Apex Legends Imperial Guard – All Challenges and Rewards

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Apex Legends Imperial Guard – All Challenges and Rewards

The Apex Legends Imperial Guard event has now kicked off at getting added in with the Update 2.19 Patch. This is a brand-new event with limited-time cosmetics and a new playlist that lets players cycle through all of the game modes in Apex. This event features new skins for the store, but there’s more than that.

If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned in-game currency, there’s a rewards tracker for the Imperial Guard event too. This lets you play through a number of challenges to unlock exclusive Apex Legends rewards. You can grab yourself free cosmetics over the course of the event if you work through these quests.

This is how the Apex Legends Imperial Guard event is going to work, and all of the rewards you can grab throughout it.

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Event

The Imperial Guard event is a limited-time promotion running in Apex. It’s going to be in the game until March 21st, but each day of the period will feature new and timed exclusive content. The skins and bundles are spread across the two-week period. There’s a new playlist in-game too though, so it’s not just the store that’s gotten an update.

Imperial Guard Mixtape

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection - mixtape Playlist

The big in-game inclusion for the Imperial Guard event will be the new Mixtape playlist. This is part of the 4th-anniversary celebration for Apex Legends. It’s a new playlist that will be rotating through various side modes in the game. It’s perfect for when you want a break from Battle Royale or need to head to different game modes to warm up and practise.

The playlist contains a Battle Royale round, but you’ll also move on to Team Deathmatch, Control, and Gun Run. Pretty much everything Apex has to offer is going to pop up. This is great for getting a warm-up in different types of combat. It could be a gauntlet of matches between a competitive group though.

The Mixtape playlist will be added to Custom Matches. You’ll need a certain number of players to trigger all of the game modes, though, this is how it breaks down.

  • Battle Royale Mode – 30 Players needed to start
  • Team Deathmatch Mode – 12
  • Control Mode – 6
  • Gun Run – 6
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Imperial Guard Collection

The new mixtape is a fun addition to Apex Legends, but the meat of the Imperial Guard Collection is going to be the new cosmetics. Limited-time cosmetics are going to be hitting the game across the promotional period. You’ll be able to get new Legendary skins for quite a few characters. That’s alongside some smaller cosmetics and items added in too.

There will be 24 new items in total in the Collection. These are going to be available for Apex Coins, Crafting Metals, and special Imperial Guard Collection Apex Packs. If you want to take your chances with a pack you can, but these other methods mean you can pick and choose what you want to unlock too. The crafting cost is going to have a change for the duration of the event, though.

Crafting metal pieces when used for event items will require 50% less! A Legendary with a normal cost will be halved to just 1,200 for these items. This is going to make it much easier to unlock everything here, and it’s an offer players should take advantage of if they like anything included in this.

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection - Skins

The rewards tracker for Imperial Guard Collection will also feature 2 collection event packs and 3 apex packs. This means you can get at least a few items free of charge from this. You can also rack up points through the daily challenges alongside the Apex Season 16 Battle pass.

New Skins for Imperial Guard Collection Event

The Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection event has a number of brand-new skins. These are going to come in a few different bundles and some will be available by themselves just for a single week. These are all of the new skins that have been added to the event.

  • Spirit of Protection Bundle (March 7-21)
  • Deadly Relic Bundle (March 7-11)
  • Envious Attitude Bundle (March 7-14)
  • Down Right Fierce Bundle (March 7-14)
  • Atom Heart Mother Bundle (March 7-14)
  • Hot Potato (March 7-14)
  • Boiling Point Bundle (March 7-14)
  • Air Orchid Bonus Bundle (March 14-21)
  • Rumble Ready Bundle (March 14-21)
  • Existential Thread Bundle (March 14-21)
  • Flourished Steel (March 14-21)
  • Fire with Fire Bundle (March 14-21)

Hope’s Dawn

New Wraith Heirloom

Another major addition to cosmetics this season is going to be Hope’s Dawn. Wraith’s Kunai was added to the first set of heirlooms. For quite a while long-time fans have criticized the older heirlooms as they don’t quite measure up to the modern version that has come with newer Legends. Apex has gone ahead and updated one of the older Heirlooms along with the Apex Legends Imperial Guard update.

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Heir’s Dawn has been updated and redone. It now has new animations, VFX, color variations, a mythic emote and banner. This goes a long way to freshening up the older character’s gear. If you play Wraith in Apex Legends quite a lot, it’s nice to have a fresher heirloom to use.

The new version of Hope’s Dawn is going to be unlocked automatically if you have the old one. You can choose between either version of the Heirloom.

Imperial Guard Challenges and Rewards

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection - Reward Tracker

As with most Apex Collection events, there are some challenges and rewards you can grab playing through the event. The collection has challenges each day. You’re going to be able to get 1,400 points on each day of the Imperial Guard event. All the rewards on the tracker are going to take some commitment. However, even if you’re not hitting the maximum amount, you’re still going to be able to get a good few of them.

The rewards here are largely smaller cosmetics and Apex Packs. With Apex Packs though there’s always the chance that you could still end up with something pretty cool for free. These are all of the rewards on the tracker.

  • Epic Imperial Guard Banner Badge (250 Points)
  • Epic Imperial Guard Collection Pack (250 Points)
  • Epic Ready to Strike Weapon Charm (500 Points)
  • Rare Apex Pack (750 Points)
  • Common Battle Pass Stars x3 (1,000 Points)
  • Rare Apex Pack (1,250 Points)
  • Epic More than Targets Holo (1,500 Points)
  • Rare Apex Pack (2,000 Points)
  • Epic Damascus Demon Weapon Charm (2,500 Points)
  • Rare Apex Pack (3,000 Points)
  • Epic Very Cute very Dangerous Holo (3,500 Points)
  • Common Battle Pass Stars x3 (4,000 Points)
  • Epic Imperial Guard Collection Pack (5,000 Points)
  • Rare Apex Pack (5,0000)

Imperial Guard Event End Date

That’s everything that’s going on during the Apex Imperial Guard Collection event. It’s going to be running for a good few weeks, going all the way up to March 21. If you want to finish off the rewards tracker it’s going to take the entire run! You should also keep an eye on the store though. A lot of the skins are expiring a lot sooner than the event ends, so watch out if you’re hoping to pick something up.

Apex Legends Imperial Guard – All Challenges and Rewards
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