Fortnite: Best Weapons In Chapter 3 Season 1

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Fortnite: Best Weapons In Chapter 3 Season 1

ESTNN gives its top-five weapons to use in Fortnite’s latest season.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is off and running, and there’s a lot of players to explore. Epic Games essentially hit the reset button following a lengthy Chapter 2 stretch of more than 600 days and eight seasons. The developers literally flipped the map, created new locations and new mechanics in Chapter 3. However, the bread and butter of Fortnite exist within its weapon pool.

Strangely enough, Epic smashed the reset button from a weapon selection standpoint. Gone are the days of Fortnite’s classic Assault Rifle, Shotgun and Submachine Guns. Instead, they took a page out of Chapter 2 Season 1’s playbook and simplified the loot pool with all-new weapons.

Today, ESTNN ranks the top five weapons in Chapter 3 Season 1, to help you narrow down what you should carry versus what is not worth filling an inventory slot.

5 – Auto Shotgun

The Auto Shotgun appears against a yellow background

The Shotgun selection this season is notably weaker than in the past. Epic introduced two new variations in Chapter 3 Season 1; the Auto Shotgun and Striker Pump Shotgun. Firstly, we’ll cover the former at number five on this list. While it does not pack a significant punch and reload time, the Auto version compensates with a quickfire rate.

Effectiveness with this weapon requires precision at close range since it will lose to the Stinger SMG more often than not. However, the Auto Shotgun is only one of two to choose from in Season 1. So, if you need something desperately to use, it’s not the worst option.

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4 – Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

The Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle from Fortnite Chapter 3

Sniper Rifles returned to the core loot pool in Chapter 3 following a complete absence in Chapter 2 Season 8. But the Hunter Bolt-Action is not your ordinary rifle. This weapon possesses three shots per magazine, and its highest rarities can eliminate another player with one shot. Apart from the MK-Seven Assault Rifle, which we’ll cover later, the Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle is the next best option from a distance.

Those who enjoy sniper rifles will love this version’s range of 86 to 99 damage per shot. Add a 2x headshot multiplier, and the Hunter Bolt-Action is deadly in the right hands.

3 – Striker Pump Shotgun

The Striker Pump Shotgun appears against a blue background

Joining the Auto Shotgun in Chapter 3 Season 1 is the Striker Pump Shotgun. The Striker Shotgun packs a punch but fires rather slowly, unlike the former. Unfortunately, that means there are no bailout options when using this weapon unless you’re also carrying an SMG. The Striker Pump works better when the user aims down sights since the bullet spread is tighter. It’s unquestionably the best Shotgun option in Chapter 3 based on its 50-60 damage per second (DPS) range.

Still, it’s merely a complementary option to two other superior weapons in a player’s loadout.

2 – Stinger SMG

The Stinger SMG weapon available in Fortnite Chapter 3

It’s important to point out that there’s a definitive gap between number two and number one on this list. Coming in at number two is the Stinger SMG. Considering the less-than-ideal Shotgun selections, the Stinger SMG might be the answer to all of your wishes. This weapon deals up to 288 DPS and shreds through built structures.

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Instead of carrying a Shotgun, it’s worth holding multiple Stinger SMGs in your inventory. That way, you can avoid dealing with the lengthy reload time and pressure opponents before they know what’s happening. Every stock should start with a Stinger SMG until further notice.

1 – MK-Seven Assault Rifle

The MK-Seven Assault Rifle as it appears in Fortnite Chapter 3

The number one spot with a bullet goes to the first-ever Assault Rifle in Fortnite with a Reflex scope. Yes, we’ve seen Scoped Assault Rifles before, but this weapon sends off serious Call of Duty vibes. This powerful tool of destruction goes by the name of MK-Seven. The MK-Seven Assault Rifle deals similar damage to the Stinger SMG but does so from a long distance.

It deals between 189 and 225 DPS, making it a must-have weapon this season. The MK-Seven’s only drawback lies within its recoil. However, that’s a minor problem for an Assault Rifle that might be the best we’ve seen in Fortnite history. It’s easily worth carrying over the Ranger Assault Rifle.

Fortnite players this season can expect some significant changes in the coming months. It’s merely the game’s natural progression following a new season launch. However, there’s no denying that the Stinger SMG and MK-Seven Assault Rifle are undoubtedly the most reliable weapons. Be sure to check out our other Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 content!

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