Top 3 Brilliant Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR

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Top 3 Brilliant Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR

Here is our pick for the top 3 most brilliant Dota 2 laning duo Hero combos that will ensure you dominate your lane for some easy MMR

In Dota 2, winning your lane is vital. Choosing the right Hero combo helps you secure resources, control the map, and set the game's pace. Smart choices and effective teamwork make your lane the path to victory.

So without further ado, let's head into some tried and tested Hero duos that you can abuse to secure some easy MMR and climb the rank tree with dominating vigor. 

Top 3 Dual Hero Combos

Here are our picks for some of the most powerful and unstoppable Hero duos that will dominate any lane.

1. Chaos Knight and Crystal Maiden Laning Duo – Frostbitten Chaos

Top 3 Brilliant Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR
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Crystal Maiden (CM) is a spellcaster Intelligence Hero well known for her early-game dominance, especially in lane. Her abilities also allow her to spam powerful nukes while sustaining her Mana. Her abilities Crystal Nova deals massive damage and also allows her to slow enemies. Her ability Frostbite holds an enemy in place, making it easy for her allies to move in closer. 

Chaos Knight (CK) is a hard-hitting Strength Hero with a powerful range of disables and illusions that damage a single target. With his Chaos Bolt and Reality Rift, he can easily stun and pull in enemies into the hands of his Phantasm army, tearing them apart with his Chaos Strikes.  

  • Frostbite + Chaos Bolt – Chaos Knight’s Chaos Bolt is a slow-traveling projectile out of the two stuns. Once it hits, it's easier for Crystal Maiden to Frostbite the already-stunned enemy for a longer stunlock. The long stun duration helps CM and CK tear apart their enemy with ease.

  • Crystal Nova + Reality Rift – The high early game nuke and slow from Crystal Nova can work wonders to slow down any enemies trying to initiate or flee from Chaos Knight, allowing him to Reality Rift the enemy into his clutches and bring them down with powerful hits.

  • Arcane Aura + Chaos Bolt + Reality Rift – Chaos Knight may have powerful abilities, but his lack of Mana hampers them. This can be solved with Crystal Maiden’s Arcane Aura, which grants him some useful early-game Mana regeneration to use his ability kit more flexibly.

  • Frostbite + Phantasm – Crystal Maiden’s Frostbite is an insta-cast stun that synergizes with CK’s naturally slow spell animations. CM can easily stun an enemy while CK uses his Phantasm and Chaos Bolt, both of which take a while to be used in full effect. But with CM, Chaos Knight easily pulls his enemies into certain death. 

2. Vengeful Spirit and Morphling Laning Duo – Winning Stats

Top 3 Brilliant Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR

Vengeful Spirit (VS) is a well-balanced Universal support Hero specializing in roaming, ganking, disabling and debuffing her enemies. Her Magic Missile is a very reliable stun. Her Wave of Terror and Vengeance Aura are great at debuffing enemies or buffing your own allies greatly. Her Nether Swap is a great saving ability, allowing her to swap her allies out of danger. 

Morphling is an adaptive and highly mobile Agility Hero who has the power to nuke or tank high amounts of damage. His Attribute Shift helps him trade his Agility and Strength as needed. His Waveform and Adaptive Strike are great nuking abilities, with the first giving him high mobility to escape tight situations. His morph lets him match his form with a targeted Hero, gaining their basic abilities.

  • Magic Missile + Waveform – When engaged upon, Vengeful Spirit can launch her Magic Missile to stun an enemy while Morphling Waveforms out. VS can also use her stun aggressively to initiate upon an enemy Hero, allowing Morphling to Waveform in.

  • Vengeance Aura + Attribute Shift (Agility Gain) – Vengeful Spirit’s Vengeance Aura creates an AoE (area of effect) buff which gives allied Heroes an attack damage bonus based on a percentage of their primary attribute. With the help of Morphling’s ability to gain Agility on a whim, he can dish out high amounts of right-click damage.

  • Wave of Terror + Attribute Shift (Agility Gain) – VS’s Wave of Terror reduces armor and attack damage of all enemies hit by the wave. When engaging with an Agility-based Attribute Shift, Morphling shifts his Strength making him vulnerable. Both debuffs help Morphling dish out more damage while taking less during engagements.

  • Nether Swap + Morph – While Nether Swap is mainly used as a swap ability to bring allies out of danger of enemies into it, it can work well with Morphling’s Morph ability. Depending on which Hero he Morphs into, his abilities might synergize well with it. A Morphed Axe can be Nether Swapped in to land a devastating Berserker’s Call and Counter Helix combo. 

3. Clockwerk and Skywrath Mage Laning Duo – Mystic Machinery

Top 3 Brilliant Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR

Clockwerk is a tanky initiator Universal Hero capable of hooking in, trapping his enemies in cogs, and damaging them with DoT (Damage over Time) and combo with allies. His Battery Assault and Power Cogs ability are a dangerous melee ability combo that traps and damages enemies. His Rocket Flare allows him to globally damage and scout areas, so he may latch onto enemies with Hookshot, sealing their fate. 

Skywrath Mage is a powerful spellcaster Intelligence Hero who can silence, slow and burst down enemies in mere seconds. His Arcane Bolt does immense damage, and his Concussive Shot can be fired long distances to slow down enemies. His silence Ancient Seal also amplifies all spell damage dealt and can be combined with Mystic Flare to burst down enemies in seconds.

  • Battery Assault + Concussive Shot – Clockwerk’s natural need to close the distance to utilize his Battery Assault fully is easily fulfilled by Skywrath Mage’s Concussive Shot, which can be launched from a long distance. The slow lets Clockwerk catch up to his enemies and batter them with damage and mini-stuns.

  • Rocket Flare + Concussive Shot – Due to Concussive Shot’s long cast range, it can be a great initiating ability when paired with a proper long-distance reveal. Clockwerk’s Rocket Flare can be used to scout out enemies from a long distance, giving vision for a Concussive Shot to slow down fleeing enemies.

  • Power Cogs + Battery Assault + Ancient Seal – Clockwerk can’t lock down enemies with a natural escape ability, as they can easily Blink away between his mini-stuns. Skywrath Mage’s Ancient Seal can easily counter this, allowing Clockwerk to keep his enemies pinned down and amplifies his magic damage significantly.

  • Power Cogs + Mystic Flare – Skywrath Mage’s can land his Mystic Flare with ease if paired with a reliable disable. Clockwerks Power Cogs is a perfect tool to hold down enemies while Skywrath Mage bombards them with Mystic Flare. 

Stay Tuned For More Broken Laning Duos

Try these combos in your games! Master their strengths and enjoy the rewarding impact. Try out different Hero Laning Duos and stay tuned for more combos, as we'll be posting them soon for you to experiment with.

Top 3 Brilliant Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR
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