Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse to Introduce Catalyst, New Map and More

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Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse to Introduce Catalyst, New Map and More

Apex Legends Season 15, titled Eclipse, introduces a new legend into the fray, a new map called Broken Moon, along with a much-requested gifting feature.

Apex Legends Season 15 New Legend – Catalyst

Eclipse marks the arrival of another new legend, a ‘defensive conjurer” whose abilities revolve around strengthening, destroying, or creating structures or barricades to protect their teammates. Adding to the diverse roster of characters within the Apex Games, Catalyst is a 29-year-old transgender woman named Tressa Crystal Smith. The legend hails from the fictional planet of Boreas, a “faltering planet with a deteriorating moon.” 

The newest legends’ bio on Respawn’s site also gives fans more insight into her backstory, what she loved doing, and was more at home with fellow misfits who spent their time on crystal readings, moon rituals and personal witchery – these specific things shaped her turbulent teenage years (and made her simultaneous gender transition happen easily. The above things made her feel less lonely. But when Catalyst’s closest friend went to extreme lengths to save their moon from corporate encroachment, Tressa was caught in the middle. Ultimately, Eclipse ran away from home, finding solace in the one place her friend cared about most: their moon, Cleo.

From the story video released by Respawn, the defensive legend is seen joining the terraforming crews hired to repair and rejuvenate their moon. She learns to work with ferrofluid, and use it with a certain witchy flair. “If the Games are going to get in her way, she’s going to turn them to her advantage, putting the prize money to use supporting her family. Catalyst sees this a win in her future, and she’ll rise to the occasion.” read her bio at Respawn’s official site. Here’s the full list of abilities for the witchy new upcoming legend.

Passive: Barricade
Catalyst reinforces doorways with ferrofluid, making them harder to destroy. All in all, the defensive legend’s Barricade ability can reconstruct doors that have been destroyed earlier. Players can reinforce up to 2 barricades at a time.

Tactical: Piercing Spikes
Catalyst shoots ferrofluid out, creating a trap that slows and does damage to enemies who are caught in it. The patch of Piercing Spikes is vulnerable to fire and can be destroyed, but players need to be close enough to spot the destructible  “glowing core” to destroy the spike.

Ultimate: Dark Veil
Catalyst’s creates a wall of ferrofluid that blocks the vision of enemies while also blinding those who walk through it. This ability complete blocks Seer and more enemy scans. Enemies who walk through it get slowed, and upon exiting the structure, Dark Veil blinds them.

Apex Legends Season 15 New Map – Broken Moon

The newest season also rewards players with the opportunity to battle on fresh new grounds – a new map titled Broken Moon. Situated on Boreas’ moon, Cleo, Broken moon is a map with several new Point’s of Interest that intends to make matches more fast-paced, added with new Zip Rails.

Broken Moon is a terraforming project commissioned by the Cleo Recovery Council due to the catastrophic meteor impact that occurred in 2708. With the help of the Boreas Science Division, the moon became a habitable environment by 2715. The government entered into a contract with the Syndicate to further fund colonization to bring the Apex Games to the moon.  Broken Moon is similar in size to World’s Edge and features a wide array of terrain: both extra-terrestrial and borderline familiar. Although the official bio reads that the new map is similar in size to World’s Edge, we speculate it to be slightly bigger.

Zip Rails

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A fast, predictable way to get from one location to another and effectively outrun the ring, the zip rails are set up along predetermined paths to quickly move from one Point of interest to the next. Zip Rails function like Zip Lines, but allow the player to travel faster – with “more speed and momentum.

Here’s the description of all the available POIs (Points of Description) in the map.


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Located off-center within the map, Terraformer is a massive symmetrical structure that resides to prevent the moon from dying. A massively loaded drop location with loot available throughout the area, Terraformer supports up to 4 teams with comfortable landing spots. The central position of power can be used to effectively defend from within the walls, but there are ways to infiltrate and overthrow the team in power.

The Stasis Net Array

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The Stasis Net Array is a completely asymmetrical space that provides plenty of ways to escape and flank the main structure—or retreat and move the fight. There is plenty of loot located in the central area of this structure. The particle beam emitting from this location keeps the floating moon debris from crashing down into Boreas.

Eternal Gardens

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Eternal Gardens is a huge open space that serves as a memorial of the tragic event on Boreas, Eternal Gardens is home to a long-range field of flowers and trenches. It has a central tower that contains the only Jump Tower on the entire map. it is also a crafty way to reposition for a fight or rotate to another zone.


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Over time, the Atmostations have created a breathable atmosphere on Cleo. The Atmostations release oxygen in the entire map with research buildings to the left and right. The buildings offer landing spots for players to loot and assault the main tower structure. Pass through the narrow bridge or take the Zip Rails to the top. Nearby water silos should remain a slightly safer location to land in, should there be too much heat elsewhere.

Perpetual Core

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Perpetual Core is the sole source of power on the moon and this huge area supports big fights and multiple landings. The Core remains is the main seat of power here, but it can also easily be attacked. The uplift from the turbine below and the surrounding Zip Rails offer the player with unique escape strategies.

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Bionomics is a “tightly packed set” of circular structures with playable rooftops. They offer plenty of opportunities for vertical flanking along with sneaky healing spots in Bionomics. Formerly a research facility built to study strange fauna, some experimental regrowth still populates the abandoned area.

Apex Legends Season 15 New Feature – Gifting

With their upcoming season, EA and Respawn Entertainment have introduced the much-awaited feature that will allow players to send and receive Apex skins, bundles, cosmetics and much more. To be able to send gift’s the account must have Login Verification turned on, be at least account level 10, and be in-game friends with the accounts to the player wishes to send the gift to.

To send or receive Gifts, the account must be ‘in good standing’ and both the player and their friend must have been friends for at least 2 weeks before exchanging gifts from each other(“if you've already been in-game friends for 2 weeks” prior to the launch of gifting you can start gifting straight away). Once the requirements are met, the player can give a Gift to a friend regardless of what platform they play on!

Selecting a gift for your friends is simple: Gifts can be acquired with Apex Coins from the Store tabs at launch, and range from single items like legend and weapon skins to bundles. Do note that a player can give up to five Gifts every 24 hours!

“When you are ready to surprise your friend with that special something, all you need to do is navigate to the item you want to give to your friend, confirm you have enough Apex Coins for the Gift you wish to get, select your friend’s username from your friends list, and press the “Gift” button after confirming all details” explained the blog post on Respawn’s official site.

Are Gifts refundable? What if I selected the wrong gift or the wrong account?
Gifts are final and not refundable, so make sure you’re gifting to the right account on the right platform and friends who are not banned. For more details and information, players can check out the official gifting FAQ on Respawn’s official site by clicking here.

When does Apex Legends Season 15 Release?

The newest season, Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse will kick off on Tuesday, November 1. For more Apex Legends news and updates, Follow us here on ESTNN.

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