Mirage Apex Legends Guide – Bamboozle in Season 16

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Mirage Apex Legends Guide – Bamboozle in Season 16

Apex Legends has loads of characters but some of the original cast are still the most OP.

Mirage has had a rough run lately sitting lower in the Apex Legends tier list. However, that does come with certain advantages. A good Apex player can take advantage of him being lesser valued and use it to up the unpredictability factor, something that plays well with Mirage’s Apex Legends abilities.

Mirage’s Apex Legends abilities which require a bit of thought to use. You’re making plays based on tricking opponents that require a bit of bluffing. He’s a character that you can really dig deep into if you want to make more out of him. Even if his abilities aren’t too accessible to be used in a powerful, way, they can work.

We’re going to cover everything you need to know to improve as the character below. The basic tips, key strategies, and when to make the most out of his abilities.

Mirage Tips and Tricks

Mirage Apex Legends Guide

Before we jump into mastering all of the toolkit and abilities, these are some general tips and tricks in a mirage Apex Legends guide to improving with the character.

  • Always Heal – You have the tools to heal your teammates without much danger, make the most use of that that you can.
  • Loadouts – This is always a concern for characters, you should be suiting them to your character’s play style. For Mirage, he can make use of more difficult weapons that need specific ranges.
  • Long-Range Weapons. – You can use decoys to keep opponents at the right range and draw fire. They’re most convincing at a distance too. Long-range weapons allow you to act on this much more often.
  • Play Mind Games – With Mirage’s multiple decoy abilities, it can work to play mind games. Become the decoy, try and trick opponents. Doesn’t always work but it’s pretty funny when it does.
  • Best Partners – Team synergy is important. More offensive Legends compliment Mirage’s more passive abilities better, as do characters like Caustic that can provide some cover that improves your abilities.

Mirage Apex Legends Abilities

Mirage isn’t on the highest end of most Apex Legends tier lists, especially for Season 15. However, the character can get a lot done still and might be worth spending some time trying to improve. His abilities can be used pretty well if you’re really paying attention to them and busting them out at just the right moment.

Most of Mirage’s abilities are based on misleading opponents. It doesn’t have to be just a party trick though. If you apply the right strategy there’s actually a lot you can do with him. Mirage can become your healer for revivals, a forward scout that can test new territory before you push into it, and a character who can frequently reposition in fights. His bag of tricks can be difficult in places though.

These are all of the mirage Apex Legends abilities and some tips to get the most out of them.

Mirage’s Passive

Passives have received a change since the Apex Legends Season 15 update. That includes the Mirage Apex Legends abilities.  There’s now an entire class passive that applies to more than one character. For Mirage, that’s Skirmisher.

Skirmisher is a class built around being mobile. You can flank and get to a better position before engaging. It takes a bit more creativity to play this way with Mirage compared to the rest of the cast. However, that should give some clues to how Mirage’s kit is intended to be used right now. He also gets a specific new perk that applies to him.

Skirmisher Legends get to see what weapons are inside supply drops. You can even see them in the sky. This means you can make an educated decision about if the equipment is actually going to help you out of not before you chose to risk your life getting it!

This one won’t require the most strategy. It’s important to communicate your extra intel with teammates though. They can’t see inside, so your tips and going to help them out. If you pay attention to the weapons too, you’ll also see if anyone else has taken it if it goes missing. This can give you some intel on the location of enemy squads.

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Now You See Me – Mirage Apex Legends Passive

Now You See Me is the passive. This hides Mirage while you’re doing some activities, like reviving teammates. It’ll hide both him and the teammate. Mirage isn’t quite a healer like Lifeline, but this is one of his better effects. It also has the benefit of cloaking you for a respawn beacon. This is a less useful way to use it, but you can still utilize it when this comes up.

You can use this whenever someone on your team needs rebooting. It lets you cloak yourself, and get your opponent up and running without having to step in yourself.

These are some tips for making the most out of the Mirage Apex Legends Abilities.

  • Don‘t Use Shields – Knockdown shields are unnecessary with this ability, just ignore it so it doesn’t give away your location.
  • Getting Knocked – When you’re knocked, you’ll also become invisible and a decoy will head out. This isn’t the most helpful effect, it isn’t going to give you a free revive or anything. However, it should help your teammates.
  • After Revival – The cloak will continue to stick around for 3 seconds after revival. This is another of his recent buffs. It’s pretty helpful for moving out of immediate danger, especially when there are still decoys around.
  • Arming Yourself – When the cloak keeps going after revival, taking out a gun will cause the cloak to vanish. Keep it in mind, it’s not for offensive gameplay.

Tactical Psyche Out – Apex Legends Mirage Guide

Mirage Apex Legends Guide

This is a fun ability which relies on subterfuge and misleading the opponent. You get a hologram decoy to throw out. This should ideally bait your opponent and trick them. It features a 15-second cooldown. You can control the decoy for a little bit so it isn’t too simple for opponents to spot.

The hologram will usually run in a straight line from where you’re looking when you send them out. The decoy will also replicate your movement at the time, like crouching or running. Once it reaches the targeted area, it’ll stand still and perform animations until you take control again.

It does show BAMBOOZLED on the opponent’s HUD if they actually fall for the decoy, which is fun. If not killed, this decoy will disappear by itself after about 60 seconds or when you deploy a second decoy.

These are some key tips and tricks in a Mirage Apex Legends guide to getting the most out of this important ability.

Tactical Tips and Tricks

  • The decoy has 45 HP – It can be quickly killed. However, it’s long enough to make a difference in fights if players do see it.
  • Movement Mirroring – The decoy will do what you do, walk, run, jump, etc. Use this to make it a bit more convincing.
  • Peaking – You use this ability to check for opponents when in a newer area. Send the decoy out into the new area out of cover, this will reveal if an enemy is waiting for you to expose yourself.
  • One Shot Reveal – It might have 45 health, but a single shot will make the decoy flicker essentially revealing that it isn’t real. Don’t bank on a decent player not figuring it out immediately once they get a shot in.
  • Bait – You can use Psych Out as bait, sending it out to try and bring out enemy teams in the area. Leaving a decoy near loot can be particularly effective for bringing out any waiting snipers.
  • In a Skydive – This actually works when you’re skydiving. Doesn’t have the most use here, but it’s good to know.
  • Gas and Smoke – Decoys around smokescreen like Bangalore’s Apex ability can add a bit more likelihood of an opponent falling for it. There’s an extra level of uncertainty involved.
  • Checking Buildings – If you can master controlling the mirrored movement, you can have the decoy enter a building to check for a team laying in wait. These uses can get more out of it for recon and intel.
  • Tracking – This is the main buff Mirage got in Apex Legends Season 16. You now track opponents after bamboozling them. Communicate this to anyone whose forgotten about the change, this should be a big help for keeping on top of intel in the game.
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Mirage Apex Legends Ultimate – Life of the Party

Mirage Apex Legends Guide

Mirage’s ultimate is kind of an extension of what his other abilities are but on a larger scale. Life of the Party deploys an entire team of controllable decoys to distract all enemies around you. It only takes a minute to charge, but it isn’t crazy overpowered compared to other Ultimates in the game.

Life of the Party lets you summon 5 different decoys which will all mimic your movements. You’ll turn invisible for 1 second before they get deployed to increase the chances of an enemy falling for this. Although, the holo-emitters are still visible within 5 meters so don’t try to use it too close. You will also blink in and out for a second after the Ult which should all help hide your real location.

These decoys only have 45 HP, so they are the hardest characters on the map.

  • Invisibility – make use of this to move around. If you don’t move during the invisibility, it might be a waste use of for this entire move.
  • Group All – If you return to the spot, you cast it, and the other decoys will do the same. This will make it difficult for players to catch out.
  • Act like a Bot – This can be fun. Try and act like a bot. Walk into walls, move weirdly, and lack basic common sense, it should be simple enough to mislead players if you’ve seen enough bots in-game.
  • Escape – This works best for getting out of difficult situations or just repositioning. There are more creative uses though.
  • Use with Passive – Combine it with the passive and you do have a pretty solid escape. You’re invisible reviving someone, and you’ve got decoys running around which makes it much hard to find you.
  • Internal Spaces – It’s often good to use this in internal areas. It adds to the confusion and makes it harder for enemies to keep track of them.
  • Initiating Fights – It doesn’t exactly have the most offensive potential. In a confusing internal space though, just having all these extra bodies running can be enough to give you an edge.

Mirage Play Style and Strategy

Like some characters such as Wraith in Apex Legends, Mirage is best played aggressively. His kit isn’t the most polished just on a surface level. That means you have to create more of your own opportunities. Your abilities can be used in the initiating of a fight to confuse the opponents. While the confusion might not last very long, if you have solid aim then should be able to clock up a decent amount of damage before it’s over. This can give you an advantage.

Your decoys can also help you to move while under the eyes of enemies. This can allow you to move around the area of a firefight without being tracked. If you can get to a better position, you could reposition a fight to give you the advantage and end it faster. Getting things done before other players start using their abilities is going to help you out as Mirage.

You should also try to use your abilities as much as you can, especially the tactical. It’s most useful when thrown out frequently to increase the level of confusion that it sows. The trick doesn’t last that long, so use it as much as possible.

Mirage Apex Legends Guide

Mirage’s Season 16 Buffs

That’s everything you need to know about Mirage in Apex Legends at the moment. His abilities aren’t the easiest but they can really get it done once you master them. As a more underpowered character, you should especially keep an eye out for patches and changes.

Mirage is liable to get plenty of them over the next few seasons to maybe bring him more in line with other characters and make him more useful. The Season 16 launch buffs have already improved him quite a bit, so it might be a good time to really put the work in and try to master Mirage in case he rises back up the game.

Mirage Apex Legends Guide – Bamboozle in Season 16
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