Fortnite Chapter 3: Best Drop Spots

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Fortnite Chapter 3: Best Drop Spots

ESTNN highlights the best drop spots to check out in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is well underway, and a lot has changed. Perhaps the most notable alteration lies within the entirely new map. Those who tuned into the Fortnite Chapter 2 Finale — The End — know that the previous Island flipped. Ten primary points of interest (POIs) and several more landmarks awaited players on the other side.

Some new locations include Sleepy Sounds and the Spider-Man-inspired Daily Bugle, whereas fan-favorites Greasy Grove and Shifty Shafts returned. Chapter 3 Season 1 might be overwhelming for those diving into a new season, and it could be challenging to determine the best landing spots.

Today, ESTNN highlights the top locations to prioritize in Chapter 3 Season 1, to help you build a stacked loadout and earn take those Victory Crowns to the end game.

Sleepy Sound

Sleepy Sound is a picturesque alpine town nestled by a winding river

This season's friendliest location lies on the map's north section. Sleepy Sound is one of the ten new locations in Chapter 3. It offers everything that a solo, duo, trio or squad could hope to find when touching the ground. Sleepy Sound possesses a maximum of 54 Chests within its confines and outskirts.

Players can also find Fishing Spots and Coolers in this area. The former provides healing items and weapons, whereas the latter contains Guzzle Juice and Chug Splashes. There's a lot to like about Sleepy Sound, and it's a place worth considering when exiting the Battle Bus.

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Chonker's Speedway

The Chonker's Speedway POI is a desert race track reminiscent of the racetrack by Paradise Palms in Season X

After starting north, the following location on our list brings us to the southern-most POI. Chonker's Speedway gives off vibes similar to the racetrack by Paradise Palms back in Season X. However, the Chapter 3 Season 1 speedway is undoubtedly an upgrade.

Chonker's Speedway and the surrounding area contain 52 potential Chests, 18 Coolers and 12 vehicles. What's more, venturing southeast brings you to Seven Outpost IV, where you can find a Vault and three Rift spawns. As the season progresses, it'll become clear that Chonker's Speedway is a top-notch location.

The Daily Bugle

The iconic Daily Bugle building, from Marvel's Spideman, appears as a new POI in Fortnite Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Season 1's Spider-Man collaboration paved the way for a location dedicated to the superhero. As a result, The Daily Bugle was born. Epic Games positioned Peter Parker's place of employment in the map's northeast area. It feels similar to Tilted Towers because seemingly half the lobby lands there.

However, the heavy traffic is for a good reason. The Daily Bugle includes 45 potential Chest spawns—reason enough to land there. While you'll contend with several opponents, the Bugle forces players to rely on crafty angles and vertical elevation to make it out alive. An abundance of the newly added Spider-Man Web-Shooters makes The Daily Bugle a formidable drop spot.

Logjam Lumberyard

The Logjam Lumberyard sits on a lake, surrounded by pine trees

With 38 potential Chest spawns and an infinite supply of wood, Logjam Lumberyard secured a spot on this list. Located in the map's northwest section, Logjam Lumberyard is a wide-open POI. It contains only a handful of buildings, but there's more wood to farm than any player can imagine. Logjam additionally possesses plenty of floor loot, fishing spots and cars for transportation.

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While it may not be the most attractive place to land, Logjam is underrated. It’s not a place many others typically land and it contains enough loot and materials to make it worthwhile.

Greasy Grove

The Point of Interest, Greasy Grove, an off the beaten path little town making its return to Fortnite in Chapter 3

The fifth and final Chapter 3 Season 1 POI on our list offers a blast to the past for old-school Fortnite players. Greasy Grove returned in all its glory following the new Chapter 3 launch, and it’s a solid addition to the map. Greasy contains 33 Chest spawns, four Coolers and transportation options such as cars and trucks. However, Greasy’s southwest location puts it slightly off the beaten path.

Surprisingly, this tends to be a popular area, ranking up there with the likes of The Daily Bugle. Perhaps it’s nostalgia, or players have figured Greasy Grove as a hidden gem in Chapter 3 Season 1.

Hopefully, this information will help you in your quest to find a suitable drop spot! For more on Fortnite Chapter 3, check out our recent guides and articles, including weapon rankings and much more!

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