All Starfield Traits Explained

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All Starfield Traits Explained

Starfield, as also mentioned by the developers themselves, is a really big game full of elements. Nothing is left to chance and the development team wanted to add several interesting elements to the game, such as traits for example. In this article, we will give you all the information we have on what Starfield traits are and what they are.

What are traits in Starfield?

Starfield traits are optional attributes that players can assign to their character during character creation. To keep in mind is the fact that each trait gives your character advantages or disadvantages in terms of gameplay. You will be able to make use of three traits at the same time, although some of them cannot be equipped at the same time. Among them, for example, we have those linked to enemy factions or different religions. Furthermore, it is also possible that some NPCs have more lines of dialogue than others, based on which traits we have equipped.

All Starfield traits

Alien DNA

  • Benefit: You start with a higher health pool and greater endurance
  • Drawback: Healing items aren't as effective

Choosing this trait allows you to have an initial advantage in terms of health and endurance stats, however, the healing items you are going to use will not be as effective. While having, for example, higher initial health can be an advantage, you should also consider the fact that healing yourself will not restore your health in the same way, so it really comes down to choosing what is the most important or useful thing for you.

starfield traits

Dream House

  • Benefit: You own a luxurious, customizable house on a peaceful planet
  • Drawback: Start with a 50,000 credit mortgage

If in the game you feel like playing a rich character who owns luxurious houses, this is definitely the trait for you. You will be able to show off your possessions and customizable houses to everyone but, on the other hand, you will have an initial mortgage credit of 50,000, so think carefully about your choice.

starfield traits


  • Benefit: You are deeply connected to the feelings of others. Performing actions your companion likes will result in a temporary increase in combat effectiveness
  • Drawback: Performing actions your companions don't like will have the precise opposite effect

Choosing this trait will allow you to form a closer bond with your companions, which will be very useful in combat as it will increase its overall efficiency. As against, however, keep in mind that doing actions that our companions don't like will have practically opposite effects. Therefore, if you choose this trait, consider carefully the actions to be carried out in your game if you do not want to incur combat-related malus while facing your adventure.

starfield traits


  • Benefit: Uses less oxygen when adventuring with human companions
  • Drawback: Uses more oxygen when adventuring without human companions
  • Incompatible trait(s): Introvert

This trait guarantees you the possibility of using less oxygen when you venture into the game world with your companions, which is certainly useful for your expeditions, especially longer ones and in more distant places. However, if instead, you decide to venture into the Starfield game world without any companions, this trait will have practically the opposite effect. Also, for obvious reasons, this trait is not compatible with the Introvert trait.

starfield traits

Freestar Collective Settler

  • Benefit: Gaining access to special Freestar Collective dialogue options and more useful rewards from some missions given by the faction
  • Drawback: Crime bounty towards other factions is greatly increased
  • Incompatible trait(s): Any other faction allegiance trait

This Starfield trait will allow you to have special dialogues with all the characters belonging to this faction and will also guarantee you better rewards for some of the missions you will do for this faction. However, the crime bounty towards other factions will be greatly increased, so you'll have to pay close attention. Also, this trait is not compatible with any others dedicated to alliances with other factions.

starfield traits

Hero Worshipped

  • Benefit: You've earned the attention of an annoying “Adoring Fan” who will show up randomly and jabber at you incessantly. On the plus side, he will join your ship's crew and give you gifts
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Among the Starfield traits, it is probably the one that can be considered “least useful”. This trait was created as a tribute to a character featured in other Bethesda games, but to make it more appealing, the development team wanted to give it as a benefit that this “Adoring Fan” can join your crew and give you gifts from time to time. much.

starfield traits


  • Benefit: More endurance when adventuring alone
  • Drawback: Less endurance when adventuring with other companions
  • Incompatible trait(s): Introvert

This trait is pretty much the opposite of the Extrovert trait. If you decide to explore the game world alone, this trait will reward you by giving you greater endurance; on the contrary, however, if you decide to have company, the endurance you will have will be less. In short, this trait favors solo play and a lone wolf approach. Obviously, it is not compatible with the Extrovert trait.

starfield traits

Kid Stuff

  • Benefit: Your parents are alive and you can visit them at their home
  • Drawback: 10% of the money you earn is automatically deducted and sent to your parents

If you're a family-oriented person, this trait might be right up your alley. By choosing this trait, in fact, your family will still be alive and you can visit them whenever you want, perhaps to take a break from the missions and activities present in the Starfield game world. However, keep in mind that precisely because of this bond with your parents, 10% of the money you earn will automatically be deducted from you to be sent to them. Will you be good children?

starfield traits

Neon Street Rat

  • Benefit: Gain access to special dialogue options and better rewards from some missions on Neon
  • Drawback: Crime bounty from other factions is greatly increased
  • Incompatible trait(s): Any other faction allegiance trait

Those who decide to join the cause of this faction will have the opportunity to unlock special dialogues and get better rewards when they complete the missions related to them. On the other hand, however, the other factions will be more hostile towards you and the crime bounty of the other factions will have increased greatly. Additionally, this trait is not compatible with other faction-related Starfield traits in the game.

starfield traits

Raised Enlightened

  • Benefit: Gain a significant discount at the Enlightened store
  • Drawback: Lose access to the Sanctum Universum store
  • Incompatible trait(s): Any other religion trait

Are you a religious person? This trait might be the one for you. In Starfield, there are three main religions created especially for the game, as well as those that actually exist in reality. If you choose this trait, you will benefit from discounted prices at the Enlightened stores, but you will not have access to the Sanctum Universum store. Also, this trait is not compatible with any other religious trait.

starfield traits

Raised Universal

  • Benefit: Gain a significant discount at the Sanctum Universum store
  • Drawback: Lose access to the Enlightened store
  • Incompatible trait(s): Any other religion trait

Similar to what was said for the previous trait, this too allows you to have a strong discount on items sold in the Sanctum Universum store but will make you lose the opportunity to purchase from the Enlightened store. Furthermore, this trait is also not compatible with the other traits that are related to religions.

starfield traits

Serpent's Embrace

  • Benefit: Health and endurance are temporarily boosted when grav jumping
  • Drawback: Health and endurance are lowered if you stop jumping
  • Incompatible trait(s): Any other religious trait

This is the last trait linked to religion. Unlike the other two though, this one won't grant you a discount for a specific store, but it will allow you to get a boost in your health and endurance when you're jumping. However, when you aren't doing this continuously, these stats will be lowered. Also, as with other religious traits, this too is not compatible with those related to other religions.

starfield traits


  • Benefit: Health and endurance are increased when in space
  • Drawback: Health and endurance are decreased when on the surface
  • Incompatible trait(s): Terra Firma

This trait is great for anyone who decides to spend most of their time in space. Indeed, among the Starfield traits present in the game, it is the one that gives you the possibility to increase your health and endurance when you are in space. However, when you are on the surface, these stats will be decreased. Also, this trait, for obvious reasons, is not compatible with the Terra Firma trait.

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starfield traits


  • Benefit: If you have crew trained in a certain ship system, that system will automatically repair itself to full health whenever it is damaged below 50%
  • Drawback: All crew cost twice as much to hire

If you think your ship will take a lot of damage over the course of the game, this trait could be the solution. It will ensure that your crew will occasionally repair your ship when it is below 50% health. However, to hire new members you will have to pay double.

starfield traits

Terra Firma

  • Benefit: Health and oxygen are increased when on the surface
  • Drawback: Health and oxygen are decreased when you're in space
  • Incompatible trait(s): Spaced

This trait is practically the opposite of the Spaced trait, with which it is not compatible. If you know that you spend most of your time on the surface, this stretch is right up your alley. You benefit from having increased health and oxygen when on the surface. However, when you are in space these stats will be decreased.

starfield traits

United Colonies Native

  • Benefit: You gain access to special United Colonies dialogue options and better rewards from some missions given by the faction
  • Drawback: Crime bounty by other factions is greatly increased
  • Incompatible trait(s): Any other faction allegiance trait

This is another of the faction-related Starfield traits. If you want to champion the cause of the United Colonies, this is the trait for you. You will have special dialogue options with this faction, as well as better rewards when you complete certain missions. On the other hand, the crime bounties of the other factions are increased. As with the other faction-related traits, this one is also incompatible with them.

starfield traits


  • Benefit: Gives you a damage buff when your health is low
  • Drawback: Mercenaries will randomly show up and try to kill you

As you might guess from the name, someone has put a price on your head. If you are a lover of risk and adventure, this section is certainly the right one for you. As a benefit, it gives you the ability to deal more damage when your health is high. However, on the other hand, you will have the fact that mercenaries will suddenly appear to try to kill you.

starfield traits

Can you remove Starfield traits?

We know that choosing the right traits for your character is not an easy process. It is likely that, once you have made your choice, in the course of your adventure, you will realize that the trait you have chosen is not the one that suits your way of playing. But fear not because Bethesda has confirmed that it is possible to remove the Starfield traits. As? It's very simple. During your adventure, you will have to face many missions, some of which will give you the possibility of being able to remove the Starfield traits that you have assigned to your character. So, if you realize that you didn't make the right choice, all you have to do is complete these specific missions.

Can you earn more Starfield traits?

In the game, there are 17 different traits to choose from during the creation of your character, to which you can assign a maximum of three traits. Sadly, the traits are standard and throughout the game you won't find any more that you can add to your character. This means that Starfield does not give the possibility of earning new traits, but in any case, the selection present is still very vast and varied, which means that you will surely find the ones that suit you.

Do all Starfield traits have a negative effect?

Traits in Starfield grant your character bonuses, which can vary depending on the trait chosen. Unfortunately, however, they not only give bonuses but also have negative effects if you do the opposite of what the trait was designed for. For example, if you choose to be an outgoing character, completing missions with your companions will give you bonuses, however, if you decide to venture into the world of Starfield alone, you will have negative effects, precisely because it is not in the characteristics of the chosen trait. Consequently, we suggest that you pay the utmost attention to this thing, so as not to run into unpleasant surprises.

All Starfield Traits Explained
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