All Starfield Backgrounds Explained

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All Starfield Backgrounds Explained

Starfield offers its players many ways to customize their character to the maximum, one of these ways is thanks to the Starfield backgrounds. After having discussed in detail what are the Starfield traits to customize your character, the time has come, in this article, to also tell you about the various backgrounds that the developers have thought up to give different facets to the protagonist of the story.

What are backgrounds in Starfield?

The backgrounds in Starfield, among other things, are used to determine the first three initial skills to be attributed to your character. However, it must be emphasized that these three skills are not binding and that therefore you can have access to all five skill trees in the game. They only serve as a starting point in your adventure, but then you may shape your character as you see fit throughout your adventure.

Another very important thing to say is that backgrounds, unlike traits, don't have negative effects but only bonuses and buffs. For this reason, therefore, you can choose the one that inspires you most without fear of having to accept negative effects. Furthermore, although it has not yet been officially confirmed, it is likely that different Starfield backgrounds give rise to different dialogues with NPCs throughout the game, but at the moment we do not know if this is actually the case or not. Finally, it is also very unlikely that it will be possible to change the background once chosen, which can be done with traits instead.

All Starfield backgrounds

Beast Hunter

The world of Starfield is full of alien races always ready to put you in danger. For this reason, it is advisable to always pay close attention to everything around you. If you are a born hunter, this background is certainly the most suitable for you as it gives you the possibility to track, find and kill the beasts that are found in the game world. The main skills of this background are:

  • Fitness – There is 10% extra oxygen available to you
  • Ballistics – 10% greater damage is dealt by ballistic weapons
  • Gastronomy – You can learn how to make unique foods and drinks

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This background's past is marked by violent behavior, but over time you've learned that violence isn't always the answer to everything. While the character will deal more damage when he attacks enemies with his bare hands, he also has the advantage of being a skilled hacker and being able to bypass defenses more easily. If you are a player who prefers a hybrid way of playing and who decides to rely on their hacker skills to stay safe, this is definitely the right background for you. The main skills of this background are:

  • Boxing – Attacks with no weapons deal 25% greater harm. Power assaults consume 25% less oxygen
  • Security – You can try to break through Advanced locks. +2 automatic tries
  • Fitness – You have 10% extra oxygen at your disposal

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Bounty Hunter

Are you born mercenaries? Then this is the one among the Starflied backgrounds that is right for you. If you choose this background, everyone will recognize you as a ruthless mercenary to whom it is better not to do any kind of wrong, as no place in the entire Starfield universe is too far away or hidden not to be found. The main skills of this background are:

  • Piloting – Ship thrusters are now available for use
  • Targeting Control Systems – Enables the ship targeting feature
  • Boost Pack Training – Boost packs can now be used

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If you are an expert cook, you could choose to be one in Starfield too. The game world is full of many alien animals that humans have had to convert, by force of circumstances, even into food. This is where the work of the cook comes into play, capable of creating real delicacies with what the universe provides. The main skills of this background are:

  • Gastronomy – Create unique dishes and beverages, and look up new recipes
  • Duelling – 10% greater damage from melee
  • Wellness – Acquire 30 additional health points

starfield chef

Combat Medic

In any self-respecting game, the doctor certainly cannot be missing. If your nature is to help others and to always be available to help your companions, this is the background for you. Obviously, the fact of being a doctor does not stop you from taking part in battles, but it is certainly a secondary aspect and one that you prefer to use when there is really a need. The main skills of this background are:

  • Pistol certification – 10% more damage from pistols
  • Medicine – 10% greater health packs' healing
  • Weight Lifting – Additional carrying capacity of 10 kg
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starfield combat medic

Cyber Runner

The Cyber Tunner is a background that appears to be suitable for those who prefer a more stealth way of playing. Over the years you have worked for and against the large corporations that govern the world of Starfield, so being proactive and persuasive is your bread and butter. The main skills of this background are:

  • Pistol certification – 10% more pistol damage
  • Security – Capable of bypassing two automatic locks at level 2
  • Persuasion – Greater likelihood of success with speech problems

starfield cyber runner


This background is suitable for all players who see robots and cybernetic implants as one and the same as humans. The fact that you are true experts in this matter means that your character is endowed with skills that are very different from them and that span different fields, which can be very useful during your adventure. The main skills of this background are:

  • Medicine – Health packets will heal 10% more
  • Robotics – Turrets and robots are subject to 10% more damage
  • Lasers – 10% higher damage from laser weapons

starfield cyberneticist


As can be deduced from the name of this background, this is a great choice for those who prefer to talk rather than shoot. If you are not a fan of firefights and have the nature of solving problems by speaking, by choosing this background you will have the possibility of being able to count on your persuasive skills to proceed in Starfield. The main skills of this background are:

  • Persuasion – Improved prospects for success with speech problems
  • Diplomacy – Get a target NPC that is lower than you to temporarily stop battling
  • Bargaining – Purchase from vendors for 5% and resell for 10%

starfield diplomat


For the exploration enthusiast, there's no better background than this. If you plan to spend hours and hours of gameplay exploring and discovering every little secret that the world of Starfield has in store for you, this is definitely the best choice. The main skills of this background are:

  • Lasers – Gives you specialized training so you can utilize and make use of personal laser guns more effectively.
  • Astrodynamics – Enables the user to coax more capability out of a ship's grav drive
  • Surveying – Gives you the ability to decipher data on the ground

starfield explorer

File not Found

Who are you? Where do you come from? What have you done up to that moment? None of these questions are answered if you choose this background. For players who don't know what to choose or who simply prefer to start Starfield without having any kind of information about their character, this option is the right one for you. The past is not important, all that matters is the present. The main skills of this background are:

  • Wellness – Your maximum health will rise by 10%
  • Ballistics – Weapons with ballistic properties deal 10% more damage
  • Piloting – Thrusters on the ship can now be used for navigation

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Earning clean money and living an honest life is just not your thing. If you intend not to impose any kind of rule on your alter-ego, this background is the one for you. Shootings, brawls, robberies, etc. are your daily bread and you are not afraid to take up a weapon to silence those who disagree with you. The main skills of this background are:

  • Shotgun Certification – Shotguns inflict 10% more harm
  • Boxing – Attacks with no weapons deal 25% greater harm. Power assaults consume 25% less oxygen
  • Theft – Gain access to the pickpocketing feature

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If you are a nature lover and with a very peaceful disposition, you will find what you are looking for in this background. You have decided to dedicate your life to discovering new life forms and planets you can settle on, so combat is certainly not one of the things you rely on to survive. The main skills of this background are:

  • Geology – Surface items can be used to obtain more common and uncommon inorganic resources
  • Surveying – Gives the hand scanner an adjustable zoom. 20-meter scan range
  • Weight Lifting – Adds 10 kg to the total carrying capacity

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Your dream was to become an industry bigwig, perhaps having your own megacorporation to run. Fortunately, some skills are not forgotten over time and therefore you still have what you need to be able to have your say in this area. The main skills of this background are:

  • Persuasion – 10% greater likelihood of influencing someone
  • Security – You can try to break through Advanced locks. +2 automatic tries
  • Research Methods – 10% fewer resources are needed to finish research tasks and make crafts
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Long Hauler

This background allows you to have basic knowledge of how to operate a spacecraft, which could be considered of great interest to those who have always dreamed of being able to do something like this. If your dream has always been to be able to have your own spaceship and manage it at your convenience, this is the right option for you to choose from all the Starfield backgrounds. The main skills of this background are:

  • Weight Lifting – 10 kg more can be carried overall.
  • Piloting – Now you can use the ship's thrusters
  • Ballistic Weapon Systems – +10% damage from ballistic ship weapons and –20% use cost in targeting mode

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Are you an adventurous person who always wants to change your home? Among the various Starfield backgrounds, this one is the most suitable for you. As in other cases, those who make this choice will also have a background that is more focused on resource gathering, rather than combat, so keep this in mind before making your choice. The main skills of this background are:

  • Scavenging – Searching containers has a chance to turn up bonus points
  • Surveying – Gives the hand scanner an adjustable zoom. 20-meter scan range
  • Gastronomy – Specialty foods and beverages can be researched and created

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This is also part of the Starfield backgrounds not to be chosen if you want to focus your adventure on action and combat. On the other hand, if you prefer to be a pacifist and have a disposition to teach others new things, this could be the perfect choice for you. The main skills of this background are:

  • Astrodynamics – Jump drives will have a 15% wider grav jump range
  • Geology – Use surface items to obtain more regular and unusual inorganic materials
  • Research Methods – Resources needed to make things and finish research projects are reduced by 10%

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The Ronin's background can be interpreted in two different ways, based on the people. He can be described as a hero or as a crazy mercenary. Which side are you on? If you're going to approach the game with a little more action and you've always wanted to play as a Ronin, this is the right choice for you. The main skills of this background are:

  • Dueling – Damage from melee weapons is increased by 25%. When using a melee weapon, you will take 10% less damage
  • Stealth – A Stealth Meter is added. 25% less likely to be noticed when sneaking. 5% more sneak attack damage with weapons in the shadows
  • Scavenging – Possibility of finding bonus points when searching containers

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For all creative gamers who are planning to start their journey in the Starfield universe, this backgrund can be the perfect choice. You could have had a great career as a surgeon, but your heart has taken you elsewhere and inspired you to create works of art that can stir emotions in others. The main skills of this background are:

  • Medicine – Medical kits, trauma kits, and emergency supplies hasten the restoration of health by 10%
  • Geology – Increase your supply of both common and uncommon inorganic resources by using surface objects
  • Persuasion – Persuasion success rate is 10% more likely

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The choice of this background, as you can imagine, is perfect for all those who, from the early stages of the game, intend to throw themselves headlong into firefights. If you have the nature of a soldier, the one that offers you this option is certainly the one that best suits you. The main skills of this background are:

  • Fitness – 10% extra oxygen is at your disposal
  • Ballistics – Ballistic weapons deal 10% higher damage
  • Boost Pack Training – Now you can use booster packs.

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Space Scoundrel

For lovers of space and its exploration, the Space Scoundrel background is definitely the best choice you can make in Starfield. You don't believe in good or bad, only that the whole universe is a gray wasteland and that people can be shaped according to their needs. The main skills of this background are:

  • Pistol Certification – 10% greater damage is dealt by pistols
  • Piloting – Ship thrusters can now be used
  • Persuasion – Persuasion success rate increases by 10%

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If you want to discover all the mysteries related to the alien races present in Starfield, this background is the most suitable for you. You will be able to discover new things and use them in your favor, as well as having an innate gift, for who knows what reason, in the use of laser weapons. The main skills of this background are:

  • Lasers – 10% more damage is done by laser weapons
  • Surveying – Increases the hand scanner's selectable zoom. +20 meter scanning range
  • Fitness – You have 10% extra oxygen at your disposal

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All Starfield Backgrounds Explained
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