All Palworld Dungeon Locations

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All Palworld Dungeon Locations

What are the All Palworld dungeon locations? Palworld is made up of a large map that you can explore to find resources and materials to use during your adventure. However, there are also points of interest that are important for the game economy. In addition to fast travel, which allows you to travel from one part of the map to another in a few seconds, you can also notice the Palworld dungeon locations on it. These dungeons are very important to be able to find rare resources, such as sulfur, or to fight against bosses who will reward you with ancient civilization parts if you defeat them. But where exactly are these dungeons located? Let's find out together.

Where Are the Palworld Dungeon Locations

We have mentioned the importance of dungeons in Palworld since they allow you to collect rare resources and fight against bosses who can not only allow you to measure your combat skills but also give you rewards once defeated. Consequently, as you can imagine, you cannot continue in the game for long without exploring the dungeons. For this reason, we decided to create an article in which we show you where all the Palworld dungeon locations are located.

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The Island

In this area of the map, there are many explorable dungeons, all with bosses ranging from level 13 to level 29. Our advice, although these are not the most difficult ones that you will have to explore, is to still prepare yourself properly so as not to be taken by surprise. Indeed, in such a game, you should never underestimate the strength of your opponent.

  • Isolated Island Cavern (4)
  • Hillside Cavern (4)
  • Ravine Grotto (3)
  • Mountain Stream Grotto (2)

Sand Dunes

In this area of the Palworld map things start to get serious. The level of the bosses present at the end of each dungeon begins to rise and, consequently, you will have to prepare to face challenges that are not at all simple. For this reason, try to be as ready as possible so as not to fall victim to the enemies that are present inside.

  • Cavern of the Dunes (4)


It's really hot here, so you won't just have to deal with tough enemies but also with temperatures that can bring you to your knees. Consequently, equip yourself with armor and clothes that can make your stay in this place as pleasant as possible.

  • Volcanic Cavern (2)


In this habitat with freezing temperatures, things couldn't help but get more complicated. In fact, these dungeons will be even more difficult to tackle than the previous ones. Don't think about tackling them without having explored and upgraded both yourself and your Pals.

  • Sacred Mountain Cavern (4)
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How to Unlock Dungeons in Palworld

To be able to unlock a dungeon in Palworld, all you have to do is approach it and enter it. However, keep in mind that you will have a certain amount of time to complete it, so try to have the best equipment and the best Pals at your service. Another thing you need to take into consideration is that the dungeons, due to the timer issue, will not always be available. Once the time runs out, another one will open somewhere else on the map, so you must always be vigilant and careful to pay attention to your surroundings.

palworld dungeon locations

All Palworld Dungeon Locations
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