Starfield Powers and Temple Locations

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Starfield Powers and Temple Locations

Starfields, in addition to presenting traits and backgrounds that can be assigned to the character at the moment of its creation, and the classic skills that are divided into tech, combat, science, physical, and social, also provides Starfield powers that can be found in specific places.

In fact, to be able to acquire these powers, all you have to do is know the Starfield temple locations. But don't worry, in this guide, we thought we would not only describe all the powers present in the game but also what to do to find them.

All Starfield powers

There are 24 Starfield powers in total, and they are all very different from each other. Each of them, in fact, has its own characteristics and has different effects.

Furthermore, you should know that the first time you will have to deal with these powers is after completing the third main mission of the game. As a result, only some of them have a known location, the ones you will be told to find by Vlad's character, while the rest will be findable through exploration.

However, don't worry; in this article, we will tell you where to find each of the 24 powers. Once you have discovered all the powers, in the new game plus, you will have the opportunity to enhance them by rediscovering them.

Keep in mind that each of these temples has enemies guarding them that must be defeated, so don't be caught unprepared. Below, here are all the powers you can acquire during your adventure.

starfield powers

Alien Reanimation

This Starfield power gives you the ability to revive a slain beast, so it can continue to be useful in battle. The cost is 35.

Anti-Gravity Field

With this power, you will be able to generate a low gravity field that will allow you to acquire the true power of the planet. The cost is 45.

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Create Vacuum

This power allows you to absorb oxygen from a specific area whenever you want. The cost is 25.

Creator's Pace

Using this power will cause all enemies to temporarily drop their weapons. The cost is 25.


With this power, the Earth's gravity will be recreated in a specific area of your choice. The cost is 15.

Elemental Pull

Each type of element present can be used as you wish at any time. The cost is 25.

Eternal Harvest

This type of element allows you to have an advantage regarding the use of plants. The cost is 25.

Grav Dash II

With this power, you will be able to manipulate gravity in such a way that you can deal more damage for a short period of time. The cost is 15.

Gravity Wave

This power allows you to create a gravitational force that is capable of moving anything. The cost is 25.

Grav Well

With this power, you can create a gravity anchor and generate a specific point for anything to be sucked into. The cost is 45.

Inner Demon

This power allows you to create a mirror image of enemies that will start attacking them, dealing damage to them. The cost is 35.

Life Forced

This is a power that allows you to suck the life energy from an enemy and transfer it to yourself. The cost is 25.

Moon Form

With this power, you will become more powerful and will be able to take less damage. The cost is 35.

Parallel Self

Summon a version of yourself from another part of the multiverse who will provide aid in combat. The cost is 45.

Particle Beam

This power allows you to fire a beam of energy that deals damage to enemies in front of you. The cost is 15.

Personal Atmosphere II

This power allows you to have extra oxygen which will also help you fight carbon dioxide. The cost is 45.

Phased Time

This is a power thanks to which you will have the ability to slow down time and everything around you. The cost is 45.


With this power, you will be able to see what others before you have explored and what they have discovered. The cost is 35.

Reactive Shield

With this power, you will be able to create a shield that can make enemy projectiles less effective. The cost is 35.

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Sense Star Stuff

With this power, you will be able to perceive the life energy of every living being that is near you. The cost is 15.

Solar Flare

Tap into the power of Sol to create a plasma sphere that deals damage to enemies. The cost is 25.

Sunless Space

This power allows you to fire an ice ball that freezes anything when it touches it. The cost is 35.


Deal great damage thanks to the explosion that is generated by using the power of a supernova. The cost is 45-

Void Form

With this power, you will have the ability to make yourself invisible for a certain amount of time. The cost is 45.

How to get the Starfield powers

As we already mentioned at the beginning of this article, some of the powers that are present in the game can be acquired during the main story. During the mission “Into the Unknown”, in fact, you will be able to collect your first power and from then on you can also go in search of all the others.

Some powers can be acquired by taking part in the “Power from Beyond” mission which is given by the NPC Vlad who is located in The Eye station in the Alpha Centauri system. Once you have found one, return to him to have him assign you another mission and reveal the location to go to. For the rest, however, you will have to thoroughly explore the various planets that are present in Starfield.

One piece of advice we can give you is to pay attention to a prompt that will tell you that somewhere there is a temple to discover, which will happen once you have completed the main mission “Into the Unknown”. In this way, little by little, you will be able to discover all the places where the Starfield powers are present.

starfield powers

Starfield temple locations

If you want to speed things up a bit or don't feel like looking for the Starfield temple locations yourself, here is a list of all the locations where you can go to collect the Starfield powers. As previously mentioned, all the temples will be manned by guards, so be prepared to fight before acquiring the powers.

  • Cheyenne System
  • Procyon
  • Skink
  • Beyond Skink
  • Volii
  • Eridani Power Southwest from Mian Planet
  • Washakie
  • Volo
  • Omicron on Indum IV-D
  • PSI on Altair I
  • Lamda Heinlein VI-A

strafield temple locations

Starfield Powers and Temple Locations
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