Apex Legends Tier List Season 15 – Most Powerful Legends

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Apex Legends Tier List Season 15  – Most Powerful Legends

This Apex Legends Tier List Season 15 covers which of the Legends are at the top of the meta with the new season!

The new season of Apex has brought a new map, a new legend, and more. While Catalyst is attracting a lot of attention, someone has to use the old Legends! An Apex Legends Tier List in Season 15 isn’t necessarily the same as it is for last season. Going with the best Legends in each Season is a great way to stay on top of the meta and developments in the game.

One particularly weird part of the latest Apex Legends patch notes is that there isn’t a huge change to the characters. There aren’t any Legend changes for Season 15. It’s a move that’s seen some criticism, but it does mean the tier list hasn’t been upended quite as much. While there have been no Legend changes, there is a different balance.

The Apex Legends Season 15 balance of weapons, map features, and new characters means that different Legends are still less or more viable though. Even without major changes to how the Legends work. It’s still a good idea to check in where each of the Legends sits before deciding who to main each season. We’re going to cover that here, in this Apex Legends Season 15 tier list.

Apex Legends Tier List Season 15

Apex Legends Catalyst and Everything New

We’ll break down exactly why each legend sits where, but if you just want a quick reference, this is roughly where they all stand. Although it is a bit more complex as not all characters on the same tier are equal, some are more borderline cases than others. This is roughly where they sit:

  • S-Tier – Bloodhound, Newcastle, Valkyrie, Wraith
  • A-Tier – Ash, Catalyst, Gibraltar, Horizon, Lifeline, Mad Maggie, Seer, Vantage
  • B-Tier – Bangalore, Caustic, Octane, Pathfinder, Revenant
  • C-Tier – Crypto, Fuse, Loba, Rampart, Wattson
  • D-Tier – Mirage

There’s a lot more to the characters and where they are in an Apex Legends Tier List Season 15 than just that though. We’ll break down why each character sits where they do below.

Apex Legends Tier List Season 15 – S Tier List

 The S-Tier are the very highest characters in the game. Each of these Legends occupies a niche that is vital to players. Above that, they’re by far the best character in their specific area. They’re able to outperform their opponents and other Legends. They’re the Legends that a lot of players go straight to. These are the top Apex Legends characters in Season 15: 


Bloodhound - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

Bloodhound has consistently sat toward the top of the Apex Legends tier list. He is high-tier and has been unapparelled in his category for quite a while. For a recon Legend, he has one of the best toolsets in the entire game.

Bloodhound has loads of great Apex team combinations. His recon abilities and increased movement can feed into the more aggressive abilities of quite a few other legends. Bloodhound being able to keep control of information and track enemy players all around him puts him at the top of the Apex Legends tier list in Season 15.


Newcastle - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15 

Newcastle might be the top defensive Legend in the game. Their Ultimate can be very effective with the right spacing. For a bigger, tank-like character, his movement abilities and gravity lift can help your team stay a lot more mobile.

Newcastle is in this tier just about, when in the right comps. Newcastle can be used more defensively and for mobility. That mobility needs some great fundamentals to take advantage of it, along with probably some decent recon abilities from other players.


Wraith - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

Wraith has plenty of potential and utility which skilled players can use to get ahead in Apex Legends Season 15. Her portal ability can allow you to get out of danger and potentially make more dangerous plays without having to expose yourself to risk.

Wrath’s toolset means you can take just about any fight and have a decent chance of getting out, even if it turns against you. The rest of her kit is useful too.


 Valkyrie - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

Valkyrie is another pick for the top of the Apex Legends tier list Season 15. She has a lot of strengths that are similar to Wraith. Her abilities allow you to reposition quickly. This makes it much easier to get out of dodge when you need to. Her Missile Swarm attack is also very useful for controlling the attacks of enemy players and slowing them down right now. Her kit is some of the best around right now.

Apex Legends Tier List Season 15 – A Tier 

The A tier is the next one down. These guys aren’t quite the top of the game, but some of them come pretty close. This is one of the bigger tiers, a lot of Legends are pretty solid. They have abilities, hitboxes, and Ultimates that allow them to kill it in their area. They aren’t quite at the top, but most aren’t being outplayed by a different Legend in their category. These are all of the Legends in this category: 


Ash - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

Ash is on the higher end for the more offensive Legends. This is a Legend that is suited for really pushing into situations and trying to rack up kills. There’s also some utility here for movement. She’s a decent pick for the A tier. Ash doesn’t have the most versatile kit, but she has a lot to offer players.


Catalyst - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15 

This is the latest Hero to hit Apex Legends. It’s always tricky to pinpoint where a brand-new Hero sits, so this is due to change. However, Catalyst does look pretty good at this point. Her kit has great uses in the late game, as well as some utility earlier on. It isn’t too OP, but Catalyst looks strong right about now.


Gibraltar - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

Gibraltar is one of the stronger offensive picks. He’s basically a tank. While he is huge, he can take up a lot of damage before he goes down. His Ultimate can work great on the new map, and he has good defensive abilities. Gibraltar is a solid pick for a more tank-like character.


Lifeline - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

Lifeline is interesting as Apex’s dedicated healer. The only one in the game. This is definitely more niche. Not every team is going to benefit from putting a player on heals for the entire game. However, it can encourage some safer and more productive gameplay styles. Lifeline is still strong enough to stay in the A tier. Most players likely know if they’re going to get much out of playing Lifeline, but they can work well.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

Mad Maggie is one of the more complex characters, with players needing to put a bit of time into mastering her. If they do, though, they’ll find one of the top characters in the Apex Legends tier list, Season 15 or earlier.

Mad Maggie has some great abilities for rotating well. There are abilities that give out buffs to movement for the entire team. She can even counter some other specific Legends like Gibraltar. Her abilities can be a bit circumstantial, but with the right timing, a lot can be done with Mad Maggie.


Seer - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

Seer is a Legend who can be a bit debatable for where he sits in an Apex Legends tier list, Season 15 hasn’t changed him massively but he is looking strong. He could easily be top tier depending on how you play. He has great recon and intel-gathering tools. He is outplayed by Bloodhound, but he’s a good alternative and makes a good pick still. 


Vantage - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

Vantage has a unique niche in Apex as a long-range Legend. This isn’t always going to be useful, but if you play to these tactics, they’re a great pick for an Apex legends tier list in Season 15. The abilities for this Legends helps snipers, sure, but there are also movement boosts and more utility provided you can keep enemies in your line of sight. This is a legend with too specific a skillset to be top-tier, but if you’re a sniper, they’re the obvious choice. 

Apex Legends Tier List Season 15 – B Tier

The B Tier comes in around the middle of the pack. These Legends have some reasons to get picked, there are definitely positives to going with them. They have abilities which can work really well, especially if you have to practise in as your main. They aren’t as well-favored by the meta as those already covered, but these characters aren’t weak either.


Lifeline Apex Legends Tier List Bangalore - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

Bangalore is a decent utility Legend at the moment, but not ideal for most situations. Rolling Thunder is one of her better points, alongside a better passive. Those keep her from falling into the bottom half. However, Bangalore does lack versatility. She just doesn’t work in quite as many comps as the better heroes in this character. 


Caustic - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

Caustic is a pretty unique Legend that can be used for some high-level plays. His gas is able to deal damage and lock enemies out of areas, effectively zoning. These uses are worse than more specific zoning abilities recently introduced to the game. Caustic isn’t quite as effective right now. However, experienced payers will continue to get a lot out of him.


Octane - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15 

Octane doesn’t quite make the cut for the higher end of the Apex Legends tier list. Season 15 isn’t super different to the rest of the game for him, he’s still struggling a bit as a team player. Octane can work well for highly aggressive players. This doesn’t too often fit into great team tactics. Although, if you are that type of player and can work on getting the most out of the Jump pad then there might be a decent result from playing Octane.


Pathfinder - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15 

Pathfinder isn’t on the stronger side of the game at the moment. He has some fun abilities. Great movement, but not unique enough to warrant filling 1/3 slots with him. Pathfinder fails to really prove himself useful compared to other Legends for pure mobility. 


Revenant - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

Revenant just about makes this tier. While he hasn’t received any changes, he does fare a bit better in an Apex Legends tier list Season 15 after recent patches across seasons. His Skills are great for applying pressure to enemies and sometimes countering very specific enemy abilities. Although, he is a bit circumstantial and not as widely useful as other characters.

Apex Legends Tier List Season 15 – C Tier

Apex Legends Crypto

The C Tier isn’t quite as high as those covered, but this isn’t quite at rock bottom. Each of these heroes has something going in their favor, however slight. Players who have mastered them, they can elevate these Heroes. Others may struggle with the more limited kit. This is each of the heroes at this tier and why they’re so far down.

  • Crypto – Crypto has some really useful kit with stuff like his EMP. However, they are a bit more circumstantial than the Legend’s higher up here.
  • Fuse – Fuse is another circumstantial Hero. He does okay for damage, but most of his moves are fairly avoidable
  • Loba – Loba’s loot-focused abilities don’t work fantastically for the game when you can just loot the normal way. She has some abilities that work okay but loses too much utility.
  • Rampart – Rampart’s abilities haven’t fared so well since introduction. The minigun has good damage, but it just doesn’t hold up compared to better offensive picks.
  • Wattson – Wattson is pretty situational. Her abilities in locking down the late game still work, but Catalyst is currently in the same niche and might be a little stronger at least in initial impressions.

Apex Legends Tier List Season 15 – D-Tier

Mirage - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

The D section of the Apex Legends season 15 tier list is the bottom of the barrel. There isn’t much need for explanation here as only one player actually makes this lonely tier.

  • Mirage – Mirage is easily outplayed and just doesn’t have a role outside super niche situations or brand-new players who can’t figure out his decoys.

That’s roughly where everyone stands. Not having Legend changes with the Season 15 update was definitely a weird move. However, with a new map and the changes across the last season, there’s been a fair bit of movement in who stands where for the Apex Legends tier list. As the season develops, we’ll likely see this drift as Legends get some actual changes and balancing alterations! Keep an eye out for further developments with how Legends move.

Apex Legends Tier List Season 15  – Most Powerful Legends
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