Palworld Oil Rig Guide: Location, Rewards, New Pals

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Palworld Oil Rig Guide: Location, Rewards, New Pals

The Palworld oil rig stronghold guards precious loot and secret blueprints behind hordes of poachers.

Palworld's ‘Sakurajima' game update comes with the new ‘Rayne Syndicate Oil Rig' stronghold, a humungous structure headed by the infamous poacher gang. This area holds plenty of rewards, including Crude Oil and the new weapon schematic for your tech tree.

In this article, we're diving into Palworld Oil Rigs, where you can find one and all of the loot that's up for grabs!

Palworld Oil Rig Location

The Oil Ring Stronghold in Palworld is found southeast of Marsh Island's waypoint.

To get there, ride a flying mount to get as close to the Rig as possible. The enemy stronghold can shoot you down with deadly lasers, so take your Pal as high as possible to avoid their range before parachuting into the Oil Rig.

You should also bring a swimming mount in case your flying Pal gets downed.

The new Palworld 0.3.1 Sakurajima Update gave us a Japan-themed island, new boss raids and Meteorite events, random drops in the overworld that can spawn new Pals Xenogards and Selyne.

Palworld Oil Rig Tips

The Oil Ring Stronghold is an endgame area in Palworld that's nearly impossible to raid for new/low-level players. Here's everything you can do to prepare:

  • Reach Level 50.
  • Bring a fast Flying mount with a lot of stamina.
  • Bring a Swimming mount with a lot of speed.
  • Craft a Legendary Rocket Launcher.
  • Disengage the Oil Rig's turrets.
  • Use a ‘Homeward Thundercloud' to get back to the closest base
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Preparation is key, and the same applies to the new Palworld update. Merchants in Palworld sell important crafting materials used for powerful gear, and they're spread throughout the Palapagos Islands.

Palworld Oil Rig Rewards

The Rayne Syndicate's Oil Rig Stronghold is rich in.. well, oil. But there are also a lot of valuable resources and rare schematics hidden around the poacher base.

Palworld Oil Rig Guide: Location, Rewards, New Pals

Enemies and treasure chests respawn at random locations daily, making you clear out the base each time. That said, the rewards are well worth it in the new patch. Here's everything you can find in the Palworld Oil Base:

Palworld Oil Base Loot

  • Crude Oil
  • Ancient Civilization Core
  • Missile Ammo
  • Training Manual (XL)
  • Missile Launcher Schematic
  • Dog Coins
  • Pump-Action Shotgun Schematic

Palworld Oil Base Pals

Raiding a Palworld Oil Base also puts you toe-to-toe against endgame-level poachers and their Pals. These are the ones you encounter on an Oil Rig:

  • Jormuntide Ignis
  • Grizzbolt
  • Relaxaurus Lux
  • Blazehowl Noct

And that's everything you need to know about Palworld Oil Rigs and their rewards. As exciting as the new update feels, much of the content is locked behind dangerous new foes and powerful obstacles. But with any luck, you'll be able to reach this late-game area with ease.

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