How to Unlock Aang in Fortnite – Get 22 Rewards

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How to Unlock Aang in Fortnite – Get 22 Rewards

Want to know how to unlock Aang in Fortnite? Now the Last Airbender is here, you can unlock him through some simple quests.

The big mini-event for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is going to be Avatar the Last Airbender. It’s already underway, with the bonus skin ready to get unlocked and players able to play through the content. What about the main attraction though?

When Epic does these crossovers, we usually get multiple characters. For the Last Airbender collab, we’re looking at a few supporting characters from the game. They’ve been in the game for a bit. What about the main character? The Fortnite Aang skin is the last piece of the puzzle.

If you want to unlock Aang in Fortnite, you’ll need to jump through a few hoops. It’s not much more work than finishing off a week of the Fortnite Weekly Quests though. It should be simple enough to get finished though. This is how it all works.

How to Unlock Aang in Fortnite

Aang in Fortnite Skin

The Fortnite Aang skin is the main attraction in the new colalb. However, he isn’t in the store or in the Battle Pass. Instead, you’ll have to go through a special Event pass. Fortnite’s used these recently for TMNT, and for Star Wars.

Now that Fortnite has launched three different game modes alongside Battle Royale, things have gotten more complicated. These event passes don’t just have challenges for you to do on the island. They stretch to Festival and other modes sometimes too.

No matter which area of Fortnite you like to play, you can make progress through the pass. To get to the Fortnite Aang skin, you need to get enough XP to reach the final tier. You do this by completing in-game quests.

Fortnite Weekly Quests - Big New Weekly Challenges for C5

To get to the final section, you’ll need to hit 11,000 amount of the currency. That’s the mini currency that’s letting you go up the tiers in the pass.  If you want to reach the final tier, you’ll need to complete some quests.

All Fortnite Aang Skin Quests

How to Unlock Hang in Fortnite

These are all of the quests to unlock Aang in Fortnite:

Water Chakra Quests

  • Visit an Elemental Shrine
  • Deal damage to opponents with Waterbending (1,000)
  • Land on water from the bus (2)
  • Receive passive healing with Waterbending by entering water (250)
  • Destroy a cabbage cart (1)
  • Restore Shields (500)

Earth Chakra Quests

  • Land on an Elemental Shrine from the bus
  • Destroy stone structures (50)
  • Visit Mount Olympus and Coastal Columns (2)
  • Collect Cabbages (3)
  • Use Rock Wall and Hit an Opponent with Throw Rock (2)

Those are the water shimera and Earth quests. However, there is still one more section to c ome. You need to complete a decent number of each round to move through the full Elements pass.

Along with these quests, there’s one more which is a bit separate. We’ve got the earn XP in creative experiences quests too. For these, you need to do increments of XP in Creative. The best Fortnite creative XP maps are probably the best to use for these.

How to Unlock Hang in Fortnite

What’s the Easiest Path to Unlocking Aang?

Those are all of the quests, but you don’t actually have to finish all of them. You will need to move from tier to tier. This starts with completing 4 quests on the first stage. Then we’ll move on to the same amount in the other stages. The quickest route to getting the Aang Fortnite skin is to do just the set amount in each to get enough currency.

Fortnite Weekly Quests - Big New Weekly Challenges for C5

Which of these are easiest to you is going to depend on how you play. Some of these might fit into the way you play Fortnite to win games. If that’s the case, you’ll just need to power through all of them. Otherwise, these quests can be done in Team Rumble which is often a lot quicker.

Is the Fortnite Aang Skin Free?

That’s how you can get up to the top of the Pass. Is this all free though? The event pass is actually a two-tiered system. There’s a free side and a paid side. Free players can unlock quite a few rewards, but not Aang in Fortnite.

Aang is only in the Premium tier! You’ll need to purchase the premium tier. This costs 1,000 V-Bucks. It’s more than the Battle Pass which comes with tons of skins. Since Avatar has been some of our biggest V-Buck prices items though, this is still much better value than the standard Item Shop.

All Rewards in the Fortnite Elements Pass

How to Unlock Hang in Fortnite

If you are paying for the Premium tier to unlock Aang, it’s not just one character you’re getting. You’re actually getting quite a handful of rewards, and you’ll still unlock some on the free tier. These are all of the rewards. In the Fortnite Avatar Pass.

  • Elemental Cycle Spray
  • Four Elements Banner Back Bling
  • Level Up
  • Four Elements Loading Screen
  • Level Up
  • Dramyin Guitar
  • Level Up
  • My Cabbage Emote
  • Laughing Toph Emote
  • Level Up
  • Sokka’s Space Sword
  • Baffled Aang
  • Banner Icon
  • Level Up
  • Aang’s Air Sphere
  • Level Up
  • Momo Messenger Back Bling
  • Level Up
  • Avatar Aang Emote
  • Air Nomad Staff
  • Level Up
  • Avatar State Aang

A lot of these rewards are only on the premium tier. However, there’s still plenty to get for free. There’s also the new Mythics in the game to have fun with too!

How to Unlock Aang in Fortnite – Get 22 Rewards
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