Fortnite Dirt Bike Locations Chapter 4 Season 4 – Best Bike

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Fortnite Dirt Bike Locations Chapter 4 Season 4 – Best Bike

Where are all of the Fortnite Dirt Bike Locations Chapter 4 Season 4? This is everything you need to know about one of the top forms of mobility in this season.

Fortnite has tons of mobility this season, way up from the jungle and it’s stuck in the mud flow last time. Chapter 4 Season 4’s set-up will nearly have you forgetting about cars, between the rocket ram, shockwaves, and everything else. There’s a form of mobility which has come back to prominence in this Chapter though, the Fortnite Dirt Bike. These are definitely one of the better ways to get around the map, much more useful than the cars. Where are all of the Fortnite Dirt Bike locations though?

Fortnite’s quests occasionally push players to focus on one area of the game over others. Most recently, a lot of players have been tasked with doing things on dirt bikes. Between weeklies and just the random dailies you get, it seems they’re an item a lot of players need to track down. Compared to their debut though, they’re actually a lot rarer on the map. You won’t find them at every POI. Now half the map is jungle and so much of the rest is dominated by newer mobility like the Mega City cars, which can make the bikes hard to track down.

We’re going to cover the spots where you can find all of the Fortnite Dirt Bikes to make sure you’re managing to get around the map quickly and finish off any quests where they pop up.

Fortnite Dirt Bike Locations Chapter 4 Season 4

Fortnite Dirt Bike Locations

When you’re looting in Fortnite and trying to track down the best C4 S4 weapons, it can feel very random. There’s a lot of RNG involved. Transport on the other hand is different. The bigger vehicles nearly all have set spawn points. There are dedicated spots where you can head to and you’ll always find a dirt bike. Thankfully it’s a lot easier to track down Fortnite dirt bike locations than looking for a specific weapon or item. Great if you keep getting the Dirt Bike as an item needed for a quest.

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Each season does see these get mixed up though. As the map and landing spots in C4 S4 get changed, the Fortnite dirt bike spawns get altered too. If you want to track one down as often as possible, you need to stay on top of all of the locations. We’ve got every Dirt Bike spawn here so you can always track one down in-game.

  • Gas Stations
  • Breakwater Bay
  • Near Eclipsed Estate
  • Near Shady Stilts
  • Creaky Compound
  • Near Rumble Ruins
  • Near Shattered Slabs
  • Brutal Bastion
  • Frenzy Fields

That’s a little vague though. Fortnite dirt bike locations Chapter 4 Season 4 can go a bit further. You can narrow them down to the exact locations if you want to get specific, this map goes into a bit more depth than just their exact POI:

Fortnite Dirt Bike Locations

Those are where all of the Dirt Bike locations Chapter 4 Season 4 has. Why are players trying so hard to track down the Fortnite Dirt Bikes? They have some clear advantages over other transport. When you track one down, you drive it basically like a car. Although, it’s got much more manoeuvrability. It’s also able to go on pretty much any terrain. It’s all without losing much in terms of speed. It’s not exactly vulnerable to weapons either, being a much smaller target.

The Fortnite Dirt Bike is an underrated form of mobility at the moment. You can move around easily, go on different terrain, and it doesn’t take up an inventory slot. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect though. There are down downsides. Most specifically that the Fortnite Dirt Bikes can’t carry a full squad. Although, with those advantages, they’re some of the best ways to get around the map. You can even make use of tricks to complete quests once you track down the Fortnite dirt bikes locations. Great for getting XP to get through the Battle Pass quicker.

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How to do Tricks on Fortnite Dirt Bikes

Fortnite Dirt Bike Locations

Once you’re on a Dirt Bike, all you need to do is press a certain input to perform a trick. This is Shift on PC, Circle, or B. If you’re doing this in the air, you’ll do some especially impressive acrobatics! The longer you pull the tricks, the more score you’ll get. A lot of FN quests are dependent on clocking up these points, so a high score is better.

If you’re on the ground, you can still do tricks. You’ll do a wheelie instead of an in-air trick! Pulling stunts on a Fortnite Dirt Bike is one of the best ways to get a bit more XP and even finish up some quests to get further through the Battle Pass.

While you’ll have to learn a few of the dirt bike locations Chapter 4 Season 4 has, there are big benefits here. Fortnite dirt bikes are also one of the top forms of mobility in the title though. Using these can help you get around quicker, win games of Fortnite, and not take any hits going off-road.

Fortnite Dirt Bike Locations Chapter 4 Season 4 – Best Bike
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