2 Huge Lego Fortnite XP Glitch and Festival Mode Glitch

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2 Huge Lego Fortnite XP Glitch and Festival Mode Glitch

There are two huge Fortnite Chapter 5 XP glitches right now. how do the Lego Fortnite XP Glitch and Fortnite XP Glitch Festival both work?

The latest season of Fortnite has massively expanded its world, with Chapter 5 launching and bringing three more new games to Fortnite. One of the most fun so far is Lego Fortnite, where you can build and explore. Fans have discovered that’s not all it's good for though. A Lego Fortnite XP glitch could be the secret to fast levelling this season. Then, a few days later we saw the release of Fortnite Festival which also contained a pretty sizeable XP glitch.

With Fortnite now expanding out to be loads of separate games, you have tons of opportunities to earn XP. Players can do quests in each game to unlock new content and help get through the Battle Pass quicker. If you don’t want to grind match quests all season though, you might want to look at Fortnite XP Glitch Festival, or a way to level up fast in Lego Fortnite.

With each of these games carrying progress over to the main Battle Royale Chapter 5 Battle Pass, there’s a lot of potential here. Use the right techniques and you might be able to power through to the bonus rewards before Winterfest is even over. This is how the Lego Fortnite XP glitch works, if the Lego Fortnite XP glitch is patched and the Fortnite XP Glitch Festival.

What Was the Lego Fortnite XP Glitch?

Lego Fortnite XP Glitch

After the release of Lego Fortnite, fans quickly discovered a few quirks to how the game worked. One of these was a way to generate tons of XP for just a few clicks. The Lego Fortnite XP glitch could easily have taken players up to the top of the Battle Pass in no time. There wasn’t any need to hustle in the Lego mode either, no tracking around collecting fertilizer in Lego Fortnite. This is how the Fortnite Chapter 5 XP glitch worked.

  • Load into a Lego Fortnite Island with a friend
  • Build a Crafting Bench – to complete the introduction quest (Needs to be uncompleted)
  • Immediately Leave
  • Receive one Battle Pass Level Up
  • Rejoin
  • Repeat
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Players could repeat this until they ended up wherever they wanted in the Battle Pass. It seems like the Lego Fortnite XP Glitch was fairly easy to understand, the game wasn’t registering the competition of the quest but was handing over the reward anyway. That allowed you to repeat it endlessly to gain as many levels as you wanted. Does it still work though?

Lego Fortnite XP Glitch Patched?

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That’s how the Lego Fortnite XP Glitch worked, but has it been patched? This was a pretty expansive glitch in how the game worked. A lot of players likely got quite a lot of free level-ups this way. With Epic shifting Daily quests to require three different BR games each year, they’re clearly interesting in the amount of time a player spends in the game each day. Cheasing your way up the Battle Pass like this wasn’t intended. Epic is likely to fix this Fortnite Chapter 5 XP Glitch as soon as it reaches a large awareness in the player base.

As of Tuesday, December 12, the glitch is yet to be patched! You do still need access to the uncompleted introduction quests though. As more and more players try out Lego Fortnite this is rarer. Especially since the Lego mode has been the most popular out of the Fortnite player base in recent days.

The Lego Fortnite XP Glitch patched wouldn’t even be the end of it though. There’s another XP glitch which can also help you level up really quickly. The Fortnite XP Glitch Festival. How does that work?

Fortnite XP Glitch Festival

Fortnite xp glitch Festival

Along with the Lego glitch, a Fortnite Festival XP Glitch has been discovered too. This one can similarly help you level up and unlock more Fortnite skins really quickly. This is how the new Fortnite Festival XP Glitch works.

  • Find the “Play on the Jam Stage for 20 Minutes” quest
  • Get a friend to start playing on the Jam Festival Stage
  • Play on the Jam Festival with them
  • Leave the game playing and go do something else for half an hour
  • Return to lobby
  • Get your Level Up reward
  • Join Again
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In function, this Fortnite Chapter 5 XP glitch works very similarly to the Fortnite Lego XP Glitch. Although, this one requires you to leave the game running a little more. In this way, it’s a bit closer to the Fortnite XP map that use AFK buttons. However, this one is a lot more above board.

In terms of how it works, it seems to be the same oversight as the Lego one. Both the Fortnite XP Glitch Festival and the Lego one require you to repeatedly claim the same quest by playing with a friend. You’ll need the quest uncompleted just like the Lego mode too.

Can You Use These Fortnite Chapter 5 XP Glitches?

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When it comes to levelling up, there are two different ways to go about it. There are the methods that involve playing optimally for levelling up with the tools Epic provide, and then there’s making use of glitches. How safe is it to use the Lego Fortnite XP glitch?

In the past when we’ve seen these XP glitches, they’ve been perfectly safe. Epic will likely patch the glitch in the future. If you get particularly unlucky you might lose a level or two of progress. However, Epic rarely punishes players who use this kind of glitch since it can happen perfectly accidentally. Although, it might be better to avoid grinding all the way up to Level 200 in the day with the Fortnite Chapter 5 XP Glitch.

These two glitches are definitely going to get fixed soon. We can likely expect to see them patched in the next update. Since both the Lego Fortnite XP Glitch and the Fortnite XP Glitch Festival use introducing quests, there’s also a natural time out for these. Players won’t be able to use them widely pretty soon anyway as they naturally complete these quests. These Fortnite Chapter 5 XP Glitches can be perfect for getting a bit of a boost at the start of the season though.

2 Huge Lego Fortnite XP Glitch and Festival Mode Glitch
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