Fortnite Weekly Quests – Big New Weekly Challenges for C5

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Fortnite Weekly Quests – Big New Weekly Challenges for C5

What are the Fortnite Week 2 Quests? These are all of the most recent Fortnite Weekly quests and the easiest way to get each of them done.

If you’re hoping to get through the Battle Pass quickly, the Fortnite weekly quests are one of the best features in the game. These are challenges that drop once a week, encouraging players to get involved with the new and old content in Battle Royale.

Some players might gravitate towards Creative XP maps in Fortnite for this, but Weekly quests are some of the best options otherwise. It’s a little objective you can work into your gameplay for standard rounds of Fortnite. Even as early as the Fortnite Week 0 quests, it's good to get some XP earned.

If you’re hoping to get the weekly quests done quickly, each has a few tricks and the best methods to use. This is how you can complete all of the Fortnite Chapter 5 Weekly Quests and the best methods for the trickier ones this time.

Fortnite Weekly Quests Chapter 5 Season 2

Fortntie Week 6 Quests

Another batch of Fortnite Weekly Quests are here! We’ve also got the Avatar Aang skin quests to complete, but these should help you get to those bonus rewards in the Battle Pass too. These are all of this week’s quests.

Destroy Supply Drops at Hot Spots (5)

Fortnite Week 6 Quests

This is a simple one, just open up supply zones! These will be different in every game that you jump into. It won’t be predictable until you see the bus route.

There are the guaranteed supply drops at one location though, their factory. This is the unmarked area where the old Ninja Turtles lair was located. It’s easier just to drop at a hot spot for a game or two though.

Search An Underworld Chest at Grim Gate and Leave Without Taking Damage (1)

Grim gate Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

The next of the Fortnite Week 6 Quests sends players to Grim Gate. This is the spot where you can find the Mythic Gatekeeper Shotgun. Here, you’ll need to search an Underworld Chest and leave, all without taking damage.

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How can you get this done quickly? It’ll be a challenge. However, there are some strategies. There are God Chests located around the outskirts, often half buried in the decoration.

Search one of these, grab the skulls effect from the water, and get out. Being able to get such quick access to mobility makes the Fortnite weekly quests easier here.

Damage Opponents with a Weapon That Has Modded Optics (500)

Mythic Mods Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

For the next quest, you’ll need to damage players with a gun containing an optic from the mod bench. This isn’t the craziest quest. Most weapons have a few mods on them, so odds are you’ll end up with a handful in a game.

All you’ll need to do is wait for this damage number to tick up gradually. It might be quicker in Team Rumble. However, this is one of these Fortnite weekly challenges that’ll eventually complete itself.

Hit Players With the Shockwave Grenade (4)

A Shockwave grenade from Fortnite appears on a purple background.

We’re getting a bit more challenging with the Fortnite Week 6 quests here. You’ve got to get players with Shockwaves four times!

This is one of those quests you need to do in Team Rumble. Just grab a few stacks of shockwaves, and wait for the game to reach the combat-heavy part. Then, throw your shockwaves and let this one get finished up.

Purchase the Patch Up Service from Characters or Mending Machines (4)

The last quest is to purchase healing! This can be through the patch up NPC locations offer, or the Mending Machine locations.

These are all pretty easy to find. Throughout the game just purchase this whenever you go past one. You’ll be able to get yourself healed up and complete the last of the Fortnite weekly quests.

All Fortnite Week 5 Quests

The new week of quests is here, along with the Avatar content! The quests are largely focused on existing content though. If you want to maximize your XP yield this week, this is the easiest way to complete each of the Fortnite Week 5 Quests.

All Fortnite Weekly Quests - Week 5

  • Hire a Heavy Specialist and a Supply Specialist (2)
  • Collect Gold Bars From Safes or Cash Registers (100)
  • Enter Bunkers in Different matches (3)
  • Damage Players with the Harbinger SMG (300)
  • Gain Shields Within 30 Seconds After Eliminating a Player (1)
  • Outlast Players While Holding an Aspect of the Gods (5)

All Fortnite Week 4 Quests

Fortnite Week 4 Quests

  • Open Chests or Ammo Boxes Within 30 Seconds of Landing From the Bus (5)
  • Hit Opponents While ADSing With a Thermal Scope (36)
  • Collect Ammo From Eliminated Players (500)
  • Imbue Yourself With the Power of the Banana of Gods in Different Matches (3)
  • Damage Players or Bosses That Are Below 25% Health (500)
  • Outlast Players After Collecting an Epic or Better Item
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All Fortnite Week 3 Quests

Fortntie Weekly Quests - Week 3

  • Collect Shield Potions (10)
  • Headshot Players With the Hand Cannon (2)
  • Hit Different Players With Mythic Weapons (10)
  • Damage Players While Inside or Briefly After Exiting a Shield Bubble Jr (150)
  • Eliminate Opponents in the Underworld at Night or Mount Olympus During the Day (10)
  • Collect Olympian Powers, Mythic Weapons, or Aspects of the Gods in a Single Match (3)

All Fortnite Week 2 Quests

Fortnite Week 2 Weekly Quests

  • Damage Players From below (500)
  • Headshot Players With Warforged Assault Rifle (5)
  • Eliminate Enemy Players Within 10 Seconds of Destroying a Structure (3)
  • Talk to Aphrodite, Artemis, Medusa, or Poseidon to Receive Free Items (3)

Fortnite Characters - Chapter 5 Season 2

  • Travel Distance Within 30 Seconds of Landing From the Bus (1000)
  • Collect Epic or Better Weapons From Eliminated Players (3)

Fortnite Week 1 Quests

  • Search Rare Chests or Safes (5)
  • Travel Distance While Airborne (2,000)
  • Damage Opponents While at Full Shields (250)
  • Collect Mythic Items (5)
  • Eliminate Players With Common Weapons (3)
  • Spend Bars (100) – Fortnite Week 1 Quests

Fortnite Week 0 Quests

Fortnite Week 0 - Fortnite Weekly Quests

  • Emote in different matches (5)
  • Visit the Underworld and Mount Olympus (2)
  • Mantle in different named locations (5)
  • Headshot opponents with Huntress DMR (3)
  • Hit players within 5 seconds of falling (10)
  • Eliminate players with Gatekeeper Shotgun (3)
  • Use a Zipline or Ascender (1)
  • Search Chests or Ammo Boxes (15)

When Do the Fortnite Weekly Quests Update?

Battle Pass Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

Those are the first weeks, but when do we get a fresh batch? It gets a bit confusing since Epic got so far off schedule last season. We should be back to a simple timescale for Fortnite weekly challenges this time though.

New weekly challenges come on Tuesdays. In the past, Epic has been late with them and ended up updating after different increments. For this season though, we’ll likely see them updated on Tuesdays at least for the first few weeks.

Completing Fortnite Weekly Challenges to Level Up

How to Win Fortnite Chapter 5

The Fortnite Chapter 5 Battle Pass takes a bit more grinding this year. It’s got V-Bucks moved into the Bonus Rewards, and dailies don’t give nearly the same XP. Getting the Fortnite Weekly quests done is key for getting through that pass. Utilize the Rocket Racing dailies too, and you should be able to unlock most of the bonus rewards before we run out of time.

Fortnite Weekly Quests – Big New Weekly Challenges for C5
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