TMNT in Fortnite – 4 Mythics Unleashed and 2 Cool New Skins

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TMNT in Fortnite – 4 Mythics Unleashed and 2 Cool New Skins

The TMNT in Fortnite event is starting up! TMNT Mythics Fortnite weapons are here, but how can you unlock the Shredder ski in the TMNT Pass Fortnite?

The Fortnite Ninja Turtles event is a new crossover happening to close out Chapter 5 Season 1 of Fortnite. These mini-events have become pretty common since Chapter 4, but they haven’t been a part of all Fortnite seasons. They’ve become a way to excite players again in the closing days of. Season. This season’s is the TMNT Fortnite event. It’s coming with new Mythics, skins, items, and a limited time pass.

While collabs are nothing new, TMNT in Fortnite is a bigger event. We’ve got quite a few new items and a full event pass where you can earn more cosmetics. This is a limited run event too! We know when does TMNT come to Fortnite and when it leaves. The items, XP, and content will only be here for a brief time. This is how each element is going to work.

TMNT Pass Fortnite – Event Pass Explained

TMNT In Fortnite - Blimp Glider

Fortnite event passes are essentially like a Battle Pass, but for an event rather than an entire season. This one is covering just a few weeks. Like the C5 S1 BP, this has two different strands. There’s a free pass where you’ll mainly unlock level ups to help get through the C5 Battle Pass. Then there’s the premium side of things. You can unlock this for 1,000 V-Bucks, which gives you access to more items including a full Shredder skin.

The cost of the TMNT Pass Fortnite has might seem high compared to the bigger standard Pass. This is really a way of packaging a bundle of skins and cosmetics though, which would definitely cost more in the item store. Plus, there’s ways to get free V-Bucks to soften the blow.

There are challenges for TMNT in Fortnite which will reward you with points to get through the pass tiers. Once outfit for Shredder unlocks at this base, and his super style unlocks at the end. between you’ll find a few more rewards. These are the TMNT Fortnite items in the event pass and how you unlock them:

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Free Rewards for TMNT Fortnite Event

TMNT In Fortnite - Instruments

  • Krang backbling – Complete all the Ooza War Quests
  • Leo Emote – Tier 1
  • Kuro Kabuto Bass – Tier 2
  • Level Up Token – Tier 3
  • Donnie Ninja Stance – Tier 4
  • TMNT Pizza Backbling – Tier 5
  • Level Up Token – Tier 6
  • Ninja Stance Mikey – Tier 7
  • Outta The Bus Loading Screen – Tier 8
  • OOZA Wrap – Tier 9
  • Raph Ninja stance – Tier 10
  • Turtle Blimp Glider – Tier 11

TMNT In Fortnite - Shredder

  • Shredder’s Cape Backbling – Tier 1
  • Maniacal Kang Spray – Tier 2
  • Level Up Token – Tier 3
  • Shredder’s Steel Claws Pickaxe – Tier 4
  • Battle Prep Emote – Tier 5
  • Level Up Token – Tier 6
  • Shredder’s Glare Animated Emote – Level 7
  • Supper shredder’s Cape Backbling – Tier 8
  • Lair Showdown Loading Screen – Tier 9
  • Super Shredder’s Steel Claws – Tier 10
  • Super Shredder Skin – Tier 11

There’s more cosmetics involved for the TMNT in Fortnite, like the Turtles, Splinter, and even Musical Instruments. These are the rewards for the event pass though.

How to Get Shredder – TMNT in Fortnite

TMNT In Fortnite - Shredder

Shredder is the headline new skin for the Fortnite TMNT crossover. You can unlock them by completing all of the quests in-game and purchasing the premium tier of the event pass These are the quests to get through to unlock Shredder in the TMNT Fortnite event.

  • Travel through sewer pipes in 3 matches
  • Deal 500 damage with suppressed weapons
  • Search 1 Ninja Turtle Supply Drop
  • Use 1 EMP Stealth Camo Item
  • Destroy 200 Objects
  • Visit the lair and then travel 500 meters east
  • Purchase a Ninja Turtle Weapon from Vending Machine
  • Do 1 impossible ranked trick on hoverboard

Shredder is a pretty cool skin in the game, it even comes with a Fortnite Lego skin. That’s rare for a collab so you get a bit more value out of picking the pass up.

TMNT Mythics Fortnite

TMNT In Fortnite - Mythics

That’s the cosmetics in the TMNT Pass Fortnite, but gameplay itself is the most important part of any update. The big inclusion this time are new in-game items for TMNT in Fortnite. Fortnite has four new Mythics coming! If you’re worried about those being overkill, they’re fairly similar in a few ways. Each resembles one of the weapons wielded by the Ninja Turtles. These are all of the TMNT Mythics Fortnite has:

  • Leo’s Bo-Staff
  • Mikey’s Nunchucks
  • Raph’s Sai
  • Katana
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Those are the Mythics, how can you get each of them though? Rather than going through bosses, these TMNT Mythics Fortnite has are available from special Supply Drops. Kind of the like the Deku Smash, you’ll see Turtle head icons on the map which drop these Mythics. This means there will be more than one of each in every game during the TMNT Fortnite event.

Each of the Mythics is slightly different in its function. However, they all combine mobility and melee attacks. These are a bit easier for players to accept in the loot pool than OP guns. Most will likely get some use out of them though, especially for rotation. They don’t exactly compare with the best Fortnite C5 weapons like the sniper for getting elims though.

When Does the TMNT in Fortnite Event End?

TMNT In Fortnite - Krang

That’s everything new with the Fortnite Ninja Turtles crossover. When does this all wrap up though? Coming at the end of Chapter 5 Season 1, it has a pretty short run time. You’ll only have to X to get the entire event wrapped up. After this point, the quests will be gone and you’ll no longer be able to get through the pass.

The special Shredder skin might not be leaving forever when the release date ends though. These event pass skins have had a habit of not being exclusive, Epic could re-release them in the item store in the future. If the past is anything to go by though, players will have to part with more V-Bucks after the fact. It beats a well-liked cosmetic becoming one of the rarest Fortntie skins though.

There might also be styles and other cosmetics which don’t get re-released. If you want to get everything, the best way is to jump into the Fortnite TMNT crossover event before it all ends!

TMNT in Fortnite – 4 Mythics Unleashed and 2 Cool New Skins
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