How to Heal Yourself in Palworld

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How to Heal Yourself in Palworld

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to heal yourself in Palworld

Health is the most important function of any game, and knowing how to manage your health is a much-needed knowledge for your survivability in Palworld. So in this article, we will be taking a look at several ways you can heal your character and your lovable critters.

How to heal yourself in Palworld

How to Heal Yourself in Palworld
Source: PC Invasion

Currently, there’s no actual healing items in the game which you can use to heal yourself like in most games. But to contrast that, your character will heal over time once you’re out of danger and not taking damage for a certain period of time. The regeneration itself happens at a rate of two or three HP per second. Now, you might think that foods will help with the regeneration process or even heal you if you consume them, but from what we’ve seen, it only helps you satiate your hunger. 

Using your Pals to Heal

How to Heal Yourself in Palworld
Source: PC Invasion

Perhaps the best way to heal yourself is having your Pal friends help you out by healing you with their skills. So if you’re injured and need to enter a battle, using your Pals for a quick health boost is the most efficient way to progress in your playthrough. Here’s the list of Pals that can heal you in the game currently: 

  • Teafant (Paldeck #016)
  • Petallia (Paldeck #087)
  • Lyleen (Paldeck #104)
  • Felbat (Paldeck #094)
  • Lovander (Paldeck #069)
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It’s important to note that for some of these Pals, you might have to level them up to a certain point in order to unlock their Partner Skills.

Right now, there are 5 known Pals that can heal the player, but that will change in the future as more and more Pals come into the game! 

Healing your Pals

How to Heal Yourself in Palworld
Source: Dot Esports

As for your curious creatures, there’s also no healing items that you can use on them to heal their HP. Similarly, your Pals will regenerate over time as long as they don’t take damage and are outside of battle. However, the rate at which they get their health back is significantly lower, which is a bit unfortunate as they’re the ones that are used in battle mainly. 

Lovander and Felbat are exceptions to the healing case, since they have the ability to steal HP from enemies as they do damage, thanks to their Life Steal effect. This HP also goes to yourself as the character too, so it’s quite a handful to have them in your party.

Reviving a Defeated Pal

How to Heal Yourself in Palworld
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Just like in Pokemon, Pals can get defeated and as a result, unable to participate in the fight. But when this happens, there’s no Pokemon Center or Nurse Joy to get them back on their feet (or paws) again. So in Palworld, what you have to do is drag your defeated Pal from the Party into the Box, and you’ll see a timer appear on the avatar of your Pal, indicating how much time it’ll take for them to completely replenish their health again. 

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So this covers all the different ways in which you can heal the Pals that you own, starting from passive regeneration to Pal skills. Maybe in a future update, things will change but as for now, these are the only ways in which you can take care of yourself and your beloved Pals.

How to Heal Yourself in Palworld
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