The Hardest Pals to Catch in Palworld (Locations, Tips & More)

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The Hardest Pals to Catch in Palworld (Locations, Tips & More)

From rocket-fueled dragons to rare elemental foxes, here's how you can get the hardest Pals to catch in Palworld

Besides being a surprisingly well-made survival crafter that's surpassed some of the best free-to-play Steam games in less than a week, Palworld also sports more than a hundred different companions in its open-world regions, with some stronger than others.

Here are the hardest Pals to catch in Palworld, and where to find them!

The Hardest Pals to Catch in Palworld


The Hardest Pals to Catch in Palworld

First on our list is Frostallion, a beautiful late-game legendary that boasts both an incredibly powerful abilities and insane stat buffs for its icy attacks.

This Pal is found nearly in the northernmost part of the map and takes a ton of preparation (and even more Legendary Spheres) to catch on your own. Its powerful array of ice attacks make Frostallion a hard foe to take down, so assemble your strongest fire type Pals (and maybe even a certain Fire-type Legendary on this list).


The Hardest Pals to Catch in Palworld

Grizzbolt is a highly-powerful fighter Pal that boasts melee, AOE and ranged lightning attacks that can erase anything weak to electric types. This gun-toting Totoro was also among the first Pals ever revealed in the game's first trailer. That said, its definitely not an easy catch.

Grizzbolt is a Tower leader Pal that can be illegally captured in  No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary, the southernmost Nature Preserve area. This is a Level 20 zone you can access with any surfer Pal you can mount. And if you're lucky enough to reach the island undetected, there's still Grizzbolt's low spawn rate (it can take you ~30 minutes to sight one) and lower capture chance, so bring your best spheres!

Note that getting caught in a Pal reserve will make you wanted by the PIDF, so weigh the risks carefully and consider visiting the sanctuary at nighttime while everyone's asleep.


The Hardest Pals to Catch in Palworld

Another creature of legend, Jetragon posesses a devastatingly strong arsenal of Fire, Dragon and Dark attacks and is the fastest flying mount in the game so far.

This level 50 Pal is located in Palworld's lava region, and is by no means an easy catch. However, having a Jetragon in your roster basically guarantees a win in most situations. With a lot of preparation, you'll increase your chances of getting one of the hardest Pals to catch in Palworld. Here's how to catch Jetragon:

  • Unlock “Legendary Spheres” at Level 44 (you'll maybe get a 3% catch chance so bring a lot)
  • Max out your Capture Power by offering “Lifmunk Effigies” to the Statue of Power
  • Equip strong (and heat-resistant) armor and accessories
    • A “Heat Resistant Undershirt” can be purchased from the Green Merchant in Duneshelter (1000 gold)
  • Bring a flying mount with fire resistance & attacks that can apply the Burn debuff (don't forget to bring food!)
  • Whittle Jetragon down to start catching it with Legendary Spheres



The Hardest Pals to Catch in Palworld

Besides its solid skillset, Kitsun gives its rider both cold and heat immunity, arguably making this Pal the best mount when you're starting out in Palworld.

Kitsun is hard to find due to the harsh climate surrounding its spawn area. To get there, first you'll need a Pal that gives level 3 Frost Protection to stave off the cold. Afterwards, you'll just need to trek up the snowy mountains north of the starting area to find them near the peak.

The Hardest Pals to Catch in Palworld

Kitsun becomes more common during nighttime, so prepare what you need before leaving your base.

Palworld's popularity has skyrocketed ever since it's January release, and players have only just begun to explore its massive open-world regions. While we wait for numerous bugs fixes and server optimizations to come our way, check out Palworld's latest content roadmap here.


The Hardest Pals to Catch in Palworld

This unassuming Grass-type Pal can send enemies flying with multiple tornadoes, launch huge water spheres and wreck your opponent's HP using its powerful Solar Blast ability.

Lyleen is found at the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, a high-level area in the northeasternmost part of the map. This is another preserve protected by the PIDF, so consider a stealthy nighttime approach.

Here you'll encounter a Lyleen out in the wild when they're around level 45. For context, that's 5 levels away from Palworld's current level cap. So not only are these Pals tough to whittle down, but you'll also need legendary spheres to even stand a chance at getting one.


The Hardest Pals to Catch in Palworld

Another hard-to-reach Pal is Oserk, a strong black electric type typically found southwest of. They rarely spawn so a lot of patience is required if you want to catch Oserk out in the wild. But if you want to get this Pal sooner, you can breed a Grizzbolt with a Relaxsaurus.

Necromus & Paladius

The Hardest Pals to Catch in Palworld
Credit: Dot Esports

Next up is Necromus as well as Paladius, two Legendaries that are always seen roaming the late-game desert area together.

Aside from the Herculean task of having to fight two Legendary Pals at the same time, both of these creatures also sport different weaknesses. Necromus is weak to Dragon attacks while Paladius is weak to Dark attacks, so if you already have a strong Pal with any of those elements, prepare them for the fight to come.

Catching Necromus and Paladius is made considerably harder given that the Desert becomes hot in the daytime and drops to cold temperatures at night. With that in mind, bring sturdy gear that'll get you through both times of day to avoid dying too fast.

Make Necromus & Paladius fight easier by bringing a Jetragon to the fight. This powerful Legendary can attack with both Dragon, Fire and Neutral attacks while keeping aggro on one of them while you focus on whittling the other Pal down. On top of that, Jetragon gives you a fast disengage with its fast flight in case you ever need to regenerate health/shields.


The Hardest Pals to Catch in Palworld

Last on our list of the hardest pals to catch is Shadowbeak, another Tower boss Pal that can only be found in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. This elusive Dark type is found near the endgame, so suit up with your best gear and be ready to wait a while.

You'll need Ultra Spheres for good catch chances and Pals who are strong against Dark type. But given Darkwing's exclusive ability, it's no wonder so many people look for this particular Pal in the late game.

Shadowbeak's exclusive skill is called “Divine Disaster”, and you unlock it at level 40. It has a 45 second cooldown, and what it does sets it apart from any other Pal in existence. After charging forward, Shadowbeak summons orbs of light around it that automatically captures enemy Pals in its surroundings, making it an insane ability against anything weaker.

And those are all of the hardest Pals to catch in Palworld that we were able to find. As with any survival crafter, patience is key, so don't be discouraged if you aren't able to find these Pals in the latter parts of the game. If you're having trouble progressing through the game and beating those annoying Tower bosses, read our tech tree skill guide here.

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