Free Fortnite Lego Skin How to Link Lego Insiders Epic Games

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Free Fortnite Lego Skin How to Link Lego Insiders Epic Games

A new free Fortnite Lego skin is here, if you can link Lego Insiders Epic Games accounts. This is how you can do it and unlock the brand new skin.

The new Fortnite season is here, Chapter 5 Season 1! There is tons of new content to explore, between the new mode and weaponry that’s completely different to anything we’ve had before. There’s one area which was hotly anticipated but didn’t arrive on day one. That’s the new Lego mode. While we still have a few days to go before the single player Fortnite/Lego mode makes its full debut, we can already unlock new cosmetics. Epic is offering a free Fortnite Lego skin right now. It all comes down to linking Lego Insiders Epic Games accounts.

While the game is in its fifth Chapter, free Fortnite skins have always been a bit of a rarity. While common enough, Epic rarely makes them simple to unlock. For a game with thousands of skins, it makes sense they’d rather keep most in the paid side of the game. We’re getting a new free one now though. The Lego mode is going to see tons of your favorite Fortnite skins get a free Lego form. Rather than being separate items, Epic is letting you transform your standard skins into Lego instead. To celebrate that concept, we’re getting a free Fortnite Lego skin. Great for showing your favorite of the best C5 Fortntie weapons.

To claim the free skin, you’ll need to jump through some hoops. It’s a prize for connecting your Fortnite account along with an outside service. You’ll need to link Lego Insider Fortnite accounts. Once hooked up, you’ll get rewarded. Since both games are going to share a pool of cosmetics, it’s kind of a two-for-one. You’ll be getting a free Lego skin and a standard Fortnite Battle Royale skin. This is how to get the free Fortnite Lego skin.


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How to Get the Free Fortnite Lego Skin

Free Fortnite Lego Skin

Epic Games is giving away a free Fortnite skin very soon! You can already go through the steps to get the free Fortnite Lego skin, although it won’t unlock in the new mode until that releases As a free skin, the process is pretty simple. You’ll need to connect Lego Insiders Epic Games accounts. How can you do this? These are the steps for how to get the free Fortnite Lego skin.

How to Link Lego Insiders Epic Games

There’s an easy system to link Lego Insiders Fortnite accounts. You can go through the same system if you have a Lego account already as well as if you don’t already have an account to link with Epic Games. The process is quick either way. Head to the Lego site then go through these steps to get it sorted and unlock the free skin.

  • Click Join Insiders
  • On the sign-up page, create your Lego account by clicking the Epic Games button
  • Log in to the Epic Games Account (Complete Fortnite 2FA if you need to)
  • You will then be prompted to Link your Epic Games and Lego Accounts
  • Click Allow
  • If you already have a Lego Insiders Account, click Existing Lego account
  • If you don’t click New Lego Account
  • Enter your details
  • Confirm your activation code

Fortnite Lego Skins

Those are all of the steps! This will link your Lego Insiders Games accounts. Both are now in lockstep for their games. Linking the two is a fun way to cement that. Having a linked account across both services is going to mean you’ll get the free skin and you’re eligible for future promos too. The new free cosmetic is Explorer Emile. Epic has shown off both a Lego and standard style of skin, which should help ease players into the new mode as the free skin is designed for both sides of cosmetics once the new Lego skin styles go live.

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Fortnite Lego Skin Styles

That’s how you can get the free Fortnite Lego skin, but how does it work? As you might have noticed, the skin itself might initially seem like a standard Fortnite one. It’s in the normal Fortnite style and doesn’t look like too big of a departure. A bit weird if you thought you were getting one made solely of the toys for linking Lego Insider Fortnite accounts. That’s because the new mode will transform the skin into Lego.

Epic has already started showing off these Lego forms. When you move into the Lego mode of the game, the skin you’re using will transform into a Lego version of the skin! This might have something to do with Epic setting harsher skin age ratings recently. Most skins are or will be receiving a Lego form. This means you can take all of your normal cosmetics into this side of the game. It could even mean more unlocks later with linked Lego Insiders Epic Games accounts.

Fortnite Lego Skins

From now on, when you’re jumping into the item store for a new skin, you’ll receive the standard version and when you move into the Lego mode you’ll get a Lego form too. If you have one of the rarest Fortnite skins, now you’ve got it in Lego too. The free Lego skin demonstrates this great, clearly being designed to look good in both forms.

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That is all that’s coming with the free Fortnite Lego skin but when does it arrive in that form? You’ll receive the other version in your account by the time the new mode launches, on December 7h. The same goes for all the new C5 S1 Battle Pass skins and everything else.

The free Fortnite Lego skin is a great chance to grab more cosmetics. Since this now works in multiple modes, free skins go even further than ever before.

Free Fortnite Lego Skin How to Link Lego Insiders Epic Games
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