Revenant Apex Legends Abilities and Strategy Guide

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Revenant Apex Legends Abilities and Strategy Guide

The new Revenant Apex Legends abilities have completely changed how the character plays, this is how you can master the new version.

The headline feature of the latest Apex Legends Season isn’t a brand-new Legend. Instead, it’s a rework for one of the characters who has been suffering lately. Revenant in Apex Legends has had a complete re-design. He’s been recreated from the ground up. It might be the same character in terms of lore, but in-game the Revenant Apex Legends abilities are entirely redone. It’s what has been called Revenant reborn.

The character has gotten a set of brand-new abilities which have completely reworked the character. If you want to get to grips with the latest new Legend (or, basically new) then there’s quite a bit to think about with the character. The entire play style has changed.

If you want to dominate with the reborn Legend, you’ll need to think about how they’ve been altered. The new abilities have completely changed the character and might even affect how viable they are for higher-level games.

The new Revenant kit is stepping up his offensive abilities. You’ll be able to use much more useful abilities, like wallhacks, more mobility, and an Ultimate that gives you the defence to take riskier plays. The Death Totem has been removed, but there’s still plenty of potential for Revenant to rise up the Apex Legends tier list this season and become a bigger part of the game’s meta.

Revenant Apex Legends Abilities

Revenant Reborn – What’s Different?

Revenant in Apex Legends has had big changes but what exactly has changed? He has an entirely new set of abilities. These new abilities are making the character play differently. In terms of his hitbox though, he is still the same Revenant. You can use the same Apex Legends skins with the character.

Although, the new abilities have made him much more useful. If you want to delve into the latest version of the character, you’ll need to start with the new abilities.

New Revenant Apex Legends Abilities

Revenant Reborn is the new revamp for the character. He’s had changes to his abilities. Even parts of gameplay which haven’t changed won’t work the same with a different set of tools available to players. If you want to stay on top of the character, it can pay off to know the best strategy for each of his abilities. These are all of the new Revenant in Apex Legends powers.

Passive -Assassin’s Instinct

Revenant Apex Legends Abilities

Assassin’s Instinct is a new passive ability. Any enemies that are nearby will now be highlighted for you provided they’re low enough on health. This works through walls, so it’s a pretty powerful ability. You don’t get auto aim but by having their entire location tracked it should be much easier to stay on top of enemy movements and finish players off. It’s not just those low on health either.

If Revenant has managed to lower an enemy’s health to the point they qualify for this ability, you’ll be able to see their whole squad. This can be a game-changing ability in some situations. You’ll need to weaken one enemy first, but once you do you can communicate their position and have your entire team leap on them. This one of the Revenant Apex Legends abilities is really useful.

For an ability like this, it would normally mean more attention has to be paid to communication. You’d need to tell other players of the new information you’re seeing. That’s something to keep in mind here too. You need to communicate to teammates about this. It could even be helpful for teammates to have you land finishing shots on players trying to escape so you can then get the tracking effect.

The new Revenant Reborn passive isn’t overwriting the old one either. Instead, players are keeping the better crouching walk speed and climbing. There’s also a boost to horizontal movement on rocky terrain. In all, it’s a big improvement for his passive. This is an ability that’s going to come naturally to playing Revenant. When you’re first adjusting though, it might be best to pay close attention to those markers and health bars. It can pay off a lot more than it used to.

Revenant in Apex Legends Tactical – Shadow Pounce

Revenant Apex Legends Abilities

The next of the Revenant Apex Legends abilities is Shadow Pounce. This one is a mobility aiding tool. With this, you can leap forwards for a short while. It can actually move you just as far as Octane’s jump pad if you use it correctly. That can mean a bit of a boost to rotation.

In terms of how to best use Shadow Pounce, it works best when combined with other offensive abilities. If you’ve got a team member low enough then using shadow pounce along with seeing their location should allow you to finish them off. You can essentially push even against more powerful mobility tools from opponents with this.

It’s not the most world-shattering rework from Revenant but it’s enough to really make a big difference to how he plays. If you’re using the best Apex settings and can quickly jump on opponents, this one can pay off really well.

Ultimate – Forged Shadows

Revenant Apex Legends Abilities

The new Revenant Apex Legends Ultimate is Forged Shadows, replacing the old Death Totem move. This is a new Ultimate where a shroud of shadows emerges. These will block damage but widen your hitbox. If you can get a knockdown during this period, you’ll be able to instantly use the shadows or Tactical once again. The hitbox isn’t too big of a downside, so the Ultimate move from Revenant in Apex Legends is one of the best.

Basically, as you get elims with this ability, everything refreshes. Do it right and you’re going to be able to keep chaining all of the different moves here. It’s an Ult which can turn a single good attack into a crazy pop off. The key is to use it to mitigate risk. With the shadows, you’re relatively protected. You’re going to be able to jump into fights that you normally wouldn’t. Make the most out of your wallhacks here. It can chain really easily.

Go for a weakened opponent first. Once down, you’ll get replenishes of your abilities. This can help you track down the rest of the team. Have your teammates support you in this process to.

Forged Shadows is one of the better Ultimates here. You can basically use it to go into more aggressive situations. You can take chances in fights without having to stress over dying. Similar to some abilities from others like Wraith in Apex Legends.

Best Weapons for Revenant in Apex Legends

With Revenant Reborn and his new toolkit, you’ll need to adjust your overall gameplay and strategy. That includes what you’re looting. If you want to make the best use of Revenant in Apex Legends’ abilities, there are some key weapon areas to pay attention to.

  • SMGs – SMGs work great at close range. This is where Revenant’s Ult really comes alive.
  • Shotguns – Just like SMGs this is also great for close-up shots. Keep one of these in your loadout to make the most out of your abilities.
  • Long Range – More long-range weapons are going to be trickier for Revenant in Apex Legends. They work fine, but you don’t get as much out of the abilities from that distance. Having the wall hack markers can work pretty nicely for those weapons. You’ll get the most out of it with closer range weapons.

Revenant Apex Legends Abilities

Is Revenant Relevant Now?

The new revenant Reborn abilities are definitely enough to make him a contender. Only time will tell if the character will manage to stay in the upper echelon of Apex Legends. However, they definitely feel like an improvement over his old kit that kept him firmly at the bottom of the game.

Revenant Apex Legends Abilities and Strategy Guide
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