Palworld Mod Support: Everything You Need to Know

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Palworld Mod Support: Everything You Need to Know

Palworld is an excellent experience in its own right, but can you elevate the excitement further? Here is what you need to know about Palworld mod support

Palworld is capitalizing on the immense momentum generated by its rapid success. Sales are skyrocketing, and Palworld gameplay on Twitch is breaking records for viewership. The vibrant ecosystem of creatures in Palworld is practically begging for modding attention, but the question remains: Is the game prepared for a creative flood? Here’s the current Palworld mod support situation. 

Palworld Mod Support: Is It Available?

As of now, Palworld does not have any available mods. It remains uncertain when mod support will be introduced, whether it happens during the early access phase or after. Nonetheless, Pocketpair, the developer behind Palworld, has confirmed their plans to launch mod support soon.

Palworld Mod Support: Everything You Need to Know
Credit: Pocket Pair.Inc

Here’s what they said during a Steam FAQ session:  “Steam Workshop support won’t be supported straight away but we plan to add it after launch. Palworld is made in Unreal Engine 5 and we look forward to seeing what sort of mods people come up with!”

We expect Palworld mod support to become available after Palworld completes its early access phase and achieves a full 1.0 launch. The initial release of mod features will likely be on PC, with potential expansion to Xbox platforms in subsequent stages.

Unofficial Palworld Mods Could Be Available Soon 

The developers specifically highlighted the future integration of Steam Workshop support to enhance modding on PC. Unfortunately, this doesn't provide a solution for console players. Fortunately, the game's utilization of Unreal Engine 5 suggests that finding ways to mod it and releasing mods through other channels should be feasible.

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In the upcoming weeks and months, platforms such as NexusMods or CurseForge may witness the emergence of a vibrant modding community for Palworld. Although it may take some time for enthusiasts to showcase their creativity, mods are expected to enhance the overall experience, be it for solo players or those engaging in local or online co-op multiplayer.

While some might itch to get their hands dirty early, the majority will likely bide their time until the official modding tools arrive. The developers' commitment to future Steam Workshop support paints an optimistic future for Palworld's creative future.

Palworld Mod Support: Everything You Need to Know
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