Best Fortnite XP Maps – Chapter 4’s Greatest Codes for XP

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Best Fortnite XP Maps – Chapter 4’s Greatest Codes for XP

What are the best Fortnite XP maps? These are the top picks in creative for Chapter 4 Season 3 to get the max XP out of Fortnite.

Fortnite has a huge world inside of creative. You can find entirely different games which feel nothing like the base game, practice tools essential to getting better and winning games of Fortnite, basically anything. There’s one area where you can do things differently in creative though, Fortnite XP maps. These are a special type of creative experience where you’re not just trying to complete an objective or experience something, you’re just there to grind XP.

Epic has offered XP as a reward for creative maps for a while. You can use this to get through the Battle Pass quicker and have to spend less time doing milestone quests in standard games. The best Fortnite XP maps can have you unlocking new levels in your pass really quickly, without having to slog through the actual game mode.

There are two types of maps here. Once that work within Epic’s rules and those that use exploits. We’re sticking with the safe ones. Creators have often tried to take advantage of their XP rules and have their map deliver the most experience for the least effort and time. It’s led to an arms race between creators to make your Fortnite levelling as quick as possible. It isn’t an instant level-up button or anything (Epic reverses those pretty quickly), but the best Chapter 4 XP maps can speed things up really quickly.

If you want to rise up the C4 S3 Battle Pass as quickly as you can possibly can, making use of creative really helps. The best C4 S3 Fortnite XP maps can really push you forward. These are some of the top picks out there right now.

The Best Fortnite XP Maps

Green Vs Black

Best Fortnite XP Maps

  • Map – 5202-3852-8503

This is a new map that’s launched for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. It yields a lot of XP, but in a way that it doesn’t quite break Epic’s rules. The game lets you grab a lot of XP for not doing very much. You’ll have to do a few specific steps to actually start unlocking the XP though.

Head into this one of the best Chapter 4 XP maps, then equip a grappler. Next, head to the support a creator button. Behind this there’s a secret button which drops keys, you’ll need ten of them. Then head over to interact with the hologram, once 10 minutes have passed a door will then open. Through the door, there’s another hidden button, on the ceiling with a hidden button. This takes to a new area entirely. Then you’ll need to build 10 ramps up to find the button on the ceiling.

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Once in a third new area, you’ll need to jump over to the wall ahead. Then head around to the left and you’ll a cake. This cake will reward with a lot of XP! It’s a little more work than some of the best Fortnite XP maps, but it’s enough steps that this is a legitimate map and not some dodgy exploit.

4. Purple V Red

Best Fortnite XP Maps

  • Map Code – 1316-5840-7580

This is another map with a long list of things you’ll need to do to get your level ups! It’s similar to the last map in a lot of ways. You’ll start by waiting out a timer, then once again getting a grappler. Head to the right side of the map and find the sign with a secret button below. You’ll teleport away to another area of the best Fortnite XP maps.

In the new area, turn around and emote in front of the support a creator button. Then you’ll get a jewel which lets you open up the vault. Once in the vault itself you just need to interact with the hologram, then it starts up a little timer. After this, enter a special code, 9-3-4 and interact with another hidden button to the right. After that, the next hidden button is on top of a barrel, followed by a final one to the left at the end of a boat. That final button unlocks the XP!

Just like the above inclusion of the best Chapter 4 XP maps, this one yields a big reward. Being so convoluted it’s allowed to award a lot of experience, but you’ll likely need to memorise the instructions to really start levelling up quickly.

3. The Pit

Best Fortnite XP Maps

  • Map Code 4590-4493-7113

Another of the best Fortnite XP maps in Chapter 4 is the Pit, a completely legitimate game mode which happens to have a fantastic yield of XP. In this game mode, you’re able to get up to 9,000 XP per elimination. This is great, especially if you’re a particularly skilled player. You’ll want to be using the best Fortnite settings to make the most of a better frame rate here.

 It’s a normal deathmatch otherwise. The amount of XP you get is going to depend on how good you are at the game. If you’re skilled it’s one of the best C4 S3 Fortnite XP maps. You could always head into a private game with a friend to get your XP levelled up on the Pit here.

2. 350+ Level Default Deathrun

Best Fortnite XP Maps

  • Map Code – 7873-9558-3042

The 350+ Level Default Deathrun is one of the best Chapter 4 XP Maps. It’s a deathrun which is a fairly standard model for creative experiences in-game. It’s running through different levels, trying to unlock each next stage. It’s about muscle memory in learning each of the roadblocks and what movement mechanics you need to use to get through them.

This deathrun happens to award loads of XP too. You’re going to get 1,000 XP for every 10 checkpoints on the higher levels, and even 2,000 for every 50 checkpoints. It’s a great way to rack up XP if you’re a really skilled player.

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1. Parkour Fun Run

Best Fortnite XP Maps

  • Code – 1387-7831-4752

Deathruns are one thing, but what if you want to take it a bit easier? Then you’ll want a funrun. This is a map with a similar strategy, rushing through objectives but it’s a lot more forgiving. You’ll still need to master all of Fortnite mechanics for movement if you want to excel. However, the game map awards a great deal of XP for getting through it successfully. There are no builds here though, you don’t need to be great at Fortnite building to get through it.

You need to get good at the map to really get high-level XP. Once you do though you’re going to be awarded plenty quickly for getting through. Running through once per day will allow you to max out your creative XP, at least as far as the standard quest XP rewards go. It might not be on the level of the exploit Fortnite XP maps, but it’s still a great game mode which awards a lot of experience and can help you run through the game.

Can You Use AFK Fortnite XP Map Codes?

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

Those are the best C4 S3 Fortnite XP Maps. These aren’t going to be an instant competition of the Battle Pass though. They don’t rely on shady glitches that Epic didn’t intend on getting in the game. However, they are the maps which make the most use of Epic’s mechanics for creative XP.

The best Chapter 4 XP maps are actually safe to use. Each of these maps lets you get as much creative XP as possible, without having to waste too much time. Some of them even manage to make things fun along the way too. If you want to get a bit shadier though, there are some “AFK” Fortnite XP maps. These are maps which generate XP without you doing anything, you leave them running and then walk off. These are troublesome.

Epic has some rules which can be tricky for these kinds of maps. Some of these maps boarder on exploiting their XP rules and they could see your levelling reversed eventually. In really bad cases, Epic might even ban you for using a map. You’d lose all your skins, especially a high risk if you’ve got the rarest Fortnite skins.

It’s much better to get your creative XP through high-yield maps that work legitimately, not utilizing the AFK maps. You should likely stay away from the AFK Fortnite XP maps, because they’re built around a glitch. These aren’t like the others highlighted here which are at the borderline of what Epic allows. Instead, these are actively breaking the rules. You should try and avoid these maps where possible, as they could eventually get your account in trouble.