Get These Dota 2 Heroes In Every Skill Bracket (Early 2024)

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Get These Dota 2 Heroes In Every Skill Bracket (Early 2024)

Are you wondering who the best Dota 2 heroes are to win your games in early 2024? Well, let’s take a look at the stats and see.

Everyone who plays ranked matches in Dota 2 wants to get heroes who will win games. There are many different options to choose from, but the stats reveal that some are much better to get than others.

Considering 2024 just arrived, we want to help players get a good start to the year by winning as many games as possible. Therefore, we’ve analyzed the data from the last couple of days and decided to give you the list of Dota 2 heroes that will win your games in early 2024. We understand that our readers are from different skill brackets, so we’ll cover the top picks from each one of the skill brackets. Before you start reading, don’t forget to take a look at the 5 Dota 2 teams to watch in 2024 because there are a few big names that we expect to explode.

Crusader and Lower

Starting with the Dota 2 players who do not have that much MMR, the first group we want to address is those whose rank is Crusader or lower (2k MMR or less). A lot of people think that this skill bracket is not affected by the meta changes as much as others, which is true. However, we took the time to review at least a few hundred matches and concluded that there are Dota 2 heroes that will win your games in early 2024 much easier than others.

Abaddon/Sand King/Wraith King

The three best heroes you can get in this rank are Abaddon, Sand King, and Wraith King. Each one has around 55-56% win rate, and they are strong in every situation.

Starting with Abaddon, the hero got a lot of buffs lately, making him an excellent carry and/or support. Generally speaking, most Dota 2 players in the lower-MMR brackets do not know how to play against this hero, allowing him to abuse his shields and ultimate.

Moving on to Sand King, we are confident that people who know how to use his Blink and ult combo can easily rip through their opponents. Sand King is famous for doing insane bursts and having the ability to stun multiple targets. Since most Dota 2 players with low MMR do not know how to position themselves against SK, the latter can land free “Ravages” all the time.

Lastly, we have Wraith King, and in our opinion, he is probably the best pick you can get. Wraith King is incredibly strong in this skill bracket because he is easy to play. Moreover, he is effective against pretty much anything.


Get These Dota 2 Heroes In Every Skill Bracket (Early 2024)
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If you are not sure which of the Dota 2 heroes will win your games in early 2024 if you are in Archon, you should focus on Arc Warden. The latter has been growing in popularity recently, especially after the buffs in 7.35, and for a good reason. Arc Warden offers incredible versatility and is the hero with the highest win rate in this skill bracket. The only problem is that he is difficult to master, so you need to know how to use him.

Other heroes worth mentioning here are Abaddon and Meepo. We’ve already talked about Abba, whereas Meepo is an option that you should ONLY get if you are good with him. He is among the best heroes to have in PUB games, but not everyone knows how to use him.


The Dota 2 heroes that will win your games in early 2024 in the Legend skill bracket are similar to those mentioned earlier. Arc Warden and Meepo dominate the bracket, followed closely by Abaddon. With that said, there is a 4th option worth mentioning, and that is Leshrac.

Those who are a part of the Dota 2 ranking system and are in Legend will find that Leshrac is a lot more effective than usual. Despite the fact that the hero received nerfs in 7.35b following the huge buffs in the previous patch, he continues to be a really strong mid-laner. No wonder he is also a popular pick in the next two Dota 2 Skill Brackets.


Get These Dota 2 Heroes In Every Skill Bracket (Early 2024)
Get These Dota 2 Heroes In Every Skill Bracket (Early 2024)

The Ancient skill bracket is where things become serious because most players here are doing everything they can to reach the next stage. Considering how important it is for them to win their games, picking the right heroes is everything.

Once we started analyzing the best Dota 2 heroes that will win your games in early 2024, we found that names like Meepo, Warden, and Leshar are solid options. That said, we can also add Oracle and Slardar to the list.

Slardar was one of the hidden gems following the most recent update, and he quickly became among the most popular picks. What’s even more impressive is that he even made it into the professional meta, and we saw him in action even as a mid-laner.

In terms of Oracle, he will always be one of the go-to supports in the PUB meta. That said, the hero is usually paired with a very strong core, such as Huskar, so keep that in mind if you decide to go for him.

Divine and Immortal

Considering most of ESTNN’s Dota 2 crew are in these two brackets, it is no surprise we have a really good understanding of the meta here. Generally speaking, you can pick pretty much any hero and make it work, as long as your teammates are not griefing and they want to win the game.

All of the popular names mentioned so far are also worth getting here, but we can also add Dark Seer and Death Prophet. The latter may surprise some because of the nerfs in the 7.35b patch, but she is still a solid pick to have. Dark Seer, on the other hand, will become even more popular and successful than now because he got buffed just recently. So, these are just some of the Dota 2 Heroes that you should get in this skill bracket.

Get These Dota 2 Heroes In Every Skill Bracket (Early 2024)
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