How to Find Coastal Columns in Fortnite – Complete S2 Quest

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How to Find Coastal Columns in Fortnite – Complete S2 Quest

How do you find Coastal Columns in Fortnite? It’s an unnamed POI but pretty easy to track down once you know where to look.

The Fortnite Elements questline has some great rewards on offer. You can even unlock the Fortnite Aang skin eventually. However, to get through to that point you’ll need to complete a decent number of quests. Including one to find a strangely named POI, Coastal Columns in Fortnite.

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Typically when we get a quest like this it isn’t too difficult. We can go to the labeled spot on the map fairly easily. If it’s an unnamed or vague spot, we can usually mark it by tracking the quest. Every now and again Epic makes it harder though which is pretty much what’s happened with the Fortnite Coastal Columns quests.

If you’re a bit lost, this is where it is and how to get the questline done.

Where Is Coastal Columns?

The questline tied to Coastal Columns gets a bit confusing since it’s two tasks. First, you go to Mount Olympus. Then, you head to Coastal Columns. Where exactly is that?

It’s located West of Pleasant Park. Marked on this map.

How to find Coastal Columns in Fortnite

As you can see, it’s pretty far from the Olympus area and new POI. However, it’s one of the spots that got a bit of attention with the Chapter 5 Season 2 update. Since then, it’s had a statue of Poseidon in it. This shows off another God in the world of Fortnite and links the columns pretty cleanly to that “coastal” label.

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Other Quests at Fortnite Coastal Columns Landmark

For the quest, all you’ll need to do is head over to this landmark! Once done, you should complete the quest. There’s also an Elemental Shrine located here though, along with cabbage containers further down the beach. Both of these features are great for completing more of Elements or the Fortnite Weekly Quests.

Once you’re in the area, you can easily pick up some bending tools or complete a few more Elements quests. Hopefully, players can get all their tasks finished off in a few trips to unlock the skin and free Fortnite cosmetics as soon as possible!

How to Find Coastal Columns in Fortnite – Complete S2 Quest
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