Palworld Roadmap – What Content Is Next For Palworld?

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Palworld Roadmap – What Content Is Next For Palworld?

Here is everything we know about the Palworld Roadmap. Learn everything there is to know about the content coming to the Early Access survival game.

While there is currently no official roadmap out yet, we have some good ideas about what content is coming to Palworld as the title advances through Early Access. We'll of course add all the other details once more information becomes available.

Palworld Roadmap

Palworld is one of the biggest successes of the year already. Selling over a million units within 8 hours the premise of Pokemon with guns seems to attract the eyes of anyone who's either interested in some monster catching or the next-open-world survival game.

But Early Access is always risky, you never know how long it might take till a game is fully released, and in some cases, it never really leaves this state. However, the developers at Pocket Pair, Inc have promised to outline their vision for the title in the near future.

Besides the more obvious things such as more of the content that is already in the game, meaning more Pals to catch, more buildings to build and more zones to explore, they also aim to broaden the scope of the game by quite a bit.

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This comes mainly in Co-op raid battles that entire servers' worth of players have to tackle. There are also going to be PvP battles where players can challenge each other as well as properly raid and attack other players.

Other features planned are Save-Transfers which would allow you to progress the game independently from each other before joining into a coop session, as well as Crossplay across multiple platforms. On that note, the developers have also expressed wishes to bring Palworld to the PlayStation but that is still up in the air.

There have also been mumblings about a more proper story mode.

Besides that, there are a lot more technical updates planned in the future. Stuff like being able to edit your character after creation, trading your Pals with other players directly, creating a smoother building experience, or even adding mod support.

The sky is the limit, but we have to wait for more concrete info as well as a proper timeline for all these updates to come.

For now, you can check out our other content on Palworld such as the best Pals for beginners, how to navigate any issues with the Xbox Game Pass, and how Weaknesses work.

Palworld Roadmap – What Content Is Next For Palworld?
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