Bangalore Guide Apex Legends – Key Tips to Win in Season 16

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Bangalore Guide Apex Legends – Key Tips to Win in Season 16

This Bangalore Apex Legends guide covers everything you need to know to excel as the character in Season 16.

Bangalore’s fragging abilities make her one of the most fun characters to play in the game. While she’s been a part of the title since the very start of the game, Bangalore’s kit has always been effective, with recent patches keeping it at least somewhat competitive. Bangalore might play kind of like other shooters, but you’ll still need to master all of her abilities to get the most out of her. She’s more nuanced than. Shooting-focused gameplay style might imply.

Bangalore has kit which helps to beef up your offensive options. That’s not everything, though. Her kit has become a great counter to newer Legends, letting her blow up the strongholds that other characters are so good at creating. Her kit has great potential for supporting a whole team. Playing as Bangalore, you’re able to control the intel that enemies have access too, provide instant cover, but also play more aggressively.

Bangalore’s skills help to keep up your evasiveness. You’re going to be difficult to pin a team and a more mobile Legend. She’s great at keeping opponents at arms bay, giving enough space for you to remain in control of the attack.

This Bangalore guide will cover the Legend’s abilities, strategy, and other tips and tricks that you’ll need to know to perform well as the character in Season 16.

Bangalore Abilities

Bangalore Apex Legends Guide

We’ll start with Bangalore’s abilities in-game. These form the key part of her kit that you’ll be utilizing outside of the weapons available to everyone. In a Bangalore guide, these abilities are the things you’ll have to really master. They each have pretty good potential.

Bangalore might be one of the original Legends but she’s stayed consistently useful, especially in the hands of the right player. She has some of the most versatile options in her abilities once you learn to use them at the right times. These are the Bangalore Apex Legends abilities.

Class Perk

Bangalore is an Assault Hero in Apex Legends Season 16, this means they have access to a specific class perk for the character. You get more ammo from looting as well as access to special red bins. It’s a nice bonus. Not hugely game-changing but it helps to know which role every Legend fits in for putting a team together.

Passive – Double Time – Bangalore Apex Legends Guide

Bangalore Apex Legends Guide

Bangalore’s Passive is pretty useful. It gives you a straight 30% speed boost! You get this when you’re hit by an opponent or near to shots being fired. This is one of the best in the game. You can use it to reposition and get out of any fight that goes badly. Equally, you can close up the gap and get the finishing kill on opponents before they can get away.

Passive abilities aren’t the most complicated but Bangalore’s gives enough unique benefits that you should keep it in mind. Regular Bangalore players might get so used to it that other Legends feel slow! These Bangalore tips and tricks cover how to get more out of the passive.

  • Baiting the Movement Boost – While it’s not always a good idea, you can consider deliberately taking a bullet to make this kick in. If an opponent is using a particularly less-than-lethal weapon, it might be worthwhile.
  • Aggression – When you’re pushing this tool is fantastic. As an opponent fights back, you’ll gain the movement boost to close the gap quicker than they’d expect and finish them off with a close-range gun.
  • defence – The other major application comes from Bangalore’s ability when under fire. You can use the movement boost to reposition, get to cover, or just plain run away.
  • With Other Abilities – Covering yourself with smoke while using the movement boost to escape or reposition can be pretty effective. You’re able to disappear from your opponent’s view and get further away than they might think possible. If you time this right, they’ll be searching you for in a spot you have some easy shots on to retaliate.

Tactical Smoke Launcher – Bangalore Apex Legends Guide

Bangalore Apex Legends Guide

This is where a Bangalore Apex Legends guide really gets fun, one of the key pieces of her kit is the smoke launcher. This is an ability that fires a smoke canister. It turns into a smoke wall, and has a cooldown of 33 seconds. This can hide your activities, provide cover from incoming fire while strafing, or help you hide your teammates actions like lining up a shot or reviving another player.

The Tactical Smoke Launcher comes with two charges. Keep this in mind. You’re not always going to be waiting for the entire cooldown. Make use of both smokes. The smoke wall that hits will only last about 20 seconds, so you may end up with some gaps if you’re trying to chain smoke launchers unless your timing is perfect. This isn’t a huge issue though since there are loads of big ways you can get use out of the tactical Smoke Launcher.

This is an ability that you’re going to want to be throwing out pretty much as often as possible. However, there are some tips and tricks for a Bangalore guide to help you get the most out of it.

Tips for Smoke Launcher

  • Digital Threat – This weapon site should be the first you go for. It lets you see through the smoke. Unless you can see through your own smoke, it’ll cause you just as many problems as enemies.
  • Counters – Bloodhound or some sites can see through the smoke. Keep this in mind as it isn’t perfect coverage.
  • Damage – If you manage to land a direct hit on an opponent from the Launcher, you do 10 damage! It’s a nice bonus but it’s a very rare situation where this is going to actually save you.
  • Healing – The smoke won’t give you long enough to fully bounce back since enemies still know your vague location. However, it can definitely give you enough open space to heal up and get yourself battle ready again.
  • Chaos – The smoke wall interrupts enemies and firefights. If your team is under too much fire, throwing out a smoke wall can simply be a way to cause some chaos for a few seconds before you head back.
  • To Cover Movement – In a firefight, throwing out a Smoke Launcher to move back or to a different position is a good idea and it adds at least a bit of confusion into your enemy’s intel.
  • Smoking Opponents – An alternative use is going to be directly smoking your opponents. This can disorientate them entirely. If you have the good scopes, it won’t be a problem for you attacking though.

Banglore Ultimate – Rolling Thunder

Bangalore Apex Legends Guide

Bangalore’s Ult is Rolling Thunder, the main offensive tool in her abilities. A Bangalore guide might be more about general play and more tactical uses of her other abilities, but this is definitely the big one. It calls in an artillery strike. That moves across a set area slowly shelling everyone still caught there. It has a cooldown of three minutes so you actually get to use this quite a few times in a match.

The first thing to think about with this ability is where to launch it. You obviously want to strike enemies with it. However, it can be launched further than it seems at first. You can throw it a fair distance away. The strike itself will hit in a zig zag pattern. The fire hits quite a wide area from where it fits.

In terms of the actual damage, each shell hits the landscape before exploding 4 seconds later. They deal 40 damage to anyone hit.

There are some things to keep in mind with this ability. These are some Bangalore guide tips and tricks for using the Ult properly.

Bangalore Apex Legends Guide

Tips and Tricks for Bangalore Ult

  • Defence – While this is an attacking Ult, it’s best used for defence. It’s a perfect zoning tool. It forces players to get out of the area almost as soon as it hits. This can push enemies off your back.
  • Break Up a Hotzone – If a firefight has gotten out of control with a third party, Rolling Thunder will send everyone away. At best you get some damage in too if they’re slow, but even if you don’t you’ve cooled down a disastrous situation and been able to reposition.
  • Warn Teammates – Even if you’re going for far away, warn teammates when you’re chucking this out. It deals friendly fire. You could end up with teammates separated on the opposite side of the blast zone.
  • Flush Out Strongholds – If a team is using defensive abilities to build themselves up and hunker down, this can flush them out quickly. It’s great for pushing teams out into the open.
  • Opening Move – Since there’s so many delays with actual damage between rockets falling and exploding, this is good at the start of the fight. It’ll force opponents to move preferably to a position where you have an easy opening to attack.
  • Radius – From where the cannister hits, it progresses forwards. Get a feel for how wide and far it goes in terms of map locations. This can save you from a wasted use.
  • Exact Measurements – It hits for 6 meters square and 70 meters forward from where you launch it. Although, in-game measurements are something its best to get a feel for than try to know just through numbers.

Bangalore Apex Legends Tips and Tricks

Those are the abilities and some key ways to use them. These are some more general Bangalore tips and tricks that you can optimize gameplay with.

  • Be Aggressive – The Bangalore Apex Legends abilities work great for helping you get out of danger. It’s not enough to use them defensively, use them offensively. Take advantage of this kit to push hard and use these tools to back out if need be.
  • Close Range Weapons – Close range weapons are a must in your load-out. If an aggressive push goes well, you need the tools to finish it off.
  • Mobility – Bangalore’s kit can help her stay mobile and keep distance between you and an opponent. You don’t always have to push, you can back out of a firefight if you need to.
  • Smoking – Bangalore’s smokes are a great tool which you should be using as much as physically possible. They have a short cooldown and loads of uses.
  • Communication – With smokes and other large abilities you can change the pace of a match. Communicate with you team and let them know what moves you’re making.

Clearing Defensive Posts as Bangalore

Characters in Apex have gotten much strong at building defensive strongholds and locking down internal spaces. One of the biggest pluses of the Bangalore Apex Legends kit is how well you can get them out. Both her ult and Tactical have uses here.

If you’re using a smoke, you have a few options. The smoke is a smoke wall, mainly intended for defensive use and obfuscation. However, you can also use it as a fragging tool. You can throw it into internal spaces. If a team is hiding out in there, you’re able to smoke up their area, making it difficult for them to spot attackers, each other, or even the escape if they get disorientated. If you’re confident when heading in with a smoke, you can clean up most a team this way.

Her other main tool is Rolling Thunder. As covered above in the Ult section of the Bangalore Guide, this is great for blowing out enemies that you need to move. Although, you’ll have to be able to follow up with aggressive attacks if you don’t want them resettling a few minutes later.

All of these tools should be used when opponents are locking down. Especially if you have smoke-countering sites.

Attacking as Bangalore

Bangalore Apex Legends Guide

Bangalore’s kit on the offensive can have some similarities to Wraiths as it allows for more aggressive openings with the safety of a fallback. Your movement boost under fire is going to mean you can quickly bolt if a game isn’t going your way. With a smoke wall thrown up too, you should be able to get away.

One thing to keep in mind with this kit is that you should be communicating. Don’t let your teammates put themselves into harm’s way right before you drop a smoking and fall back after attacking. Equally, if you’re pulling back be aware your teammates might not have the same movement speed.

These tools in the Bangalore Apex Legends kit are very useful for attacking. You’ll need proper communication to use the properly though.

That’s everything you need to know about the Bangalore guide right now. the character will likely receive more changes across Season 15 though, with the game trying to more fully refine its existing Legends. We’ll have to see if Bangalore can stay this powerful as the game continues on and grows.

Bangalore Guide Apex Legends – Key Tips to Win in Season 16
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