Statue of Powers Explained in Palworld

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Statue of Powers Explained in Palworld

This article will explain what a Statue of Power is for in Palworld

Among the plethora of machines, equipment and objects that you can craft in Palworld, some stand out more than the others. The Statue of Power is one of them and this article will explain exactly what these cool looking monuments do.

Palworld is an extensive game with a multitude of features, ranging from capturing interesting creatures, battling with them, and building your own bases. These bases have objectives that must be met in order to progress to the next ‘base level’ and one of the early objectives include building a Statue of Power. But what exactly are they used for?

Statue of Powers Explained

Simply put, Statue of Powers are used to enhance your stats, and this includes individual stats of the players as well as those of your Pals (defense, health, attack, etc.)

Statue of Powers Explained in Palworld

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To use them, go up to the statue and press ‘Enhance Player Stats’.But to actually level up, you’ll need Lifmunk Effigies. These are green glowing fox statues found around the archipelago (Shown above) and are limited resources, so make sure to get them whenever you can. After using up a Lifmunk Effigy (or several, according to the level), you are free to enhance your stats according to your preference.

Alternatively, another option will be available labeled ‘Enhance Pals’. As you can guess, this option is used to level up your Pal, but to do so, you’ll require Pal Souls instead.

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What are Pal Souls? Well, they’re very easily found by killing and capturing Pals, as doing so drops one of these quite often. Not to mention, they’re also abundant in the open world in the form of glowing crystals so keep an eye out when exploring.

How to Build a Statue of Power

Statue of Powers Explained in Palworld

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Building a Statue of Power is relatively easy, as it’s something you unlock very early at Level 6. After reaching said level, go to the Technology tab, scroll down till you find the recipe of the statues and unlock it, requiring 1 Technology Point.

But to actually craft them, you’ll require a few materials. Don’t worry though, they’re very abundant on the map and hard to miss. Here’s what you need:

  • x20 Stone: Stone is found literally everywhere and we don’t think we need to tell you where to look.
  • x10 Paldium Fragments: Obtained through mining small black/blue clusters of rock found around the map. It’s also possible to find Paldium Fragments itself scattered in the open world.

Once you’ve gathered these materials, open up the Build Menu and go to the Pal tab. You’ll find the option for building a Statue of Power somewhere on the right side of the dial wheel. Click on it and find somewhere to lay it down. The silhouette will turn blue once you find an area where you can lay down the statue. All that’s left to do is wait as it’s being built and you can have your Pal buddies help you out in the process too!

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That covers everything about Statues of Powers and how to build them. We hope this article will provide some clarity on what these statues are and what they’re used for. To know more about Palworld, check out our other guides, like how to get ancient civilisation parts or how to revive a defeated pal.

Statue of Powers Explained in Palworld
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