Palworld Ore Farm

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Palworld Ore Farm

Here is how you build a Palworld Ore Farm.

Palworld is one of the biggest titles of 2024. Not even a month into the year and only 3 days after its release, Palworld has sold over 5 million units across PC and Xbox platforms. It's one of the biggest small-scale releases in years and its rise to the top is unprecedented if not with a couple if questionable practices here and there.

In this piece, we'll teach you all about Ore in the Monster Catcher Survival RPG, how you can optimize getting both, and what you need to look out for.

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Palworld Ore Farm Guide

Ore is one of the most important resources in Palworld once you reach the mid-game. Pretty much everything uses it to some degree and having a working pipeline is crucial to your success. Getting your hand on it is pretty easy, after all, there are Ore Nodes dotted all around the Overworld but fully automating the process is what you're really after.

For this, you simply need to find the right spot to set up your base. You can later create multiple bases, so it's not uncommon to have a second, smaller farming base just for Ore farming and Ingot production.

You want to find a space with a lot of Ore Nodes near your base. Once they are in your territory, Pals with the miner trait will farm them automatically and others will transport the material to nearby boxes.

Best Pals For Solo Play In Palworld

One of these can be found near the Small Settlement in the Plateau of Beginnings, and another can be found south of the Cinnamoth Forest fast travel beacon.

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As mentioned before, you can set up multiple bases in later stages of the game, so it should not be a problem to find the right spot without leaving behind your old base.

To mine Ore with your Pals, you need one with the mining trait. Early on one of the Pals for the job is Cattiva but you also find Tombat late at night who is even better. Later on, you want to get a Digtoise or a Quivern if you're looking for an all-rounder.

Just make sure you have Pals with the Transporting trait at the ready unless you want those resources to despawn.

And that is all we have on Ore in Palworld. For more on the breakout Survival Game, check out our other guides. Learn how to Level up your Pals, the XP Glitch, What is going on with the AI Art Controversy, and how you find Depresso.

Palworld Ore Farm
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