How to Find Depresso in Palworld

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How to Find Depresso in Palworld

Learn how to find Depresso in Palworld, who has quickly become one of the most beloved characters in the latest survival hit 

Palworld is packed with exciting characters that you can befriend. While everyone has their favorites, Depresso, who can be described as the living embodiment of a rainy Monday morning, has surprisingly emerged as one of the most popular buddy choices in the game. After watching multiple viral clips showcasing the character on social media, numerous players have embarked on a quest to locate the perpetually glum creature.  This simple guide will tell you how to find Depresso in Palworld. 

How to Find Depresso in Palworld 

How to Find Depresso in Palworld
Credit: Pocket Pair Inc.

You can find Depresso at any of the red-circled points on the map shared above. Since Depresso is a nocturnal creature, you will only encounter this being after nightfall. Make sure, therefore, to check out these Depresso locations at night. 

Once you visit any of these locations and encounter a Depresso, you need to throw Pal spheres at it and successfully hit it a couple of times. The creature will fend off some of your attacks, and the higher its level, the more resilience it will show. Intensify your attacking efforts, and eventually, you will be able to make friends with the grouch-faced creature.

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What’s So Special About Depresso?

Sure, Depresso might have a permanent scowl etched on its face, but there's more to this Espurr-esque enigma than meets the eye. Beneath the navy fur and starry lavender orbs lies a heart of gold. Don't be fooled by the stubby, ear-muff-like appendages – Depresso's loyalty and unwavering spirit make it a treasured companion for any trainer seeking a Pal with a touch of mystery and a whole lot of heart.

With a pattern of dark bluish-grey around its neck, Depresso complements its overall gloomy aesthetic. The same bluish-grey hue extends to its bushy tail, mirroring the distinctive neck pattern. A distinctive feature of the creature is the large tuft of dark purple fur on its head, making it easily recognizable at a glance.

Don't be fooled by Depresso’s lethargic act. A single sip of an energy drink is all it takes to unleash this Pal's hidden zoomies! Watch as its grumpy gait transforms into a lightning blur, proving that even the most melancholic can have a caffeine-fueled side.

Its perpetual disapproval is like a warm blanket of cynicism, a comforting contrast to the relentless positivity of other Pals. In a world of sunshine, Depresso brings the shade, and that’s what makes it so darn charming.

How to Find Depresso in Palworld
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