How to Get Fortnite Lego Skins – 1200 Creative Lego Styles

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How to Get Fortnite Lego Skins – 1200 Creative Lego Styles

Fortnite’s newest expansion is about to drop, Lego. How to get Fortnite Lego skins isn’t entirely clear though, how are some getting early Lego access and can you see your skins?

Chapter 5 of Fortnite launched with the promise of a few huge expansions, the most hyped might be Fortnite Lego. The new single player mode wasn’t in the initial Chapter 5 release though, instead, it’s taking a few days to come. While not here yet, a lot of players are already pouring through all of the Fortnite Lego skins. It seems Epic has transferred most of their characters into Lego form already, but it isn’t entirely obvious how to see Fortnite Lego skins.

Some players on social media are claiming to have discovered ways to test out how their favorite characters in-game are going to look once rendered in the iconic plastic. Although, as usual, that method isn’t as real as is being made out. They’re shorter, and blockier, but some of the Fortnite Lego skins are already looking just as cool as the original. We’ve even seen how an upcoming free Fortnite Lego skin looks in both styles but how do you get more?

If you want to know how to get Fortnite Lego skins or just test out your main guy in block form, this is how it’ll work and who’s coming to the new style.

How to Get Fortnite Lego Skins

Free Fortnite Lego Skins

The Fortnite Lego mode is due to release on December 7th. It’ll be a side to Chapter 5 free from wonky movement and weapon mod systems. Before this though there are already some Fortnite Lego skins around. By using a glitch people can view their skins in Lego. There are also some offers going on to get a free Lego skin. However, in terms of actually how to get them we can’t have them in our lockers until December 7th.

Once that date comes, you’ll already have Fortnite Lego skins! If you’re wondering how to get Fortnite Lego skins, they’ll come automatically with the mode. When you select that playlist in the future, you’ll see your skin rendered in Lego instead!

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Every compatible skin will have a Fortnite Lego version. Some of these are some applications of their textures over the default Lego man. However, quite a few are much more detailed with some specific pieces exclusive to them. Epic has said they’ll be gradually upgrading all skins to be entirely custom in the Lego mode, with more every month.

How to See Lego Fortnite Skins – Popular Method Doesn’t Work

Fortnite Lego Skins

That’s how to get Fortnite Lego skins, seeing them is easier though. As detailed, once the mode launches, you’ll be able to see them simply by going to the Lego mode and seeing how your skin changes. However, a popular rumour right now is that there’s a way to see them early. Certain less-than-trustable sources are claiming you can glitch them in, but you can’t. You’ll see a process something like this (which doesn’t work).

  • Find the Lego Mode in the Game (It’s in the launcher but unavailable)
  • Select it (It’s greyed out, so this is impossible)
  • Your skin is now Lego (It can’t be!)

If you try this, you’ll find it impossible in the normal game. The way people viewing the Lego skins in their launcher is by using a brief glitch from the end of Fortnite OG or partying up with a content creator who has an early trial of the skins. You can’t actually access them in-game, and the method to do so popularly given out doesn’t work. Once the mode actually does release though, you’ll be able to get in and check out all of the new skins!

How Many Fortnite Lego Skins are Coming?

Fortnite Lego Skins

We might not be able to view them in-game with emotes just yet, but we do know more about how many Lego Fortnite skins in coming. Once the mode launches over 1,200 are going to be available. This isn’t everything in the game but it’s pretty much every original skin. The other condition Epic has put on it is only 317 are the “high-quality” pieces with custom Lego. The rest are more simplistic. However, they’ll be upgrading these monthly. Even with the high-quality ones, how to get Fortnite Lego skins will get easier month to month.

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Once the mode launches, we’ve even seen leaks for new skins. We’ll be getting skins in the store custom-made to be played in the new Lego mode! These will each come with a skin useable in Battle Royale too.

Since so many of the skins are supported, you’ll be able to find most of the rarest Fortnite skins too. You’ll be able to show off the most exclusive items you’ve got in both the base game and Lego, definitely a nice bonus.

Who is Excluded from the Lego Fun?

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Round 2 - Skins

We are getting tons of Lego Fortnite skins but not all of them. As most probably anticipated, there are some skins which aren’t going to be included. This might have been part of the reason behind the Fortnite skin age ratings recently applied. These are the categories which seem to be excluded.

  • Icon Skins
  • Fortnite Crossovers

These make sense as exclusions. Even once the game is in properly, it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to learn how to see Lego Fortnite skins for things like Naruto. The Icon Series and some collabs not being licensed for use in Lego is disappointing, but it’s a reasonable limitation. Not seeing Lego for completely separate IPs is probably the price of getting Lego in the game overall.

Icon skins are a mixed bag though. Real-world unconnected figures seem like they’d need different licencing to get made into Lego. Fortnite content creators like Ninja though have already expressed their excitement over becoming Lego on stream though. Maybe these Fortnite Icon Series skins will come to the Lego game eventually, but at launch, they will be inaccessible. Even once the game makes how to get Fortnite Lego skins simple, these won’t be accessible unless they roll out extra skins.

How to Get Fortnite Lego Skins – 1200 Creative Lego Styles
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