All Hoverboard Locations Fortnite – 12 OG Fun Board Spawns

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All Hoverboard Locations Fortnite – 12 OG Fun Board Spawns

Where all of the Hoverboard locations Fortnite has this season? This is where you can find the most fun mobility, the Hoverboard Fortnite OG.

The latest update to Fortnite has massive increased mobility around the map. The new change to the game has brought in Season 6 to Fortnite OG, here for one week only. One of the bigger changes from C4 S4 to this one has been the distinct lack of mobility on the map. During the opening week of Fortnite OG, we were heavily limited. Now though, there are quite a few different way to get around. One of the most fun are the Hoverboard Fortnite OG brought back. They aren’t the easiest to track down though.

The latest update reintroduced both Hoverboards and Quadcrashers, along with bringing back the Grapple Glove to Fortnite OG from Chapter 3 for some reason. These floating boards are particularly attractive to long time players though. They’re a mobility option we haven’t seen in a very long time. Originally a fun addition to transport, they’ve rarely been back.  They were added in Season 7 (Not 6, as OG is claiming). Then vaulted. They never came back. Some with information from Epic over the years claimed they had trouble making them work with more modern items. It’s been a very long time since we’ve seen the Fortnite Hoverboards.

This has very much has made them a focus for nostalgia. If you want to relive some of your favourite Fortnite Chapter 1 memories, then the Hoverboard locations Fortnite’s map has at the moment are key destinations.

We’ll run you through where you can find each of the Fortnite Hoverboard locations. Along with some of the pitfalls newer players might run into when using the returning form of transport.

Hoverboard Locations Fortnite OG

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Before we get into how to best ride the floating skateboards, it’s probably easiest to let you know where you can find them There’s no better solution than just jumping on one yourself. Unlike the other small carts and vehicles, these tend to spawn in clusters. To make things easier for groups you’ll often find a couple together.

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In terms of exact Fortnite Hoverboard locations, there is some RNG at work here. Like grabbing the best Fortnite OG weapons, it isn’t something you can rely on every single game. There are some clear Fortnite Hoverboard locations where you could track them down though.

Much like chest spawns, they don’t seem to appear at a 100% rate. You might have to hit up a few spots to actually track them down. They also largely stay away from bigger POIs, but you’ll often find them on the outskirts of the major areas. Hit up a few spots out of the full list and you can likely find one or two of the Hoverboard Fortnite OG spawns.

Full Fortnite Hoverboard Locations List

  • Mountain with Crashed Battle Bus
  • Log house outside of Fatal Fields
  • South of Greasy Groves
  • East of Junk Junction
  • Outskirts of Lucky Landing
  • House west of Pleasant Park
  • In a store in Retail Row
  • Bridge outside of Shifty Shacks
  • Taco Café near Shifty Shafts
  • Shack south of Tilted Towers
  • Tunnel below Tomato Temple
  • Log building outskirts of Wailing Woods

The list generally spreads the Hoverboard locations Fortnite OG has out pretty wide. Most areas don’t have too many clustered up together. You don’t find too many in any one game though. We’ll only see a certain percentage of these spawns active in each game. They also have fairly soft health, so the Hoverboards can be destroyed. Sometimes a spawn may have been empty from a player smashing one up or taking it to the other side of the Fortnite OG map, rather than one not spawning.

How Does the Hoverboard Fortnite OG Work?

Hoverboard Locations Fortnite

The Hoverboard in Fortnite OG is another form of mobility, one that handles considerably differently than the others. Technically called Driftbords (Hoverboards are only named as such in Save the World and older Fortnite’s history), these are speedy solo devices. They have some decent traction across pretty much all terrains. What’s particularly useful about the hoverboards is that, they hover. This means you’re not getting friction and slowdown from rolling upwards or over rocky ground.

This alone gives them a bit of an advantage over karts. However, there are drawbacks. The handling is definitely a bit stranger. Players more used to more modern Fortnite seasons might have been surprised how strangely all the OG vehicles seem to move. The Driftboards especially can be a pain though, they’re fast but are small oblongs in shape which can leave you spinning out when not turning at the right circle. You’ll need to make sure you’re steering properly.

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The other main drawback is the one specific place they can’t go. Fortnite OG Hoverboards can’t go over water. As everyone knows hoverboards don’t work on water (unless you’ve got power). It’s also a solo item. There is no cramming multiple players onto one here like the old Fortnite Dirt Bikes. Instead, everyone has to grab their own.

Using Hoverbaords

Once you’ve tracked down one of the Fortnite OG Hoverboard locations, you’re free to jump on and take it for a spin! When is it right to use these though? The nostalgic revival of Fortnite OG actually makes it a bit more complicated. One major setting introduced over the years has particularly made them less useful in the final circle.

Fortnite now has on screen audio indicators, a key part of the best Fortnite settings. These give all players almost exact location data from noise you make. Frustrating if you’re on a Vehicle. The Hoverbaords aren’t silent. Players will hear you moving. That means the hoverboards might not be the best pick in the final circle! Although, with how quickly you can manoeuvre with these, you might actually be able to evade fire.

In earlier parts of the game though, these are arguably the best rotation right now! You can easily speed around the map with these, getting to zone without taking too much damage or even zipping to supply drops to get entirely kitted up.

Fortnite Mobility

The Fortnite Hoverboard locations cold be one of the key places you’ll need to hit across a round to win games of Fortnite. They provide a great tool for rotating, especially with the storm up against you. They’re a little fragile and handle strangely to keep around. There’s not to say players haven’t had fun w-keying their way around the island with a hoverboard taking them all the way. These new items won’t be here forever, but they’re a fun part of Fortnite OG for the next week.

All Hoverboard Locations Fortnite – 12 OG Fun Board Spawns
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