Apex Legends Wraith Guide – Win as Wraith in Season 15

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Apex Legends Wraith Guide – Win as Wraith in Season 15

Wraith is one of the original Legends in Apex but there are still loads of reasons to be maining this character. She’s one of the best offensive Legends in the entire game. She has a kit that is versatile, and if you’re up to date with an Apex Legends Wraith guide, you can really get the most out of the character.

Since Wraith has been here since the very start of Apex Legends, the playstyle and strategy for the character have been developed pretty heavily. She now plays considerably different from the start. Between the changes you’ll see in Apex Legends patches and evolving meta of the game through Season 15, there are some new strategies you need to know for a Wraith Apex Legends guide.

These are the key strategies, tips and tricks, and everything else you need to know to win as Wraith in Season 15.

Apex Legends Wraith Guide

Wraith Apex Legends Guide

Wraith has a decent set of tools for players in the game, especially with how the title has developed. Movement and positioning are still key. Wraith’s toolkit gives you clear advantages here, along with the general benefits for firefights that comes with playing an offense Legend. If you want to play as Apex Legends Wraith, you’re going to be on your feet constantly. Trying to grab kills with fragging or highly mobile playstyle.

To play well as Wraith, mobility and energy need to be kept in mind. A good wraith player will be moving as much as possible. You’ll draw fire, engage opponents, and rotate first. You need to be playing in a leading role in your team, putting yourself out there and leading the movement of your squad.

Wraith’s kit is built around the void. That’s the center of the character’s ethos and most of her abilities. These are each of the abilities and some tips for getting the most out of them.

Voices from the Void – Wraith passive ability

Wraith’s passive is Voices from the Void. This gives you a warning when enemy players can see you. You have to be physically in scope for this to activate for enemy vision. It also activates when there’s a large number of players around you, though, when you’re close to traps, or when a large number of enemies have died closely.

In terms of its function, this one of the Wraith Apex Legends' abilities is basically spider-sense! You get an advanced warning of danger. The key is to internalize this as another info source. Don’t panic when it goes off. Communicate the warning clearly to your team and use that intel to take advantage in the upcoming fight.

You’re going to be able to have full awareness of everything around you. Along with that, you’ve got the kit to stop your team from walking into an ambush. With friends, this should mean your team always has intel, although convincing random fills to listen isn’t always the easiest! Getting random players to listen to you is a bit beyond the scope of an Apex Legends Wraith guide though.

Passives don’t tend to require a whole lot of strategy to figure out since they’re just another ability on the baseline. However, Wraith's passive is useful enough that there are some key tips and tricks to think about.

  • Don’t Miss it – You can be distracted between firefights and comms but don’t miss one of these warnings. The scope warning is going to save your life if you act on it in time.
  • Warn Your Teammates – When you’re in scope, get out of the way. After that, immediately warn your teammates. It could take seconds for someone to move their scope from you to your partner.
  • Think About the Warning First – If you’re in a firefight, don’t assume the warning can be ignored. It might be a second player targeting you. Think about each warning, try not to panic.

Into the Void – Apex Legends Wraith Guide

Wraith Apex Legends Guide

This is the Wraith tactical ability. It allows you to “slip out of reality,” at least for a short time. During this time, you’re immune to damage entirely. You also get a movement speed increase once you shunt back into the normal world. The drawback is that you can’t use weapons or your gear in the delay before it kicks in, while you’re in the void, and after you’ve void walked.

When in the void, you can move around for 4 seconds. This might not feel like a crazy long amount of time. It’s not. But you can get a surprising amount done in four seconds. When you factor in the movement speed of 30%, too, that’s quite a bit of ground to cover.

This is a well-balanced ability even with those drawbacks, but this is still definitely still on the powerful size. Players are getting a real advantage here. You can use the time in the void to get out of a fight that’s going badly.

Apex legends Wraith Guide – Void Tips and Tricks

  • Running – This tool is perfect for hitting when you’re going to die. It lets you buy enough time to get out of there. It doesn’t solve the problem of being pinned down entirely, but it lets you get space and restart the fight.
  • Teammates – If you’re running with Into the Void, it won’t save your Teammates. Keep this in mind, don’t leave them to die if you can help it.
  • Visible – You’ll leave a trail behind you so be aware of this.
  • Delays – Get a feel for the delays with this ability. You can’t immediately come out of it and jump on enemy players. You need to adjust for this delay. Try and memorise the delays and get a feel for timing things right. This is really just something that comes with experience.
  • The Circle – You can make full use of areas outside of the circle while in this ability. You don’t take damage, so there’s no drawback to taking advantage of this safer zone. Get out before it runs out, though.
  • Reposition – Up close fighting is Wraith’s specialty. Use Into The Void to reposition when you’ve lost your footing or made a mistake and given up too much ground.
  • Rotating in Danger – You can use Into the Void to rotate without exposing yourself. If you’re crossing open ground with no cover, and worse still get a Voices from the Void warning, use this to get there safely.
  • Move to the Flank – This can work for moving over to a flanking position. You can use it to quickly grab a different angle, take an enemy team by surprise, and take your shots.

Dimensional Rift – Wraith’s Ultimate

Wraith Apex Legends Guide

Wraith’s Ultimate attack is Dimension Rift. As with any Legend, the Ult is a pretty key part of an Apex Legends Wraith guide. This opens up a portal that also lets you move through the void, it also increases your movement speed. You can place a second portal and your entire team can move through it too.

The Ultimate is game-changing for rotation. Even in smaller circles, though, it can have loads of uses. You can use it to move around, and get away from other players. You also get a slight movement boost with the portal. Like Into the Void this should help to make Wraith one of the most mobile players in an engagement.

In the final circle, the brief period these portals are open is long enough to secure the win. If you play it right. The portals going to be open for 560 seconds. You can get a lot done in 60 seconds, though. You can set traps, rotate, and save downed enemies. There’s plenty of potential. These are some tips and tricks in a Wraith guide for this Ultimate.

Wraith Apex Legends Guide

  • Rotation – This is a very quick rotation tool for your fellow players.
  • Getting to cover – When making a riskier attack, you can bust this out to snap back to cover if it doesn’t work it. Blast in, deal as much damage as you can, and then use this to retreat to safety. It allows riskier gameplay even when you’re not around cover.
  • Portals aren’t Private – Anyone can use them. Keep this in mind and don’t leave a backdoor for enemies to follow you.
  • Let the Enemy Walk into a Trap – One good use of this is to bait an enemy into walking right into it. On the other side, is a whole team ready to take them down.
  • Downed Enemies – You can use these portals to get enough space to save a downed opponent. Just watch for other players following you in.
  • Speed – Portals aren’t the fastest. Get used to how long they take. After a while, you should be adept at timing them, but you could get caught on the back foot until you do.

Strategy – Apex Legends Wraith Guide

The kit you’re getting with Wraith has a lot of different applications. You can have Into the Void and Dimensional Rift for rotation and movement, along with others for intel.

Into the Void and Dimensional Rift should be used pretty frequently. These have uses throughout the entire game. You can use them for rotation to speed things up, you can also use them in firefights, though. You can make use of this to pop in and out of fights. It keeps other players on their toes and never lets them get used to your movement.

If your team is ever on the backfoot, these two abilities will let you get out of it. There’s no reason to take a fight from a bad situation if you have either of these to use.

Safety in Aggression

Wraith Apex Legends Guide

Wraith’s kit is suited to up-close fighting. Specifically, you can use her passive to avoid walking into a bad fight. In a good position, you can push in and take more risks than your average player. With the Void to save you if you fail, you can feel free to take much bigger chances than most other players should.

Your teammates get the power of some of your abilities, but only the slow ones. Don’t let them follow you into overly risky positions if you’re planning on using a panic button to get out. Your role as Wraith should be to take chances and move unexpectedly, even if it isn’t the safest course. Your teammates don’t have to do that.

Apex Legends Wraith Guide – Tips and Tricks

That’s Wraith's abilities and a bit on how to generally play. If you’re looking to improve those, these are some tips and tricks for general Wraith gameplay which should help keep you ahead of the opposition.

  • Unpredictability – Wraith players should be unpredictable; opponents shouldn’t be able to predict your moves. Use the void abilities to find different ways to move. With these tools used creatively, you should be able to keep opponents on the back foot.
  • Intel – Your passive ability gives key information about the surrounding area and opponents. Make sure you’re communicating this regularly. However, Dimensional Rift also provides a bonus to your entire squad. This also needs to be part of a full team’s game plan.
  • Panic Buttons – Wraith’s mobility abilities aren’t just good for attacking, they can be a perfect fallback. Don’t be afraid to back out of an encounter if it isn’t going your way.
  • Be Bait – Wraith’s abilities make her the perfect bait. Lure a team into an enclosed space, get out of there through the void, and have your team pounce.
  • Visibility – You can still be seen while using the rift! Keep this in mind, you’re not invisible.
  • Loadout – Wraith’s aggressive playstyle suits some loadouts more than others. You can still go for whatever you prefer using. However, if you do prefer to use close weapons that is going to pay off quite a bit more with Wraith.

Wraith’s abilities are great kit but they’re also a lot of fun. You have great tools to cause havoc, get kills, and generally leave everyone pretty confused. Wraith isn’t just a decent Legend to play in the meta; she’s pretty popular too. If you’re paying attention to your mistakes and trying to figure out where you can improve, you can go far using this one of the Apex Legends characters.

Apex Legends Wraith Guide – Win as Wraith in Season 15
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