Top Carry Heroes in 7.32e

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Top Carry Heroes in 7.32e

You can pick these carry heroes in Dota 2 to win more games in the 7.32e update.

Carry heroes can play a major role in helping your team win matches in the strategy game. From farming for gold in the forest to hunting heroes for bonus experience throughout the match, carry heroes can be your answer to winning against tough teams in the esports arena. You can use these advanced tactics with the most favorable carry heroes in the roster to improve your gameplay and teamwork in Dota 2. 

Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight stuns an enemy hero using Chaos Bolt

Chaos Knight is a mighty carry hero who can stun his opponents for a lesser mana cost in the latest update. The Strength hero can strike his enemies with critical hits to deal tons of damage in battles. Many esports teams choose Chaos Knight in their competitions to get multiple kills and push lanes faster to win their matches. 

He has a base movement speed of 325 that makes him one of the fastest melee heroes in Dota 2. You can purchase a Power Treads for Chaos Knight to grant him 45 movement speed and 25 attack speed in your games. The item costs 1400 gold in the game and can be switched freely between Strength, Agility, and Intelligence attributes to gain various stats. 

The melee hero can cast Chaos Bolt to stun an enemy unit for up to 4 seconds. Enemy units affected by Chaos Bolt can take up to 400 damage from the magical spell. The latest 7.32e update for Dota 2 has decreased the mana cost of Chaos Bolt from 140 to 110. Chaos Knight can cast Chaos Bolt to disable enemy heroes once every 10 seconds. You can decrease the cooldown of Chaos Bolt by 3 seconds at level 15 through the Talent Tree. 

Players can buy an Armlet of Mordiggian for Chaos Knight to gain bonus Strength during team fights. Chaos Knight gains 25 attack speed, 15 attack damage, 6 armor, and 5 health regeneration per second by equipping an Armlet of Mordiggian in his inventory. You can turn on Unholy Strength using the item to gain 35 attack damage, 25 Strength bonus, and 4 armor as a bonus. Chaos Knight can withstand more damage from enemy attacks while Unholy Strength is activated, making the carry hero lethal to his opponents. 

You can cast Reality Rift on an enemy unit with Chaos Knight to drag them closer by a distance of 400. Enemy units attacked by the carry hero using Reality Rift have their armor reduced by 7. Reality Rift has a cooldown of 6 seconds and requires 50 mana to be used per cast. You can level up Chaos Strike to gain a 33% chance of landing a critical hit that deals up to 245% bonus attack damage to enemy units. Chaos Strike will also provide up to 50% Lifesteal on his physical attacks
during battles. 

His ulti, Phantasm, can be used to create 3 illusions of Chaos Knight that deal 100% of his attack damage to his foes. These illusions can last for up to 30 seconds and are highly effective at wiping out enemy towers in different lanes. Phantasm makes Chaos Knight a dangerous carry hero in the game, letting him gain dozens of kills in team fights in Dota 2. 

People can buy a Manta Style to enhance the fighting potential of Chaos Knight. He gains 26 Agility, 12 attack speed, 10 Strength, 10 Intelligence, and 8% movement speed by purchasing a Manta Style. The item can be bought for 4600 gold in the game. You can summon up to 2 additional images of Chaos Knight to fight in battles using Manta Style. These images can last for 20 seconds and deal 33% of Chaos Knight’s attack damage in battles. Manta Style has a cooldown of 30 seconds and needs 125 mana. Chaos Knight can become an outstanding carry hero in Dota 2 matches after purchasing a Manta Style for the melee hero. 


Huskar uses Inner Fire to get First Blood!

Huskar is a ranged hero in the massively multiplayer game. He can launch Burning Spears to melt his enemies with each hit. Physical attacks from Huskar can deal 20 burn damage per second (DPS) for 8 seconds by using Burning Spears on his enemies. 

You can counter carry heroes using Huskar by using Inner Fire in team fights. Huskar can use Inner Fire to deal 300 damage to all enemy units in a radius of 500. Enemy units affected by Inner Fire are disarmed for up to 4 seconds, preventing enemy units from attacking your allies with their physical attacks. Players can use Inner Fire at level 1 to disarm their opponents for 1.9 seconds in the 7.32e patch. 

The passive ability, Berserker’s Blood, provides bonus attack speed, health regeneration, and magic resistance to Huskar for every missing point of health. Huskar’s ulti, Life Break, can be used to instantly decrease up to 44% of an enemy’s maximum health. Enemy heroes hit by Life Break have their movement slowed by 60% for 5 seconds. Life Break has a cooldown of 12 seconds. You can decrease the cooldown of Life Break by 5 seconds at level 20 in the 7.32e update for the online game. 

Players can deal loads of damage to enemy heroes with Huskar by purchasing a Daedalus. Huskar gains 88 attack damage that can be used to eliminate enemies after buying the item. Daedalus costs 5150 gold in the game. Each attack from Huskar has a 30% chance to deal 225% bonus damage by equipping Daedalus
in his inventory. 

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight uses Breathe Fire to deal damage to Sniper

Dragon Knight is a carry hero with advanced abilities that can turn him into a monstrous carry hero. He can use Breathe Fire to nuke enemy heroes in lanes and deal 320 damage to them. Any enemy unit struck by Breathe Fire has its attack damage reduced by 30% for 11 seconds. Breathe Fire has a cooldown of 11 seconds and needs 105 mana to be used per cast. You can reduce the attack damage of your enemies by an additional 30% by casting Breathe Fire after reaching level 10 to weaken carry heroes in the enemy team.

He can use Dragon Tail to stun enemy heroes for 3 seconds and deal 160 damage in battles. Dragon Knight gains bonus health regeneration rate of 13 and bonus armor of 13 by maxing out the passive ability, Dragon Blood. His ulti, Elder Dragon Form, can be used to deal splash damage to enemy units around Dragon Knight for 60 seconds. Each level of Dragon Form has a unique attack modifier to deal more damage to enemy heroes. The cooldown of Dragon Knight’s ulti has been reduced from 105 seconds to 100 seconds in the 7.32e patch. 

You can purchase a Heaven’s Halberd for Dragon Knight to gain 20 Strength, 20% evasion, and 16% status resistance. Heaven’s Halberd can be bought for 3550 gold in the game. Dragon Knight can use Heaven’s Halberd to disarm a melee hero for 3 seconds and a ranged hero for 5 seconds using the item. 

Players can survive longer in team fights with Dragon Knight after buying a Satanic for him. Satanic provides 38 attack damage and 25 Strength to the carry hero. Physical attacks from Dragon Knight can help the Strength hero regain 30% of his attack damage as Lifesteal by using Satanic in battles. You can activate Satanic to increase the Lifesteal from 30% to 175% for 6 seconds. Satanic has a cooldown of 30 seconds, making it quite efficient for Dragon Knight in Dota 2 matches. 


Abaddon hits Tidehunter in his lane

Abaddon is a dominant tank hero who can help Dota 2 players make their enemies retreat. He can cast Mist Coil on allies to restore up to 260 health to them. Abaddon can also use Mist Coil on enemy heroes to deal up to 260 damage to his opponents. Mist Coil has a cast range of 575. 

The 7.32e update for the game has improved the base attack time of Abaddon from 1.7 seconds to 1.5 seconds, making his attacks stronger against his enemies. He can silence enemies by leveling up the passive ability, Curse of Avernus, granting Abaddon bonus attack speed during team fights. You can activate his ulti, Borrowed Time, to prevent being killed in combat. Borrowed Time will also be activated after Abaddon has less than 400 health, letting the carry hero strike his enemies fearlessly after losing a significant amount of health in his matches. 

You can use Aphotic Shield on yourself and your allies to absorb up to 200 damage from enemy attacks. Aphotic Shield can help Abaddon earn more gold in the forest by attacking neutral creeps  without taking damage from them. People can buy a Heart of Tarrasque for 5000 gold in the game. Heart of Tarrasque provides 250 health and 45 Strength to Abaddon, letting him tank more damage during team fights. 

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