What are the Rarest Apex Legends Skins? 12 Best Skins

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What are the Rarest Apex Legends Skins? 12 Best Skins

What are the Rarest Apex Legends Skins? These are the top 10 rarest outfits in Apex Legends for each of its characters.

Apex Legends has tons of player characters, the titular Legends! Just because you’re playing as a defined role though, it doesn’t mean this game isn’t stuffed with skins. The title has tons of different looks available for players to use. What if you really want to stand out in lobbies though? Preferably by using an outfit that you won’t see anyone else repping. That’s why a lot of players are always on the lookout for what might become one of the Apex Legends rarest skins.

Between the various events, tie-ins, and other areas, there are loads of different ways o get skins. Across the years we’ve seen quite a few different skins be introduced to the game, before vanishing. In some cases, the rarest Apex Legends skins are outfits we’ll never see return to the game.

Apex might not have as many crazy crossovers as Fortnite or skins that get removed forever. However, the game still manages to release new skins all of its characters pretty much every few weeks. There are collection events, battle passes, and just plain buying them in the store. Between all these methods, it just makes sense that there would be a few different skins which just don’t pop up very much. That’s not even to mention the now-shut-down Apex Legends mobile and its skins.

These are the top 10 rarest Apex Legends skins in 2023.

Rarest Apex Legends Skins

12. Perfect Soldier

Rarest Apex Legends Skins

Perfect Soldier is one of the rarest Apex legends skins which originated in a battle pass. You had to get to Level 25 in the premium pass to grab this skin. This was a season where the player base was in a bit of a slump. It was after the big launch, but way before the game clawed back its spot as one of the biggest Battle Roalyes. This means there aren’t as many players holding this skin in their locker as most other Battle Pass looks from more recent seasons.

11. From the Ashes

Rarest Apex Legends Skins

Another Battle Pass skin that makes it up as one of the rarest Apex Legends skins is From the Ashes. This is a cool dark take on Lifeline, the dedicated healer character. They’re often sat high on the Apex Legends tier list, so this skin might be useful for players who use this character class. The skin itself was only unlocked in Level 53 of the Season 3 Battle Pass, and nothing similar has been back since. It’s a skin that doesn’t have a ton of recolors which makes a change compared to how it's normally handled.

10. Jade Tiger

Rarest Apex Legends Skins

This one of the rarest Apex Legends skins comes from the second season of the game. These Battle Passes weren’t bought as often as some of the later ones, so you don’t see these skins pop up nearly as often. On top of that, you had to get to level 75 of the Battle Pass, making this Octane skin a bit trickier to unlock. It’s one of Apex Legends' rarest skins, especially out of those for this Legend.

9. Sky Marshall

Rarest Apex Legends Skins

Sky Marshall is a second skin which hails from the Season 5 Battle Pass that puts it up as one of the harder-to-get looks. This one was first unlocked by reaching level 50. This means even fewer people have unlocked this one, so it’s quite a bit rarer and makes it up as one of the rarest Apex Legends skins.


Rarest Apex Legends Skins

One of quite a few Pathfinder looks to make it to the rarest Apex Legends skins is SRVN MRVN. It’s a look for Pathfinder where the character is basically wearing a suit! That’s a nice different look for Apex’s most popular robot character. It has also become pretty rare though.

This skin was originally added to the game with the Grand Soirée event. That was all the way back in January 2020. It came back in the September Soiree, but hasn’t made it back to the game too many times since. It’s one of the event skins which doesn’t come back all that much which makes it one of Apex Legends’ rarest skins.

7. Night Terror

Rarest Apex Legends Skins

One of the rarest Apex Legends skins for Wraith is Night Terror1 This is a bit more of a spooky skin. It was first added in the very first season of the game, releasing in March 2019. As it's from the first season, fewer players were committing to Battle Passes back then than they are today, so there aren't as many of these skins kicking around. Since it was a Battle Pass skin it can’t come back either.

6. Road Warrior

Rarest Apex Legends Skins

Road Warrior is an Apex Legends skin for Bloodhound that puts him in a more biker-style outfit. It was unlocked during Season 6, as part of the battle Pass. You had to get all the way up to level 50 to unlock this skin! As a Battle Pass skin, it isn’t coming back either, so this one is only going to get rarer as time goes on and we get further away from its original Battle Pass.

5. Clocktane

Rarest Apex Legends Skins

Clocktane is another skin from the Grand Soiree which has made it up to be one of the rarest Apex Legends skins. It was originally available along with that event back in 2020. Then, it was available in September 2020, and since then it hasn’t come back at all. This skin doesn’t even have any recolors either, so there’s not a lot of chances to unlock one. It’s a fun skin for Octane that won’t come back much.

4. Cyber Punked

Rarest Apex Legends Skins

Cyber Punked is one of the rarest Apex Legends skins, especially for a character like Wattson. This was a skin that was unlocked during Season 4. It was initially added in 2020, for players who managed to get up to Level 50. It’s on the rarer side of the game’s Pass skins coming from a less popular season. Battle Pass skins don’t come back too often, so this one is only going to get rarer!

3. Lifeline Pirate Queen

Rarest Apex Legends Skins

The next of the Apex Legends rarest skins is Lifeline Pirate Queen. This is a skin that puts the healer into a more edgy pirate kind of appearance. It was added during the Lost Treasures event in 2020! While it has made a return a few times, it is definitely on the rarer side. It’s not a skin that pops back up all too often.

2. P.A.T.H

Rarest Apex Legends Skins

P.A.T.H is yet another Apex Legends skin which came exclusively through a deal with a specific platform. It’s one of quite a few Pathfinder skins that make the rarest Apex Legends skins.

This skin was available through a partnership with Nintendo. Players could only grab it by logging into the Nintendo Switch version of the game in a really short window of time. That made it quite a bit harder to get. A lot of the player base couldn’t unlock this skin, and it’s gone forever now.

1. Omega Point

Rarest Apex Legends Skins

Omega Point is definitely up there as one of the rarest Apex Legends skins, if not the rarest overall. This was a Twitch Prime collab which meant you could only get it by subscribing to the streaming platform. However, it wasn’t released in the intended way.

Instead, players unlocked it through a glitch. They got to keep the skin but Respawn took it out of the game really quickly, then never put it back in the store. As an older skin and a look that’s been inaccessible for a very long time, Omega Point has become really rare.

Apex Legends Rarest Skins

Those are the rarest Apex Legends skins. The skins aren’t as hard to get in such high numbers as you’ll find in other games though. Titles like Fortnite have tons of skins which will never come back, with the rarest Fortnite skins all being kind of weird. However, Apex is different. This game largely only does skins in a few ways. Most things that get introduced will come back eventually. Plus, the use of recolor skins means you can usually unlock something pretty similar. So something is out there, even if a skin you really like won’t come back and is one of Apex Legends rarest skins.

The main exception here is Battle Pass skins. these can’t come back. There are quite a few Battle Pass skins that you won’t see very much anymore. However, those are the rarest Apex Legends skins, the top looks that you won’t see in the game very much.

What are the Rarest Apex Legends Skins? 12 Best Skins
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