How to Revive a Defeated Pal in Palworld

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How to Revive a Defeated Pal in Palworld

Pals get injured and eventually defeated when you’re clashing them in Palworld, and this article will show you how to revive a defeated Pal

Palworld is the new hype train that everyone’s riding, with the game taking over the Steam trending list by storm and taking over the no.1 spot, beating giant names in the gaming industry like Baldur’s Gate 3 or Elden Ring. Part of the game’s rise in popularity could be due to the fact that it’s strikingly similar to Pokemon. ‘Similar’ is even an understatement as some of the Pals look exactly like well-known creatures from the franchise we all love and grew up with.

And just like in Pokemon, your Pal buddies can kick the bucket and get defeated in the midst of battle (don’t worry, they don’t die). But unlike Pokemon, there’s no Pokemon Center or Nurse Joy that can get your Pals back on their feet. This is why this article has you covered, and we will be going over the ways in which you can revive your Pals.

How to Revive A Defeated Pal

How to Revive a Defeated Pal in Palworld

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In Palworld, there’s no Revive items, nor are there full restores that can take care of your Pals with the use of a single item, and the alternative is a bit more time-consuming unfortunately. So if your Pal gets taken down in a fight, the only way to restore their fighting spirit is to head back to your base.

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After reaching your base, you can take your defeated Pals and drag them into the storage box. Once that’s done, you’ll see a timer pop up indicating how much time it’ll take for your buddies to get back up on their feet.

The time it takes is around 10 minutes, which is plenty of time to go outside, touch some grass, come back and look at the beautiful in-game grass as well. Jokes aside, 10 minutes is quite a long time, especially if they’re a Pal you’re dependent on and one that’s rare/strong. Having to wait a 10 minute timer every time a crucial Pal dies can disrupt the flow of the game.

How to Revive a Defeated Pal in Palworld

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After the timer runs out, you’re free to drag the revived Pal back from the storage and into your party, willing to go right back into the next physical dispute with another Pal. We hope that they introduce a faster and more convenient alternative to the reviving mechanism in Palworld, or even reduce the time it takes for a Pal to get back up again, but for now, this is the only way you can revive your defeated Pals in Palworld.

Healing Your Injured Pals

How to Revive a Defeated Pal in Palworld

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On the other hand, if your Pal is simply injured but still hanging in there, there’s a few ways in which you can heal them:

  1. Simply being outside of combat and not taking any form of damage for a little bit of time will allow your Pals to slowly regenerate their health back to 100.
  1. Giving them food items, such as meat or berries to restore the HP they lost.
  1. Some Pals have skills that let them steal HP from enemies as they do damage (Life Steal). Currently, only Lovander and Felbat have this ability.
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Curing a Sick Pal

How to Revive a Defeated Pal in Palworld

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Pals can also get sick, or in layman gaming terms, they can have status ailments. Like other games, there are multiple status ailments and each of these have a particular cure for them. Let’s go over and see what they are:

  1. Cold: Use Low-Grade Medicine Supplies.
  1. Depressed: Use High-Grade Medical Supplies.
  1. Fracture: Use Medical Supplies.
  1. Incapacitated: Place them in the Palbox.
  1. Sprain: Use Low-Grade Medical Supplies.
  1. Ulcer: Use Medical Supplies.
  1. Weakened: Use High-Grade Medical Supplies.

It’s important to note that all of these illnesses can be treated simply by putting them in the storage section, and they’ll recover after a short period of time, similar to reviving them.

If you’re in the open world and have no Pal Consoles available, then you can easily craft a temporary one with Paldium, Stone and Wood.

How to Revive a Defeated Pal in Palworld
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