Best Pals For Solo Play In Palworld

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Best Pals For Solo Play In Palworld

This article discusses the best pals for solo play so you can have the best time in Palworld, even on your own

Establishing itself as one of the best games currently on Steam, Palworld is surely making its name among gamers. Players are enjoying the Pokemon-inspired open-world survival game and thanks to its multiplayer feature, you can go on adventures with your friends!

However, if you are more of a lone warrior who wants to tackle the challenges of the world on your own, this article is for you! Who needs friends when you can catch and hang out with the adorable yet fiery Pals of Palworld?

Best Pals For Solo Play

When you are playing solo, you need to start strategically so the game ahead of you doesn’t overwhelm you. This includes catching Pals that are easy to collect but can help you in ways that matter. Here are some of the Best Pals to collect if you decide to go solo in Palworld!


This late-game Pal adds more versatility to your comp in and out of the fight. Not only does a caught Anubis come with Level 4 Handiwork, but his passive buff lets him deal fast damage on his elemental skills. While +20% Earth attack power doesn't seem like a lot, the latest buffs on Alpha pals give you more bang for your buck.

In the Version update, Alpha and Lucky Pals got 20% more HP than their normal counterparts. So getting an Alpha Anubis would give you a pretty formidable fighter Pal. Especially in the upcoming biome update, which will introduce more creatures into Palworld.


Do you have a friend who is very warm? No? Don’t worry! Arsox will be that for you in Palworld and trust us, you will need it! With the elemental type of Fire and Work Suitability of Kindling (Lv. 2) and Lumbering (Lv.3), Arsox is a fantastic Pal to accompany you in your solo journey to keep you warm in cold environments, which is an important survival aspect.

You can hatch an Arsox from a Scorching Egg but that is dependent on chances and luck. Other than that, you need to craft Megaspheres or higher and head to Verdant Brook which lies past a series of islands. You will locate Arsox in the fiery zone of the region.


Daedream can get so much of your work done in the base. They have a work suitability of Handiwork, Transporting and Gathering, all at Lv. 1. With the element of Dark, they are nocturnal and can only be found at Night. Their combat abilities allow them to be efficient during rais.

They are easy to collect, making them a great Pal to catch when you are new and solo. You can spot them in the Northeast from the Platue of Beginnings near the fast-travel point. They are easy to locate for their candy-pink hair, which glows even at Night.

Best Pals For Solo Play In Palworld

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Even though Neutral is not an element that is considered very powerful and is often neglected, Gorirat is one of the best Neutral Pals to break the stereotype. They are useful around the base, especially for the Lv. 3 in Transporting, but they are very handy in battles. They can attack the enemy and keep their attention off you.

Take a Dark Pal along with a Hyper Sphere for the best chances, and head to fast-travel points near Snowy Mountain Fort as well as Mossanda Forest. You could also hatch it from a Large Common Egg.


Lovander’s partner skill is what makes them an integral Pal to have when you are going solo. The skill allows them to grant the life-steal effect on the player and themselves, which restores health while absorbing some of the incoming damage from enemies. Lovander’s multiple work suitability is multi-fold with Lv.2 in Handiwork, Medicine, Production and Transporting.

In simple words, she is your Doctor in your solo play. You can only come across Lovander at night, around the beach located around the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant fast-travel point, or you can go through the entire desert area on the northeastern side to catch a higher-level Lovander.

Best Pals For Solo Play In Palworld

Credit: Pocketpair


The Pals that make your exploration in the game much easier are the ones with mount ability. They quite literally give you wings, Nitewing is one of them that you can catch early game, with the work suitability of Gathering Lv. 2. Not the best Pal for work around the base but it can take you beyond

The most convenient location to find Nitewing is to the east of the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate, in the northwestern region of the Plateau of Beginnings. Alternatively, you can also find Nitewing Marsh Island and Eastern Wild Island as well as the Forgotten Island and Ice Wind Island in the northwest.


Just like Daedream, Tanzee can do multiple errands around your base. It has work suitability at Lv. 1 in Planting, Handiwork, Lumbering, Transporting, and Gathering. Not just that, its rifle will allow you to shoot enemies and have fun even on your own!

As one of the common starter pals, they are very easy to catch and, therefore, one of the easiest pals for solo gameplay. Teleport to the fast-travel point in the Fort Ruins and you shall spot Tanzee in groups. They are weak against the Fire element, being the type of Grass themselves.

Whether you are playing with your friends or want to dominate this game all on your own, the Pals of Palworld are by your side! They have an array of benefits to bring to the table so go forth and capture as many as you can. The 6 mentioned in the list can help you a lot other than combat, early to mid-game when you are starting out on your own and then you can proceed to find bigger catches. To stay ahead of the game, check out more of our articles, such as Statue of Powers, Palworld Hat System, etc on ESTNN!

Best Pals For Solo Play In Palworld
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