instance. The low mana cost and cooldown of Blink makes Anti-Mage one of the fastest heroes in the new 7.32e version of the online game. 

You can pick Anti-Mage to eliminate support heroes within seconds. Anti-Mage can burn up to 64 mana per hit from enemy heroes with his attacks. Once you have depleted more than half of the max health of Intelligence heroes and support heroes, you can cast Mana Void to obliterate them. Mana Void can be used to stun all enemy units around the target in a radius of 500, disabling enemies for 0.3 seconds in your games. 

Players can counter most incoming spells cast on Anti-Mage by timing Counterspell. Anti-Mage can reflect targeted spells back to his enemies while Counterspell is active and makes him immune to loads of magical abilities for 1.2 seconds. Counterspell also passively increases his magic resistance by 45% throughout the match. 

The bonus attack damage granted by Abyssal Blade has been increased from 25 to 30 in the 7.32e update, making it perfect for Anti-Mage. Abyssal Blade lets Anti-Mage bash enemy heroes to deal additional damage while they are stunned by his attacks. 


Puck uses Illusory Orb to attack Axe

Puck is a ranged hero with a number of abilities that can be used to punish enemy heroes. Dota 2 veterans can choose Puck to annihilate enemy heroes before they get a chance to strike back at Puck. It can release an Illusory Orb once every 9 seconds to deal 300 damage to enemy units in a radius of 1950. Puck can teleport to the location of an Illusory Orb at any time to move further toward enemy heroes. 

You can purchase an Aether Lens to extend the range of Illusory Orb. The bonus mana regeneration obtained by Aether Lens gives Puck loads of mana to nuke enemy heroes in battles. It can restrain the movement of her opponents by casting Dream Coil during team fights. Dream Coil will latch all enemy units around her and stun any enemy moving away from the center of her ulti. Enemy units stunned by Dream Coil can take up to 400 damage. 

Players can mitigate enemies with low health by using a Dagon in battles. Dagon can be cast on enemy heroes by Puck to deal an additional 400 damage. You can upgrade Dagon to increase the damage dealt and reduce the cooldown of the item. 

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