Matchmaking Error #1 Fortnite – How to Fix Matchmaking Error

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Matchmaking Error #1 Fortnite – How to Fix Matchmaking Error

What is Matchmaking Error #1 Fortnite? It’s a common Fortnite matchmaking error but simple to fix, this is how that error and others can be sorted.

Fortnite is generally a pretty polished game. Despite having 100 players in every round and the Fortnite player count hitting highs of over 40 million a day, most players don’t run into matchmaking error #1 Fortnite all that often. However, every now and again these errors will pop up. Pretty recently it actually managed to derail an early Fortnite tournament for quite a few players.

You never want to run into a Fortnite tournament matchmaking error. If you’re the only one getting the problem, this could mean you’re losing out compared to competitors. If you’re jumping into the Fortnite Ranked Cups or any other tournament this season, getting on top of the matchmaking error #1 Fortnite has can helpful. Compared to some other problems in the game, this particular matchmaking problem is actually quite easily fixed.

Rather than a problem with the Fortnite server status, the matchmaking error # Fortnite gives sometimes tends to be simply fixed by reorganizing how you’re playing. This is how the error works and what we know about fixing it.

Matchmaking Error #1 Fortnite – How to Fix It

Matchmaking Error #1 Fortnite

Matchmaking Error #1 Fortnite has popped up fairly frequently. As the first named Fortnite matchmaking error, it makes sense that it shows up more often than some more obscure ones. It can be pretty frustrating. Sometimes when you can even restart your machine and still, you’ll continue to get this same error message! However, there are some solutions which have worked in the past for this error.

The quickest way to resolve it seems to be to get everyone in the party to unready, then have the party leader ready up, then everybody else follows by readying up once again. Others have found similar results by changing around their playlists. By switching from fill to no fill or ranked to unranked. Although, it might be that this change is simply re-ordering the ready ups in the correct way.

If this doesn’t solve matchmaking error # Fortnite, then there are some other solutions. You should also try having your party members unready, head to solos, then come back to the lobby. Once partied up again the error may be resolved. These solutions do seem to work without having to reboot the game. If you’re conscious of losing time, like if this was a Fortnite tournament matchmaking error, then the simply unreading and re-readying could make a big difference. Even if you’re winning every Fortnite game, you’ll need to actually get into the lobbies.

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One problem that won’t fix Matchmaking Error #1 Fortnite without directly being addressed is a custom matchmaking key. If you were using one and forgot to remove it, then this will keep serving you the same error over and over. Make sure you remember to remove these errors whenever they pop up.

Matchmaking Error #2 Fortnite – How to Fix It

Fortnite Servers

That’s how you can fix Matchmaking Error #1 Fortnite, but there’s more than one type of matchmaking error in the game. If you get the second type, the fix is fairly similar but a little more frustrating. This second matchmaking problem has been popping up much more frequently since the game got updated for UnrealFN Editor maps. The fix isn’t as clear either.

You can start in matchmaking error #2 Fortnite by using the same steps as the first. Mess with your party settings, playlist, and ensure you’re in the right region. Then you’ll have to look a bit beyond that. If you’re making use of a VPN or have an error with your network these could also be causing matchmaking error #2 Fortnite. Another solution might be on Epic’s end, which doesn’t leave you much to do.

The next step to solve this Fortnite matchmaking issue is to look at the game itself. If you can’t find any problems with your set-up, or the Fortnite servers, you’ll need to look at your local version of the game. In the worst case, this might mean uninstalling and reinstalling the game. You can also verify the files for the game. A problem might have developed with your install files for some reason. This could mean you’ll need to reinstall the game. Most of the time these errors can be solved considerably simpler though. Matchmaking error 2 is a bit trickier, but it’s considerably less common.

What Are Fortnite Matchmaking Errors?

Error codes in games are petty common occurrences and Fortnite is no exception. Often players are hit with FN Error Code 91 or the Fortnite Application crash error. These are common bugs just like Fortnite matchmaking error # 1. Matchmaking errors specifically are more about placing you in a game server. Typically, they’re a problem that occurs while you’re being placed in a game.

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A name like matchmaking error might make it seem it’s about finding players to fight against, like not enough players being at your part of the Fortnite Ranked lobby. However, it’s more down to communication with the Fortnite servers. That’s why typically messing with your party or playlist will resolve Fortnite matchmaking errors. Or heading into your setting and actually manually fixing your server settings.

Matchmaking error #1 Fortnite

What Can You Do About Fortnite Tournament Matchmaking Errors?

Matchmaking error #1 Fortnite is definitely a problem whenever you’re playing, but what happens if you experience it during a tournament? Since so many of Fortnite’s tournaments are played online through the game’s normal servers, they’re just as prone to errors as the main game. This can be pretty frustrating. Fortnite tournaments have a time limit typically, which can mean errors can really set you back.

If you’re hit with a matchmaking error in a tournament, your best bet is to try and resolve it as quickly as possible. If this matchmaking error is specific to you and your party, it’s unlikely that Epic will roll anything back or cut you much leeway. You’re essentially responsible for getting a connection to the game yourself. In these cases, the quicker fixes do mean you’ll usually lose minimal time. With fewer games running during tournaments, it shouldn’t cause too much of a delay anyway.

In bigger events, where most of a lobby gets a Fortnite matchmaking error which if Epic’s fault, things are different. When Fortnite tournament matchmaking errors have happened in the past, Epic has taken bigger steps to resolve things. If most of the lobby gets hit with an error or a server crash, they’ll usually do something to make up for it. It can be from rebalancing the points you’ve gotten or even rerunning certain parts of the tournament.

If you get hit with Matchmaking Error #1 Fortnite during a tournament, you’ll likely have to fix it yourself. For bigger problems though, Epic is normally happy to step in to fix things. When playing tournaments online this is largely just a problem you’ll have to contend with, unfortunately. Fortnite is a decently performing game though, especially in the less demanding OG season. So thankfully these problems are relatively few and far between.

Matchmaking Error #1 Fortnite – How to Fix Matchmaking Error
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