Palworld Base Defenses: Everything You Need to Know

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Palworld Base Defenses: Everything You Need to Know

Since Palworld is also a game about survival and crafting, it's very important to build bases to keep you and your Pals safe. However, the Pals that inhabit the game world will try to attack your bases in all ways, especially the most aggressive ones. For this reason, it is important that you know what Palworld base defenses you can adopt to ensure that your bases are not destroyed by wild creatures. In this article, therefore, we will explain everything you need to know to ensure that you don't always have to start rebuilding your base. Trust me, you'll have plenty of other things to do, so you'll want to dedicate your time to that.

What Are the Palworld Base Defenses?

The first thing to know before even understanding which Palworld base defenses you can use is where to place your base. In fact, the location you choose is very important. Our advice is to position it in a point on the map where you can find favorable weather conditions and enough resources, without taking for granted the presence of natural protections such as cliffs, ruins, caves, etc.

As regards the Palworld base defenses in the strict sense, the game gives you the possibility of being able to protect your base with different tools. Adopting a layered defense is very important to have more options in case your base is attacked by some wild creatures. Below, therefore, we see the various ways you have to protect your base.

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Walls and Gates

The first things you can use to protect your base from external threats are walls and gates. We highly recommend investing in metal walls to make your base impenetrable. In fact, having a strong perimeter is the first thing you should hope for. Obviously, you'll need some materials to be able to do this, so you'll have to do a bit of research and crafting first.

Traps and Turrets

What defenses would they have if there weren't traps and turrets making your base even more inaccessible? In Palworld you have the opportunity to build traps and turrets to guarantee another level of defense that enemies will have to face if they want to breach your base. Obviously, to ensure that they are effective, you will have to hide them in places that are not very visible and that can catch your opponents off guard.

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Moats and Water Cannons

To make your base even more protected, you should consider adding moats and water cannons. These are two weapons that are capable of doing their defense job well but that can also add a touch of beauty to your base. Of course, efficiency and effectiveness are the most important things to take into consideration, but having a base that is visually beautiful is certainly not something to be underestimated (especially if you want to show it to your friends).


Defenses cannot be built unless alarms are installed. The alarm is the most classic of the alarm bells to understand if someone has slipped into an area where he shouldn't have. If you install some of them at certain strategic points, you will have the opportunity to prepare yourself to be able to act together with your Pals and defend your base.

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Finally, the final layer of defense is the Pals themselves. In fact, if they are well-trained, they will be able to protect your Palworld base. Don't be fooled by their appearance; these are dangerous creatures that can very well cause carnage if the need arises. Furthermore, if you give them weapons and gadgets, they will be even more powerful and will be able to protect the perimeter of your base even better.

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How to Build a Base in Palworld

Now you know how to protect your base, but how do you actually build one? You need an item, namely the Palbox. This item is essential, as it will allow you to assign an area for you to build in and provide storage for your Pals not assigned to your base or party. However, in order to create the Palboz, you will need a Paldium Fragment, eight pieces of wood, and three pieces of stone.

Once you have found all the materials you need (fortunately, they are basic materials that can be found almost everywhere, so you shouldn't have many problems), you will have to open the build menu and go to the “Pal” section. Select the Palbox and then choose the place where you want to build your base (take into account what we told you previously). From this moment on, you will have the possibility of building Palword bases.

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Palworld Base Defenses: Everything You Need to Know
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