Fortnite Error Code 91 – How to Fix it?

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Fortnite Error Code 91 – How to Fix it?

Fortnite Error Code 91 is one of the many issues that can crop up. While Fortnite is obviously incredibly popular, error codes can hit you when you least expect it. So here's how you might have some luck dealing with error code 91.

Fortnite Error Code 91 TLDR

Fortnite Error Code 91 is a connectivity issue that can arise during public party play. It’s not a critical error and can often be resolved with simple steps unless it’s due to server problems. To fix it, you can do the following steps:

  1. Check Server Status: Look for server outage information on Fortnite’s Twitter.
  2. Restart Fortnite: Closing and reopening the game can resolve the bug causing the error.
  3. Restart Your Device: Rebooting your PC, console, or mobile device may fix the issue.
  4. Check Internet Connection: Power cycle your modem or router, or reconnect your mobile data.
  5. Verify Game Files: Use the Epic Games Launcher’s verify tool to check for corrupt files.

For missing DLL file errors such as Msvcp.140.dll or VCRUNTIME140.dll, updating or repairing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables can help. If necessary, download the specific DLL file or register it in the Windows File Registry. These steps should help you get back to playing Fortnite without the error. Remember, if it’s a server-side issue, you’ll need to wait until the servers are back online.

Fortnite Failed to Join Party Error

This error has existed ever since the game was released, and a permanent solution doesn’t really exist. However, you can fix it whenever it occurs through simple solutions unless it’s a server issue beyond your control.

What is Fortnite Error Code 91?

The error code 91 in Fortnite indicates a connectivity issue, especially when playing at a public party. This can occur regardless of the platform you’re playing on (PC, gaming console, or mobile device).

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The language of the error message may vary, but it’s most commonly this: “The party is currently not responding to join requests. Please try again later.”

How to Fix Error Code 91 in Fortnite?

The good news is that Error Code 91 isn’t exactly fatal and easily resolvable. First, you need to figure out if it’s a server issue. Sometimes when the Fortnite server is down, this error can occur.

You can check Fortnite Twitter to see if their servers are down. They typically tweet if the server is down and give an estimate as to when it will be up again. If that’s the case, you can simply try playing once the servers are on.

Otherwise, you can try the following fixes at your end:

Restart Fortnite

This error mostly occurs because of a bug that may be causing a connectivity issue. Simply close the game and restart it and see if the error occurs again.

Restart Your Device

Another quick fix to the Error Code 91 in Fortnite is rebooting the device you’re playing on. Restart your PC, console, or mobile device, and once rebooted, launch Fortnite. This typically resolves the issue for many players.

Check/Reboot Internet Connection

If the error persists even after restarting the game and your device, you should look into your internet connection. Your modem or router may be the problem. Power cycle your router and try again.

Unplug your modem or router, and wait for 60 seconds. Turn it back on and then try playing Fortnite. For mobile phones using cellular data, simply disconnect and then reconnect before trying again.

Verify Files

A corrupt file may also cause Error Code 91 in Fortnite. A lot of times, you get a direct message as to which file is missing or corrupted, but not always. So you may have to take a proactive approach and check if all the files are in order.

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Doing that is very simple, at least if you’re playing on a PC. Launch Epic Games Launcher, and head to Settings. In the Settings menu, click on Verify. This tool will tell you if all the files are there or not.

Other Errors

Missing DLL file errors are also common when playing Fortnite. Following are the two most common errors players face and their possible solutions:

Msvcp.140.dll Missing Error

If you’re receiving the Msvcop.140.dll file missing error, chances are the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables need to be updated. You can download these from the Microsoft website.


Download the files and install them again. If prompted that the files exist, choose the repair or replacement options, whichever shows up. Once you’ve installed the latest VC++ Redistributables, restart the PC.

Now launch Fortnite, and you should not see the missing DLL error.

Another alternative to this DLL file error is to download the missing DLL file. Sometimes the file may get deleted accidentally or get corrupted by a virus.

VCRUNTIME140.dll Missing Error

The VCRUNTIME140.dll missing error is similar to the above DLL file error, as it also results because of outdated Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables files. Simply download them and install them on your PC from the link above.


If Fortnite still shows this error, try this.

Make sure to register the DLL files, as many times a Windows File Registry can also be the issue, even if the file is present on the drive.


Occasionally, Error Code 91 might resolve spontaneously after a game reboot. Despite ongoing issues and no permanent solution from Epic Games, this error isn’t typically cause for concern.

Some have found a workaround effective is transitioning to a private party, though this isn’t widely favored for those seeking to join public parties. Regarding issues with files, it’s advisable to keep drivers and game files current or to obtain them directly from a reliable source if necessary.

Fortnite Error Code 91 – How to Fix it?
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